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day 59 season 2

 so weird...i was almost done writing my blog when my computer turned off and updated itself...when it turned back on my Word Document program was gone...  :(    and the screen saver is different..maybe my computer is haunted. i dunno...anyways i was totally crying my my beer here so i guess its ok that my long rant has disapeard in to internet space..what can i say. i am forever confused about me, this world and all the whys and hows, not to mention i am sick of thinking about it all.....i…


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Day 50 season 2




( I actually think its day 51, but whatever)


Well..I am ½ way done with my second session and I am STOKED!!! You wouldn’t believe the changes in my life…real tangible changes, that I can count..really amazing what thought can do. I cant say it has not been without LOTS of lessons too…wow…boy have I been thru the ol’ ups and downs.. to get where I am…and that’s in general…let alone, as long as I have been CCORing it up..trying to really manifest…


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i dont know what day I am on, and I am not proff reading this

sooooooooooooo ive doing good- just being me-staying positve-with help from books and tapes-and friends-and dogs-and happy people-and beaches-trees-pool-sleep-future sleep-my job i mainifested-i love it- so many ccor people helped encourage me to take it-thank you so much its wonderful- so many more opputunities to learn in grow- if i remember to see em that way-i livein my friends living room-if people at work new where id live they wouldnt believe it-my last situation taught me a very… Continue

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Day 35 Season 2


Today I am aware of the tendency to judge myself and degrade my progress, but I am a perfectionist and I sometimes don’t look at the measurements that best reflect my progress. I have been giving so much to so many these days energy wise. I am happy that I have what others need and I am happy that I am able to give and give and give…however I sense a need to close myself off to save, preserve, and keep myself healthly and my energy long lasting. I am aware of this. I can’t say…


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Day 33 Season 2



Day 33 Season 2

I am sleepy, but I have had a good day. I am thankful for so many people and beings that love and support me. I am sooooooooooo blessed  May all being be at peace and be happy. Good nite ccor



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