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My wonderful weekend! [S3 Days 7-10]

I have had a great weekend! I'm pretty tired from it all.

Friday night I got off work & went out with my 2 best girl friends. We ate, drank, shopped, played video games, and watched movies. Then Saturday I hung out with my best friend and we went to get our nails done, have lunch, go to old navy shopping and saw some old co-workers. Then Sunday I spent the whole day with my boyfriend. We had a very up & down kind of day. But now looking back on it- it was all worth it! We had… Continue

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A great & wonderful day [S3 Day 6]

I have to say today was a pretty darn good day!


I actually touched on all 4 of my goals in one day! Go me!


So I was able to get another moment of wonderful inspiration. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. but I guess it's just going to be one of those great ideas that you put in your back pocket any for a rainy day. I also read a LOT today. I worked out for a little bit. I jumped rope for 3 minutes…


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A really great moment of inspiration! [S3 Day 5]

Today I was just sitting at my desk doing my work when I got completely inspired! Something popped into my head saying that I should make a mini-movie on either inspiring or empowering words!


So if you all know of any amazing quotes or poems let me know!


I'm actually excited to make a cool video project that would be something fun yet crafty at the same time. And if it helps anyone by watching it or even putting it together then I'm all for…


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S3 Day 2- Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am!

I really am lucky. I am so blessed. I started off the New year in an amazing way. I was near the one I love the most for that first 24 hours and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Today was a day of catching up on all the sleep I lost from New Years Eve, did a little bit of shopping- I bought a new office chair which I had… Continue

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Starting Season 3 in 48 hours!

So I decided with the new year I would start a new season! Season 3 here I come!
I'm not sure what my specific goals are yet but I do know that they will probably involve Yoga, gratitude, maybe a new job (just something positive that will allow me to move towards more independence), spirituality, and who knows what else!

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The energy of the universe seems to be flowing in my direction!

I have to say I've been here at CCOR for about 8 months now and I can't believe what my life would be if I had never started this journey!!!

So once again my dreams have been on fire lately! the last week or so they have all been super vivid. Usually they are evenly spaced but in the last 48 hours I've had two in a row. Guess all the energy of the universe is starting to download itself so I'm thrilled to see what comes about it and what manifests from it all!




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Just a holiday update

Hi everyone and I hope every one is having a happy merry holiday regardless as to if you actually celebrate the holiday or not.


So today has been an amazing day for me. I feel as though everyone is on a path and we all have stepping stones we touch on that brings us that much closer to being awakened enlightened beings that we are meant to…


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Connecting, manifesting and creating all thanks to the universe!

Life feels like it's moving 5000 light years fast these days! Deadlines at work keep moving me from one day to the next. And today I worked for 9 hours!


I think after I'm done writing this I'll be taking a little nap! But anyways, Life is still really good. I feel as though I'm connecting with the universe in higher more profound ways. Which is something I'm always working on manifesting. Now I know for me at first connecting on such a higher level was a huge energy drain. My…


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What I'm up to & How this Challenge has changed my life.

So it's been a while since I last blogged so I figure this is a good time since December will be VERY hectic and busy for me. I have several company parties, family get togethers and friends birthday's this month that I'll be glad when the new year comes ringing in.

Thinking of the new year almost forces me to look back on this last year. When it started I was mid-crisis at a dead end job I hated (but oddly was pretty good at) and as they say what you vibrate is what you get and I was… Continue

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I happen to think it's a wonderful idea- What do you think?

Is it just me but are all good ideas solidified in the shower?!

So I was thinking over the last 24 hours that I wanted to do another 100 day challenge but with the holidays coming up and all the insanity of life less then a week away starting a 100 day challenge would be the closest thing to insanity. And here is the train of thought that then went through my head:

"Oh if I do it for 30 days then I won't…

Added by Natalie on November 17, 2010 at 2:30am — 3 Comments

A Quick Update

Wow It's been a long time since I've been on here. But I'm glad to say I've been progressing great event though I'm not in a season of a 100 challenge. To me I don't think you need to be in a season. I think every day is challenge. Goals can change daily but waking up every day and trying to be the best version of yourself is a great place to start.

