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09/10 Interview with Lilou

1. Most valuable lesson from 2009?

To be in the moment, to take better care of myself and to believe myself and my abilities.

2. How will you apply that lesson in 2010?

Remind myself everyday to slow down, take some time for me and continue to challenge myself to grow.

3. If you could go back to the beginning of 2009 and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

There is no going back, each experience happened just the way… Continue

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new season starting 1 Dec 09 (S2, D3)

ok, don't have much time...but time to start a new season. technically it's season 3, but didn't follow through on that one much so I think I'll call it season 2.

this weekend I'll post some season goals/ideas etc


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D24, S2--reduce number of intentions?

I'm feeling very overwhelmed by school recently and I'm considering re-prioritizing or cutting out some of my original list of 10 intentions.

Here are my thoughts:

- grades/school are still #1

- taking myself is very important overall b/c if I can't do that then I can't function properly/effectively

- bonding with hubby & family is important

- ots package is due by July 17 & I think I should align those priories with my school schedule & make… Continue

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I'm excited about my 2nd season, I have so much going on in the next few months.

1) for tests, do homework, accomplish papers early

2) application for ots...go to website, make checklist, gather materials, meet with edu cons., request Letters of Recommendation

3) bond with hubby and family...have date nights with Ben, regular phone calls to family, write letters/email

4) get into best shape ever...gym, cardio, weights, exercise… Continue

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So, I just checked the date calendar and discovered that my season 1 100 days just ended like yesterday and though I kind of feel off the wagon with my updates I didn't completely fall off with my intentions.

I will just my list down and put the status of each one.

1) make quality friends that I can go do things with....I have come a step forward in this area, honestly discussing problem areas/issues with current friends I believe to be worth keeping and making a few new… Continue

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D8, S1: giving

Hey everybody, finishing up day 8. I had a long day of studying...very long.

Did homework earlier in the day and then went to class and then studied with a group from about 430ish to almost 1100 for my final Wed. I was not going to post a blog today, one b/c I'm tired and ready for bed, two b/c I didn't feel as though there was anything about my day worth sharing.

But, after listening to Marianne Williamson on the way home (on Oprah xm) from school, I decided I should at… Continue

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Days 5, 6 & 7, S1: great weekend!

I had a great weekend all in all. I got some stuff done, but also laid back a little too.

D5-Friday was quiet and I got some studying done. I was invited to go out, but couldn't since I had my writing exam. I had to go out and buy a dictionary for my test, there was a very nice girl at the checkout that was asking how I liked my school (ODU) and I encouraged her to pursue her degree. I also got some Chinese food while I was out, I know not part of the weight loss plan, it's my… Continue

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Happiness is a choice! (D4, S1)

So, no vlog today, I'm pooped...this instead. I had a good day, before going to bed last night my husband and I put our silly little spat behind us and decided to move on. We are both such stubborn people sometimes, in fact sometimes I wonder how God paired me with someone just as stubborn as I am.

Anyway, I didn't meditate before bed as I had planned, but I did make it to bed at a decent hour (earlier than it has been lately) and I slept very peacefully. I was however dragging… Continue

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Intentions (Day 2, S1)

So, from my video last night I wanted to list my intentions on a post for me to return to and look at every so often.

1) make quality friends that I can go do things with

2) lose 10 lbs, be healthy toned/fit

3) continue healthy eating of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, even through the holidays

4) walk the dog every day that I'm in town (will be gone for 1 wk for t-giving & 2 wks for x-mas), I need it and so does he

5) continue yoga… Continue

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