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remider to myself: JUST BELIEVE

"Keep your dreams alive.Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself.Vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Gail Devers"

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Merry Christmas

may all your dreams come true!

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awww love this quote

" Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

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DARE to be powerful!!!

season2:day 4

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dream, dream until your dreams come true!

I know I will! I have to =)season 2: day 3.

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season 2, day 2 : I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...

... I will make my goals realized! :)

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SEASON 2: starting today

I'm back :)

almost none of the goals I set up for myself in season 1 realized :(

don't know why because I really believed it would and I gave my best to make all of it happened. It was like whole universe were against me to make my dreams come true. Only some parts of it realized, but I wont give up! I'll set up my goals again and also do my best to realize it.…


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Thank you universe...

thank you for all the laughter, thank you for unplanned evening that turn out great at the end, thank you for those beautiful co-creators who are helping me in manifesting my desires, thank you for inspiration, thank you for my friends, Thank you for all the love I receive and share. Thank you for making me see things in positive way. THANK YOU for being by my… Continue

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The Wish Fulfilling Mantra

don't know if it works but It sounds GREAT. :)

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season1, day 33. Thank you universe

I woke up quite dreamy and could not stop thinking about dreams I had,they were so interesting and nice, then one girl called me , a friend who I met month ago and we kept hanging around since then. She told me she is sorry I could not come with her on Saturday that everyone missed my positive energy and my smile. Than another girl also contact me ( girlfriend from one of my closes friends) just to tell me she is happy to know me, that every time…


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Thank you universe...

  • thank you for friends and their love
  • thank you for time spend with them
  • thank you for all the laughter
  • thank you for giving me strength and courage to be the person I want to be
  • thank you for sending new ( positive ) people in my life
         THANK YOU...



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Good night everyone :)


I know I haven't write for a while, but somehow I didn't knew what to write or I was too tired to think :)

But today I took afternoon just for myself, reading, resting and enjoining in peacefulness. I realized that every day there are more and more things I'm grateful for and more and more opportunities  to work what i love, although as volunteer but…


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s1d16. Thank you universe + links

I got great wake up call this morning and I feel so happy, full of energy, I have feeling that some of my intention will be realized. I can't stop thanking the universe for it.

also  my friends made me smile and the day haven't started practically yet! Although I'm still feeling little bit ill I know l'll have great day today




I would also like to share some links, that I came…


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my vision board

It represents places I want to see again, feelings I want to feel, and situations I want to manifest :)

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guote that brigten my day

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day 8. sunshine lollipops and rainbows

It seems l am getting closer and closer in realizing my intentions and it feels so good! I had great night out, I danced,  I laughed and also cleared some things up that bothered me. Now I'm enjoying in sunny day with feeling of content.


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confusion/ intentions/ thoughts

day 4, season 1

Ok, so far I made it, I manage to manifest 2 little but important things in my life. Now the question is will they maintain? I hope they  I will do my best they do.


I was thinking and thinking :) and finally I manage to summarize what i want to manifest the most now and in near future.

It was kinda hard because there is a big mess in my head, thoughts are running and…


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day 4:Thank you universe...

...For yesterday evening, thank you for manifesting one of my desires, thank you for my friends! Thank you for strength and courage to say what i needed to say. THANK YOU!

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Indian prayer for good night

Grandmother of memory

Grandfather of the dream…


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