I'm not sure any time soon if I'll be doing another season. But I have been progressing spiritually. Lately for a birthday gift my lovely… Continue

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[S2] Day 30: Wow how time flies!

If you would have asked me what today was I wouldn't have guessed it was already day 30! My swing dancing show went by on Saturday and after weeks and weeks of practice it came and went super fast. But all the practice was worth the result.

This weekend was also my first whole weekend off in 4 years! I have to say I'm grateful that I now have a normal 9-5 job that allows me that sort of freedom.

This weekend I had the swing show & was able to be with my friends on… Continue

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Day 14: a little bit of everything

Today I have to say I was living very much in the future focused on this coming up instead of what was in front of me. Thankfully I have a lot to look forward to. Today was a struggle. I really would have liked the day off to just settle down but that didn't work out like I had hoped. It just has made me realize that although the job I have now isn't permanent niether is the other job that's running me thin & wearing me out.

Also this week I want to start working more on a side… Continue

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Day 13: No More Excuses

Certain things I've been doing really well at. Monday thru Friday I work out a little bit every morning. I've noticed if I do it every morning I never procrastinate on it. So I'm happy with my progress there.

I do need to eat healthier. Eating better is not one of my strong points at all. I'm not really sure how to broaden that. I eat way too many carbs & Processed (junk) foods. Any suggestions would be helpful. Especially since when I was a kid I was a very picky eater &… Continue

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[S2] Day 10: Not the best day of the challenge.

Today was not one of my finest days. Currently my goal is to lose weight & become more fit. The actual number on the scale doesn't matter that much. I just want to feel amazing & healthy. Now I have been working out a little bit each day on top of going to dance practice twice a week.

As of Monday night I found out I got awarded a solo for our upcoming show in 2 & half weeks. I'm excited. But today I woke up with a low self esteem in regards to my current shape &… Continue

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Day 8: Woo! Finally! All the pieces come together.

Alright I have some awesome news! I got myself a solo! And not just any solo, One where I am the only GIRL in the whole song. If you've ever heard the song "run around sue" then you know the basic point. I get to be the sluttly sue who "dances" with all the guys. There were many weeks where I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to get it.

I just decide to work on the things I needed to work on & tried my best not to think about it. It totally worked! I'm so glad I'm good enough… Continue

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[S2] Day two: A few small victories.

So yesterday (which was day one) the practice that I went to was actually really good for me. I went in there with a positive attitude and got a lot out of it. Today I got to practice for a few minute a few of the things I needed to work on. I'm glad that I'm trying to bring a better attitude to that instead of reinforcing the negative and only focusing on that. Also even though it's only been two days I've been pretty committed to sticking with some of my new habits I've been trying to form… Continue

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[S2] Day one: Getting off to a great start!

This morning I spent an extra 15 minutes laying in bed not wanting to get up but once I did I got rolling pretty quick I even got one of my new habits out of the way! currently I'm going to try and jump rope a few minutes every day and stretch right after to help me get in better shape. (plus it also helps with my swing dancing) And I have to say doing that this morning gave me a little bit of an energy boost this morning!

Work went well today we were able to get a lot done. So I have… Continue

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Season 2 Day Zero: It all starts tomorrow!

I have to say I'm excited for my new season. I need some more change in my life and since this season will hit and my birthday is smack in the middle it'll be awesome to share a new outlook, attitude and soon to be even better me to ring in that birthday.

Lately a lot of things have resonated with me. Just things that have kind of nudged me saying "hey you're on the right track" and that alone makes me a bit calmer since before my first season that was one of my biggest questions. Was… Continue

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Post season 1 & pre-season 2

So as of right now I know I'm going to start my second season. And soon. Not really sure as to when though. I do know that one of my goals will be getting in shape. I lost 15 pounds prior to my first season and then I guess I lost the steam for the weight loss and got wrapped up in other things that were going on around me. I did (thankfully) didn't gain any of that weight loss back. But I have noticed some of my choices aren't always the best ones. So today I picked up a Jillian Michaels book… Continue

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