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Expressing Gratitude

At the beginning of the challenge, I was very systematic about expressing my gratitude to the universe. I kept a gratitude journal, and every evening, right before going to bed, I would write down a list of things I'm grateful for (usually around 15 or 20). But... I'm not a very systematic person. So this only lasted for the first half of the challenge or so.

What I do now seems much more natural to me. I've incorporated gratitude in my daily life. Every day, whenever I start…


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In my skin

All is well. I'm going to a focus group at my gym tonight to get a voucher for a free massage and sending out e-mails to cancel interviews, which is a weird feeling. Almost surreal. Also dealing with a few last minute medical check ups to get that out of the way before I start at my new job.

Yesterday I was at Boots looking for a new facial scrub, and as I was comparing two neutrogena ones, a shop assistant approached me and told me that "the range is aimed at blemish-prone…


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Day 32 or day 83? - JOB MANIFESTATION and the green reception

Let me get straight to the point - I have manifested a job offer.

I was right, I did make a great impression on Wednesday, and I will start working in about a week's time. Now that I have finally calmed down and stopped jumping around like a crazy person, I actually thought about how I attracted this job - which by the way has all attributes that I listed for my ideal job last week. And I realised that it goes all the way back to when I first started the challenge back in…


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You know...

You know how you're supposed to sell yourself as much as you can in interviews, and one of the obvious interview no-nos is to never bring up the salary, holiday entitlement and benefits? Well, I just got back from an interview where towards the end, the panel themselves were bringing all these things up, gushing about the wonderful benefits, long holidays, amazingly friendly team and possible bonuses. I am not a mind reader, but to me that looks like a sign that I sold myself quite…


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I'm so pumped! Just got back from a great interview, it just went really well and I got really excited about the project. No matter whether I get the job or not, I'm feeling great because I gave it my all and there's nothing I would rewind or change. It felt more like having a good productive conversation than an interview, and if you remember that after my last interview I was concerned about how short it was... well, this one lasted for nearly an hour, although it didn't feel like…


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Clashes and Decisions

I have a bit of dilemma. On Wednesday, I wrote down all of the attributes I would like my ideal job to have and what kind of companies I'd like to attract. On Thursday, I got invited to yet another interview, which is neat, but - the job seems to be everything I don't want. I'd only work with a few balding men and I would be producing marketing materials about... decontamination technology. I don't even know what that is! :D I could learn enough about it, as I already had a similar role for…


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Open for Interpretation

I got feedback from my Monday interview - I came second best. Haha. It's a good thing that I just went to see Life of Pi (in 3D!) yesterday. Apart from it being visually beautiful and making you think about faith and perseverance, if I learnt one thing from it, it's that you can always choose how you want to interpret things.


I wouldn't be entirely honest if I said it doesn't bug me at all, but I got a lot of positive feedback (apparently I was very engaging, well…


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A lot has happened today already. As you may know, I currently have no internet connection at home so I access the internet from the university. I was supposed to have a Skype interview tomorrow so I told the company that the internet connection poses a bit of a problem, and they were kind enough to offer me a phone interview instead. I see this particular interview as practice rather than anything else to be honest though, as the company website is really vague concerning what they actually…


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The Interview

I'm back from the interview. I really like the organisation, they have a young fresh feel to them and I'm sure I'd have fun working there. The interview went really well and I'm happy with the way I presented myself, but on the other hand it was very very short, which puzzles me a bit. It lasted less than 20 minutes and I feel like I asked almost the same amount of questions and they asked me... They didn't even ask the usual dreaded strengths and weaknesses question! So while I think I did…


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Weekend Updates

First things first, meeting my friend the other day went well considering the circumstances. I suspect he is still in the denial stage and the biggest grief is yet to come. Obviously his spirits are shaken up, which is very sad to see because he's normally a very lively person that exudes confidence. The circumstances of his mother's death were much worse than I had anticipated, but I don't want to go into details here out of respect for his privacy. I just hope that he can feel a tiny bit…


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The good... and the bad

Yesterday I went to yoga for the first time this year, and the instructor focused on fulfillment of desires - how neat! She said that if you plant a wish into your mind and spirit right before meditation, it cannot fail. So she instructed us to choose our wishes wisely before guiding us into the whole process. As you might guess, my wish was job-related.


