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lost track of days...maybe day 80? season 2


I did my mantra thing 10 times today as I told myself I would do. I worked a lot but I am getting paid overtime so I’m not getting burnt out...i had a great walk with my friend and the dogs, had a beer and a burrito... feeling good. Becoming more AWARE of habits that bring me i SUPER appreciate my progress and see how real it really some good feedback at work :) still looking at myself and telling myself how healthy and hot i am, and getting more and more everyday…


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day 79ish season 2


  "The Point of Power is Always in The Present Moment"

The past is over and done and has no power over me. I can begin to be free in this moment. Today's thoughts create my future. I am in charge. I now take my own power back. I am safe and I am free. 

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day 77 season 2


Ahhh I just finished cleaning my house, I have had a house full of visitors for the past few days... I have recently seen lots of loose ends seem to tie up, yet some still remain untied up in my life, I feel accepting of where I am right now. With all the contrast in experience I AM getting better at TUNING my senses to what I want to experience. I am really seeing how so often I tend to experience events as black or white, and forget all about the shades of gray...that’s like…


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( when it rains it pours) events keep turning. Day 70 season 2

My quest for balance continues on. I had so many people at my house for the 4th of july, my old roommate from Hawaii came for a few days and all those people helped to make me feel nice and grounded i think. I had a busy week at work and on Friday a patient that i really liked passed away. She was expected to pass away but it was sooner that anyone had thought. I saw her on Monday and she was struggling with the meaning to her life and her suffering and her shortened life. On Friday I came…


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July 5th, season 65


I powerfully intend to be turned in loud and clear to the choices that are aligned with source

I powerfully intend that today I am aligned with source in all ways, in reflection, in the present moment, and in thinking about the future.

I powerfully intend for my mind to be clear, confident and aligned with the highest highest good.  

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4th of july!!


It’s the 4th of July! Happy day to all for you CCOR…well I guess we can always think of our forefathers as fans of the concept for co creating our reality..They wanted this country I live in sooo bad they willed it in to existence and took out anything that stood in their way- judgment aside, they were successful in accomplishing their goal..with the narrow minded thinking that gets you that goal, a lot gets left at the way side, or in the dust….we are all testament to…


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