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remembering ease

I have a place that I can go home to be with family and laugh and enjoy home life whenever I want. I can travel back home to the islands as well whenever I want. I can work here and have a life here and make that life whatever I want. I have opportunities to grow myself and my dreams and my heart. I can continue to integrate and reach up further and further for higher dreams,,  I can enjoy the bliss of this sweet ocean breeze, waiting for my loved one to get home. thankful for my job,…


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calling it forward

What a great day, mostly I think due to yesterday. yesterday from morning till night I refused to do anything that would take me out of the vortex, therefore it was easier to stay in the vortex today because the vibration was so familiar to me!! and so fresh!! I didnt have to try very hard to have a  good time and enjoy the beauty and the richness of everything around me. today was just like a regular day for the most part, I kept myself a little more isolated than normal, yet I stayed in…


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Stepping in to the dream

Stepping in to the dream, seeing around me proof of what I know is arriving now...... seeing the progress towards having my own yoga business....feeling the joy of it, the smell of the new matts.....saying hello and greeting new people, making the practice more and more my own. Creating a special connection with my students, my popularity soars, our family business takes off..... having good personal and professional connections that enrich my life, having a family business that allow us all…


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Ships Ahoy!!

 Dear Universe:

Allow me to release everything I need to so I can fly to my destiny. Let me be an energy of love and appreciation. let me always see the best in everyone. let me love myself fully and walk to that which is perfect my souls needs.  Let me trust in god and cut the string to all that worries me.  Let me KNOW that those worries are not mine, so give the to someone who can really do something about it. relax and let the universe guide this life, put up my sails, and…


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My blog take #2

Well...this morning I wrote an awesome blog about my dream and my progress on my juice cleanse. And while I was searching for the meanings of the things in my dream I deleted it all by accident....So I am just writing everyone to say have a great day!! I am feeling good!! feeling healthy!! looking forward to wonderful things!!! God bless!! XOXOXO peace my friends

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having a moment + a really great video!!

I am in disbelief right now where I am....that I have this apartment where I wanted to live, I have a man who is just like I wanted him to be like, I am finally doing what I have been dreaming for years to do, study to become a yoga teacher, ( and I got my homework done early for once today!!) as I nap I hear this thud thud thud, and its the tail of my dog who I am totally in love with. I live across the street from tennis courts!!, and down the street from a natural food grocery store!! I…


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self appreciate, and the GAP..suggestions plz if you have any

I am working to appreciate myself more, bring that appreciation forward and allow it to be first in line, rather than last in line. its true when you appreciate yourself, everything else that's annoying falls away, all other frustrations seems to balance much more easily because I have given myself a way out of feeling trapped by the critics in my head....appreciate myself appreciate myself...I am a very productive and motivated person so sometimes the critics get ahead of me and really nag…


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I woke up today foggy headed, despite the  success that I got so quickly, my mood is having a hard time seeing all the beauty that is here with me...I see this as the other side of the know??? without negative, there is no positive, with no dark how do you know what is light? This is what I will take in to my day today, a good sense of humor with myself, compassion for myself, as I integrate some of the old with new light, patience and love....and to top it off, some Abraham…


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I had an awesome breakfast! I went rollerskating with my dog again, and some lady stoped me and said.. " that looks like it hard ect..I wanna try" Cool to know that I inspired someone else, even if its is just to go  rollerskating with a dog...I had dreams of yoga last night..i just know that I am going to create some yoga retreats...I can feel it, cant avoid it!! the images and feelings are growing stronger..inspiration is all over the place, going to work today at my awesome job,…


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I can feel it opening...

today and yesterday I feel this sense of opening, like I am reaching a new level in my abilty to imagine and dream, somehow I can see past doubts that I have. I still have the doubts and fears, but for the first time I imagined past them in a new way, in a  " creative abandon" kinda way. When walking the dog today I thought " but what if everything really does work out perfecty, what it if all unfolds with no flaws, absolute perfect beyond my imagination..." I realized that is possible…


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I am doing pretty great! I just started the second class in my yoga teacher class series, This morning I went rollerskating with my dog that was fun. I am working I think on trying to make small adjustments so things are more fun for me, or more my style EX) I used to go roller skating down this one big street because I felt that it had the best road for skating, and when I looked around this morning I decided that I didn't want to go that way for several reasons, I can see the…


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My dream last night

Last night I dreamed I was laying in a canoe. I looked it up in the dream dictionary!! YEAH!!


To see a canoe in your dream represents serenity simplicity, and independence. It is also a reflection of your emotional balance. You are moving ahead via your own power and determination.

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