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Shes..BAAACK!!!! Day 30 Season 2




Is it a coincidence that once I got on CCOR last night..some good things started to happen. My friend burned me some CDS of the book The seat of the soul, and I am now able to listen to those words while driving. I went jogging for the first time since I left my old spot, and my energy is up. upsets or not..I always bounce back stronger J I feel my energy and my mind focusing more and more. Blessings ccor. Love you guys!




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Honesty. Day 29 Season 2


Honesty on day 29

I feel I need to start with…what should I say?! Is there anything to say…looking at the path..I am making progress. Is that what this is all about…I heard it was about the journey. I am trying to learn right now, but it has been challenging to not get stuck and remember to learn…don’t run away..but be patient as with any student.  It feels like everything brings with it so much resistance. Maybe on some level I am thankful for this resistance as it shows me…


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day 19 season 2


am not sure why I have been so very hesitant to get on ccor. Why have I been avoiding it. It had something to do with judgment or holding that mirror up about being  responsible for your own life or something I am not sure, because I know I am responsible for my own life, but things have been soooooo crazy I just wonder almost where is the message here, what am I supposed to be learning ? am I learning it? Am I advancing? Am I on a spinning wheel? Am I so smart and doing great in…


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day number 7 of season 2


Hello ccor  family :) well it is day number 7 of season 2 and I guess you could say I am dragging ass…or if I was gonna be a kinda and gentle with myself as I intend to do I could say I have been having some bumps in the road so far this season.  Sadddd sad sad sad saddddddddddddddddd  and thoughts like why why why why was my ex the man he was, and why don’t I have relationships with some family members like I would like, trying to decode the past…I kinda feel like my insides…


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day 3 season 2




Hello my CCOR peeps…well today is day 3 of my season 2 of the  100 day challenge.  AS I said before, for season 1 I was like a horse running out of the gate…couldn’t wait to go and go and go…and see some product now!! And boy did I get it!! Now season 2…the approach is different. I feel more like an artist with a paint brush..where should I make this stroke…how should I shape this piece of clay? I remember that as any artist you need to be respectful of the medium…


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day2 season2 (thanks mich for the videos!!)

well;..season 2 is off to a great the dog for a walk, talk wth a good friend. got plenty of stuff to do today...i intend on doing it all while working twords a getting a new persepective. I guess today is a day  of preperation. getting ready for an awesome season!! so excited!! feeling good!! thanks for all the support!! Lately when i slip out of the vortex the abraham hicks videos from mich have really been helping me out!! thanks mich! light and love always :)

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Season 2 starts today!



  Hey CCOR Peeps!! Well this is the 1st day of season 2 for me. I kinda jumped in to season 1 as the fool not knowing what to do or what to expect. I was blind, and I was also so desperate to get out of my mom’s house! I knew I needed a house. This time it’s different. There is no desperation and it is harder to think about what I want. It took me seriously like 2 or 3 days to come up with it a good list. So here I am shooting again at the moon. The doubt is…


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