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day 29 season 3


What a great day of manifesting! lately I have been so thankful of all my great friends and family and just a  lil surprise my friend was in town today and got off work early and so did i and we had an awesome fun super cool afternoon!! I was/am so super happy about allot the fun things that we did :) I have been kinda brushing up the ol goals lately...and just refining them, realizing more and what i want and desire and trying to clean up my vibration so its not too mixy with stuff…


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day 21 season 3

I AM SO HAPPY I DECIDED TO TAKE THIS TIME NOW TO LOG ON TO CCOR AND DO AN UPDATE. I just got back from a short run on the beach. I notice a few things, regardless of my like or dislike of these things…they are just what I notice. I know that there are TONS of other things worth mentioning that I don’t feel compelled to mention, but that being said. This time of year I have a hard time. I have more resistance and habit that says I should just retreat and NOT even come out to Say hello and try…


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day 17 season 3 healing for the holidays


I had a wonderful run on the beach last night after a very long and tiring day at work. my body wanted to run and run and not stop. it felt great. Something about running with my barefeet hitting the wet sand, and my body is warmed from the exercise so i dont feel cold, the stars above me, my little dog running with me..running is what humans have been doing since we got here i guess, one thig i…


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Day 13 Season 3



Hey CCOR!! thank you jilly for all your wonderful comments I really appreciate it I find this group so inspiring!! all your comments Jilly are awesome! Thanks so much. I had a woooonderfully rich weekend with some of my very best friends in the whole world, it was one of those nights that just must have been planned 100 years ago it was so awesome! We went back to the little farm town where we are from…


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DAy 10 Season 3 feels GOOD!

Whooo HOOO!! sucess!! today i met a new cool friend!! yeah! another one...and a friend from high school lives in my town and found me and we might hang out too!! so friends are coming out of everywhere, the first one may be mooooore than a friend one day, but who knows. I was not gonna write anything tonight, but reading everyones posts inspire me to check in as many people are really jumping in to this its so awesome! so many people are just trying it for the first time and they…


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Day 9 season 3

Hey CCOR!! whats happening!? looks like alot!.. I get so inspired when I see all the awesome blogs from all the awesome co creators makin it HAPPEN know? making the things they want happen..its hard to be down when you hang around this website..makes you see you are really just wasting your time if you are not focusing on what makes me/you today i got a lil lazy, I didnt grab the wheel per se..and drive myself forward, i got a lil lazy i allowed my self to be…


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Day 6 season 3

Hey Hey Hey im super sleepy but i wanted to check and say that today, if you didnt know better, you would think was a boring annoying monday, but for me it was super charged cuz i just started by new season 3!! my new vision board is hanging up over my bed and i brought my mantras in my car with me on cards to look at when i my mind was just thiking of nothing...might as well be attracting something goood.......trying to have a good attitue and just know what flow is is what flow…


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Season 3 day 5


HELLO FRIENDS!!!!!!! sooo.....i have been fine tuning my goals and vision since i started this whole thing back in season 1 , in one way its easier cuz i know i can do it i have manifested so much! but on another side it feels harder because i feel like the stakes are up and i no longer have " nothing to lose" like before....but regardless of that, I have am having so much fun once i get the hang of it and just…


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Season 3 day 2

Today I had a great day, I have really been enoying what abraham hicks calls "basking" before going to bed and waking up...where you just lie there in and in your imagination see and feel and touch all the things that may feel just out of reach, I know that it is a thin veil that keep me from touching the things that I am working to mainifest in my life and i feel that veil getting thinner and thinner as I work to feel feel them becoming mine, i do feel anticipation like, is this my new…


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Season 3 DAY 1


 Today is the first day of my 3rd season...since I first met all of you lovely people two seasons ago I have experinced miracles in my life I swear...I wrote you the first time from my mom's spare bedroom, I had the flu, a job that wasn't what i wanted...etc. Now I can say I have been BLESSED 100 times over...I now live a few miles from the beach, in a home with everything that i need, and a great job. I will be creating space this season to increase the joy, love and friendship in…


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