This morning I opened my e-mail inbox to find two interview invitations! I'm so very grateful. I have an…


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Day 14?

I believe today is meant to be day 14, though it feels like I've only fully started the season when I got back to the UK. But who needs to get technical...


I still have no internet connection at home, but so far it's been surprisingly useful. I focus on my job applications much better in the library - all the students working on their assignments and getting ready for exams create the perfect background to motivate me. And when I'm at home I have no internet to distract me,…


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Back in the UK

Greetings co-creators!


I'm now back in the UK, I have actually been back since Thursday evening but our internet stopped working on Friday so I couldn't really check in... Luckily I'm still able to access the internet at uni for one more month so I'm all set for job applications and such.


I didn't have a direct flight, I had to fly to Manchester and then get a coach from there. Funnily enough, although I only spent about 2 hours in Manchester, some lady…


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Day 3

Funnily enough, now that I've started with the challenge again I heard from a company where I applied for a job about two months ago, how odd... we'll see how it goes, but obviously that was no coincidence. It's like tuning in again.

I also seem to have an opportunity to do a graduate placement in Seville for 3 months, which would be awesome, but the whole thing is slightly vague. More importantly, by going to Spain I would close the door on my finding a job in the UK…


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Day 2

I've decided to only stick to a few practices at the moment because I haven't really done any over Christmas. I'll write down (or at least say out loud in my head) my gratitudes every evening; I'll meditate every other day and I will go on walks in the nature at least once a week. Nothing too extreme. I might get more into it later.

My main goal is to simply be happy. To achieve that, here are my intentions:

1) I find a job. I have faith that the right one will…


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Day 1

Here in the Czech Republic, the new year has started with our president giving presidential pardon to certain prisoners on the occassion of 20 years of independent Czech state. I'm not entirely sure what to think about it, but I decided to focus on the good, that is giving a new chance to certain people. After all, it only pardons people who have been sentenced to a year in prison or less, so it's not like they're releasing murderers. Perhaps the presidential pardon will be the light at the…


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2012 summary

I'm not sure what lesson 2012 was supposed to teach me. Two thirds of the year have been pretty good, I guess. But when it was not pretty good, I was miserable.

2012 was the year when I wrote my Master's dissertation (best one on the course, apparently) and graduated with distinction. Personally I find it quite funny because I can't say I was particularly concerned with getting good grades and a lot of people seemed to have put a bigger effort in their work.



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Day ... - What If?

I just came back from a small christmas gathering I had with a couple of high school friends. There was more of us than I had expected and I spent a lot of time talking to an old friend who I rarely ever have deeper conversations with these days. It was really nice. She's been with her boyfriend for four years now, and here's a kick, he was a guy that I used to have a major crush on in high school - for two whole years. In a way, I have contributed to the events that lead to them ending up…


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Day 30 - At home

I have access to quite a few nice resources here at home - like a yoga book with different excercieses for each week and helpful guides on breathing and meditating - My dad used to be a big yoga fan when he was young. He doesn't practice it anymore but he can still stand on his head. I always thought it was really cool that he knows how to do that.

Also found a book called be your own psychologist. I don't how how good it will be because I believe it was still written during…


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Day 29 - Crazy days

I was finally able to upload that graduation day video!

Anyhow, the past few days have been crazy. Had a lot of reunion events with my friends from all over the world that came back for graduation, which was nice. Also had a little reunion with an exhousemate that unexpectedly moved out of the house, which was nice.

Also, my bag got stolen on Saturday night…


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