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When in doubt, meditate

I was feeling really meh today and didn't feel like getting the work done that I need to. Its silly because it is the manifestation of what I wanted, more sales! So I meditated, ohmed, watched my daily loa slideshow and instantly felt better. Motivated. Inspired. 

I am thankful! 

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Day 1

I'm starting over. I haven't segment intended daily in years.

1. My main goal is to take back control of my days and time. 

- have a plan daily

- focus on the task at hand until completion

2. List all my vintage

- do something for my vintage business everyday

- add at least 5- 12 new items 5 times per week

3. Get ahead of my artwork

- add at least 4 new pieces to each society6 shop weekly

- set up hootesuite to promote on…


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So after the longest meditation period I've had in a long time, I was clearing the energy of my home aka cleaning and this came to me. The depression period is often about you and you. You are living…

So after the longest meditation period I've had in a long time, I was clearing the energy of my home aka cleaning and this came to me. The depression period is often about you and you. You are living up to who you believe yourself to be, who you want yourself to be, and who you think you should be. You subconsciously and sometimes consciously are mad at yourself for not moving and not being who you really are. What you are feeling is the vibrational distance between you and you. I'm sure…


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God is Love

God is love. If you want to know how God views the situation, look at everyone and anyone involved, including yourself, with love and compassion and now you know. All that is physical is energy translated by vibration and frequency. All energy comes from the same source, the highest vibration and frequency. This energy feels like love because God literally is love. We are extensions of God, made of the same energy with the capability of being in alignment with that which has made us.…


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Get Out of Your Way

Its so easy to blame the rest of the world for your problems, this person didn't do this, they did that, If this job didn't do this then I would be able to do that...but the truth of the matter is that we will never be able to move forward while we put most of our energy towards blaming others and finger pointing to the past. This is not to say that others dont sometimes hurt us, but if we allow the hurt and anger to fester it can be our own undoing. For your thoughts become things. WE…


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Financial Miracle

Hi everyone, 

Its almost time! Time for my big move to South Carolina. 

For those that don't know, I've been pushed by God & the Universe to move to the country for 6 months to a year. I've been trying to write several books while working with my online vintage shop for the last couple of years but find it hard to concentrate.

Its almost time for me to move but it is costing much more than I originally anticipated. Attempting…


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re-remembering who I really am

I was told last year that I'm too optimistic. I was told almost the same thing last week. I can't help it and I dont want to. I CHOOSE to believe in hope and goodness. I choose to recognize the God that exists in each of us and I choose to respect it. I CHOOSE to trust in the unknown and trust in the ability of the human race to transcend the ignorance, racism, and greed. We are apart of God, we are apart of Love...all we have to do is simply REMEMBER who we really are. Jesus said not…


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Interesting week & half

So I awakened yesterday fresh, and energetic ready to get my work done.

I separated the laundry, and started to clean up my place. The mail came and I saw that wow, my license was being suspended. then I looked outside and car had been stolen. 

What on earth was going on? 

I woke up this morning, really early almost broke down but promptly pulled myself together and watched some silly tv. Went back to bed and was awakened by a call. They…


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New Poem: Your Thoughts Become Things

Your Thoughts Become Things


The places the people and the things that you do

If you didn’t know well, they all start in you


Your thoughts become things

And You words become slings

Sending shockwaves of thoughts

For all that you’ve sought


The Universe returns that which you think

If this is true don’t you think it’s time that you speak

Only on things that you are loving

 and things about which you…


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I LOVE LAW OF ATTRACTION! look how it all works out!

I needed to find somewhere to move to and fast. I'd been so focused  on my business that I did not have time to search for new places. 

I did find one place online that I went to see and while it was lovely, it just was not big enough for me and my inventory. 

Well I kept in a positive place and just knew that there was going to be a perfect place for me that would be in my price range and would find me easily. I didn't allow other people's fear of the situation…


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Season 3 Day 3



Thank God, the highest, all that is good within this universe and out! Can I tell you how grateful I am?! I've already manifested several of my intentions! I will have my new to me car tomorrow! My business is already on track to deliver almost 4k this month....oooooo what if I make it to 5k this month?! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes I am soooooo very open to receiving that right now! I am so open to everything strangely…


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Here I am. I've had some amazing experiences when I'm focused, I've had some lack luster experiences when I'm half way focused, and I've had some contrasting experiences when I'm not focused. 

I believe that I my focused energy is exponentially more powerful than my unfocused energy. With this belief comes the knowledge that everything that comes towards me is for the betterment of me. I believe that I am a powerful manifestor and I look forward to seeing…


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Controlling Conversations

I've had some of the out of vortex conversations with the man I'm dating this week. 

I knew i was hormonal and I told him that several times this week but he has continued to press these conversations.

Basically, he's see the world in a very narrow way, black & white. I've tried to explain that there are other ways to viewing particular situations but he refuses my way of thought. He swears he knows about the law of attraction but he doesn't. He's never read the secret or…


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down but not out

Most of us are fast shaking out the old density from our systems, pushed by the planetary shift. So actually, experiencing and thus learning from the heaviness you go through is a vital part of your personal shift, rather than it being a re

gression, as some people are worrying it might be. Learn to redirect your thoughts when these moments happen and remember that the lows are as important as the highs for our evolution, for they are connected…

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New Beginnings Season 2

Ok, so I did not see my first season completely through with the same vigor and excitement that I started with. I've decided to start again. 

Time to start Season 2. 

I'd like to first acknowledge that I met many of the goals that I set for myself with my 2 vintage online stores. 

2sweet4words Vintage Lingerie & More

I'm almost to 200 sales…


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Okay, I wrote a poem for the release of old friends. Its about a specific situation and not the person in the other blog =0) opinions are welcome!!!


You were my friend, or at least I thought

It was sisterhood & camaraderie that I sought

But you were too insecure to see the friend you had in me

Too blinded by jealousy, weaving tales of deceit

I told you my secrets, my deepest fears and hurts

You told me…


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weird sometimey friends

A friend that I had been on a similar spiritual path with is moving closer and I was excited because we hadn't seen each other often over the last year.This is someone that I spoke to almost daily for a few years and have only dropped off because she's  in a relationship.

I called her just to chitchat and was told that just because she was moving close didn't mean that we were going to be hanging out everyday. I couldn't believe that she said that to me. She obviously sees me…


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My Newest Poem Notice to the Men I Date

Notification To the Men I Date

You think that because my ass is big and my eyes a bit wide

That I'm a stupid Bitch, too dumb to read between the lines

The truth is, I'm a unique individual smart & beautiful

I deserve the best, my male reciprocal 

I'm aware of the curves, I'm aware of my thighs

I'm aware of my breasts and the twinkle in my eyes

I've had…


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My Poem is going to be Published YAAAAAAAAAAY

I was inspired one night to enter a poetry contest. I took an old poem and actually ended up writing a completely different one. I LOVE this poem so much!!!! It makes me feel good to read =0) Please tell me what you think

Free to Be Me by Johari Smith

Why can't you see?

That I really just want to be

Completely free to be me!

You make me responsible for the way you feel

When physical reality is surreal

And my true self…


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Day 27 Oops

So, I got a little lazy. I didn't "feel like" coming on here and reading, posting or doing anything with it. I told myself that I was still purposefully intending but I wasn't meditating and I was only half assing yoga lol 

I instantly noticed a difference in sales for those few days and even though I was grinding out some work for a few days, the results weren't where I'd prefer them to be. 

What's funny is that it was right after I was suppose to be doing the 4 day challenge…


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