The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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learning can not be measured in time or accomplishment

Learning can be subtle, sublte things come and sublte things go

Learning means moving forward, leaning forward, not backwards or still unless otherwise indicated

Learning means understanding ideas differently, being mindful of biology and chemicals in the body that change

wanting to learn and change can mean that an infinite number of things can move

the ego i…


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day 73 season 4

today i am going in the vortex to stay!!! IM IN!!!!!

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season 4 day 66


what a day today! talk about both sides of the wave, each time my life gets better and better i now know to sense the both sides of the waves that i often sense in various ways, i have been so blessed lately with such amazing views and friendships and beautiful moments and goals coming clearer and closer and just plain gifts, and i want more clarity and specificness to what fulfills and satisfies…


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day 51 season 4

gotta say it things are getting better and better, this life blooms like a flower, sometimes the petals are tense and worry about opening, something i feel a tinge of with some subject today, i went to bed full of laughter and gratitude and worke up a litle shocked and terrified that my dreams are all coming true, i welcome these feelings, i can do tapping to tap them out of my body, give my slef a massage and remind my self that this is ME doing the WORK!! breaking through new levels of…


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A COOL trick i found!!

so this is what i have been doing and it has been helping alot... I go for walks, and sometimes its a challange for me to "milk good thoughts" for as long as i would my mind jumps around, and as it does my vibration jumps around...but as abraham hicks says...the point is to hold on and milk the positve thoughts for as long as you can....soooooooooo while i go on these walks, i try to meditate, or get in to the vortex before i go, sometimes just being outside in the early morning is…


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SEASON $ DAY 50!!! whooo hooo!!!!!

Loving this so super stoked, had an awesome walk to the beach today with the dog, getting closer and closer to paddle boarding :) its keeps coming to me!! had an awesome time the other night with a, possible bf type of person, we will not worried or trippin because it all is good, and i enjoy myself and i enjoy the way i feel more and more, i open to more love and satisfaction more and more, im getting ready for an awesome 4th of july party.. so STOKED!!. the best!! my past feels so…


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