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loving this!


So many wonderful manifestations have come in to my reality lately; I got myself a life coach for FREE!! that is going to help me to outline and move towards some amazing inspiring goals that i have for myself, that used to be just dreams, but they are forming in to do able goals, My friends are coming from costa rica to visit me and they are going to stay for 1 month!! I am so super excited i…


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my vortex


the vortex feel like knowing, the vortex feels deep and full and beautiful and unfolding and swirly, the vortex feels light and fun and secure and expressive, the vortex feels abundant and full of exciting adventure and creativity and intimacy and love and embrace and pleasure and fulfillment, the vortex feels like it makes sense, it feels good, and secure and good and knowing and secure and fun, the vortex feels like a world of perfectness of my vibration, like balance and…


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day 38 season 4

I can't believe how fast this season is fying by for me...i have been doing a great job at doing my pratices night i walked from my house to the beach for the first time! I always thought it was too far to walk but it was not bad at took like an hour and 1/2 but it was nice, and the weather was great,..i wonder why i didnt do it sooner....i had some weird dreams last night that brought back some old feelings, of being disempowerd and traped, sexualized, objectified,…


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Day 36 season 4 growth happens in many directions at once

growth in many directions....i thinnk thats whats going on for me, i am know that i am growing now, i have made some changes in my life, and i continue to do so, remove stuff slowly that holds me back, work on putting in things that are good for me, you know the drill....i have this feeling of sorrow...right now, and this morning, but i am celebrating this feeling, if you will.....because it is part of my new growth...letting go is hard, and growing is hard, and one dosent grow…


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i ned to devote myself more to ccor..i go days without doing practices and then i get on here and do alot of great things. I know that if i want to speed stuff up i need to practice more often...jus like everything in life..well what a great opening i have been enjoying lately, i do feel that the world opens to me at the perfect time, and..maybe i AM going at the perfect pace for me...i have been enjoying the company of a very good friend,that also is involved with ccor type of practices..i…


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Day 32 season 4, what are we looking at?

Good Morning Co Creators...well the last few days have been a bit up and down, i often wonder how i get so on track with CCOR and then end up skipping a few days, or this case..i feel my energy change...i feel the clouds come in...things get foggy and I miss the brightness of when i have this wonderful sounding board and place AND Practice my highest intendtions for me and my day...the mind will fill with whatever is around, and if i dont fill it here...its gets filled by default... by…


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2nd blogg post for day 26 season 4...maybe its coming together...

you know one thing that tickles me to death is how when i am going through something and it is reflected in my blogg, there is a 100% chance that SOMEONE out there is going through someting very similar...human experince is all very similar...i tell people this all the time in my work, and i see it on here so much!! the last post i did, i feel that i am working to integrate parts of myself that conflict with what i want to see in myself...and then i hear from my friend Moana that she is…


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day 26 season 4 one step back two steps forward

within the last week I have had some great time just to be with myself in a relaxed way because i took a few days off...i hadn't felt inspired to do any CCOR type of work, and i went back to work after ny short vaca, and worked without really taking the time to care for all of my needs, or maybe the stuff would have come up anyways, but bascilly i felt very confronted with very real memories and feelings from the past that are ready to heal. I am becoming aware of them, i can feel them and…


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day 21 season 4

I saw a beautiful sunset last night at the beach with a bonfire and good company, this morning i saw the sun come up over the fields, awe struck, I am so thankful now that the yard is clean and safer now for my dog, I am so blessed with wonderful friendship, and most of all a wonderful friendship with myself and the universe, that is always growing and maturing and expanding to my delight..I have been having dreams that integrate images, feelings, thoughts and past ideas with present…


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