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Day Three: Using my imagination to turn the light on!

       Good quote, don't you think? We can change our reality by the switch of a light or the turning of a radio channel.From dark to light,negative to positive. I have some dreams for this season. I know I've attempted past seasons, and epically failed them, again & again. But,…


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Day 1: Kicking off Season 1 with a Big-O YEPPPEEE

Where I am beginning.......

Where I want to end.......Image result for Achievement

                 I am here, the failure of many seasons, but I have come back to start a new. This season 1 will be my successful one, as if  I have never been here before. To start, I am a believer in God, and Jesus, because without them I wouldn't be here, nor have the blessings that I do in my life. Now, some people see a negative thing( which I have once or twice) and feel…


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Clean Slate

OK, SO techically I'm not new to this, in fact I have tried and failed to keep with "my seasons". I start strong,keep faith and stay inspired, but slowly over the 100 days I crash and burn...... is my point, I am going to committo these next 100days that will ride through to 2016. 2015 has been a good year, I attracted anamazing job, oh and got married last year. So, the year has been good to me....No, God has been good to me.

Here I go...Day 1 Season 1! is…


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Day 16

i AM LOVED...I have to be! There is too much stuff all around me, tired of this same old road, going to turn the car down a different path. One, that allows me to attract all things that I want. So, doing a U-Turn, taking that road I just tried to pass, that seem to be full of excitement and achievement. Okay, so I think I will end the night with a cup of Peppermint tea. Goodnight to all you Co-Creators.

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Day 3: Let's Get Moving Into Action!

   Day 3! I have had such a good day.  A day which has given me many gifts from God, the Universe.  I received my  check stub from work and almost squealed when I opened it.  For I got more money back then I usually thought. About 2 weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled and was out of work for 6 days, not because of the pain, but because my manger gave my hours to someone else. I'm not made at her, I knew I would be okay some how...and somehow God, the Universe made it possible for me to…


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Day 3 Keep on Moving!

Today, I have been reminding myself to stay positive. My bloodsurgers were quite high this morning, a major headache and stomachache from that, which prevented me from excising today, until I finally got it into control. I did however watched The Secret curled with my favorite blanket on the coach. 

  I had something wonderful happen to me this past week. I manifested money in my life. 2 checks came in the mail all totaling $40 bucks. Bryan & me also cashed in saving bounds from…


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Day 1: Let's roll!

        Hello few co-creators. I hope all of you are  creating the lifes you deserve and want. Okay, so here I am, new season, new AWESOME challenges.  I am not 100% sure what season this is for me, so I'm going to say season # 5, since for 1. It has always been my favorite number.


1.  Study and attain the knowledge to pass the GED.  I want attract a good paying full-time job. Attaining my GED will better my chances. 

2. Pass my driver's test…


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Season Four Commiment

Another Season! I know my mistakes on the other ones, let me just start out saying. I get caught up in what's going on & forget, or am too lazy to do anything. Such a bad habit!

    And that is where I am right now, and what I want to be changing about myself....we have only a few weeks left in December & I want to take the change or begin to break these bad habits which I find comforting, I guess. then leave them behind to start 2013 a new. I am such a coward at this point. I…


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Dezy's 5 Daily things to be Grateful For. Day #2

Here I am again! What am I grateful for today?

1: The bite of petter butter cookie good!

2: Kissing my boyfriend Bryan Fox

3: Warm sun after being inside a cold room all day at work.

4: Buying my dad his birthday gift

5: Talking to my little brother on the phone.

 ;) see ya guys tomorrow!

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Dezy's 5 Daily things to be Grateful For. Day #1

Alright, been slacking, a little...okay, more like a lot. But, it's now or never, so I choice now. Dezy's 5 daily things to be grateful today:

1: Bryan Fox Jr. My boyfriend who still encourages me everyday. Loves me and above all takes care of me.…


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Season 3


      Ok, let's go! Season 3 starts today, and like I posted above, it will(has) been the best season ever. Now, yes, I know I haven't been fully commented in the past 2, but like the old saying goes, 3 times a charm. And it will(has).

    So...what do I want to achieve this season? Let's see...mmm...…


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Season 2 Challenges

Season 2:
1.Clean & Orangize my house.
2.climb Griffen Mountain in Mt. Charleston in Las vegas ,Nv
3. Lose at least 40 pounds.
4. Study and possibly get my GED
5. Take my driving test or close to it.
6. Write & Finish my short story.
7. Outline my novel.
8. Have a better job.
9. have at least saved $ 500. in the bank.
10. Plan to move in with boyfriend  Bryan Fox! ;)

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