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Goddess Haven Ecourse

I am starting an online ecourse to create a Goddess Haven it starts on March 1st ~ I love the her course so much fun creating the life of your dreams. …


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Self Love ~ Choose to Love Yourself Today and Everyday :)

Why am I so darn happy? 

Because it's one of the best days of the year today - 

Madly in Love with ME™ Day, the international day of self-love. 

Did you wake up and start your day with a hug…

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The Answer is Simple Week 1

The answer is simple
two kinds of people
ego and fear endure pain isolation


love self going flow attract opportunities charmed existence enjoying their moments How to love yourself and live your spirit.

a practice
each lesson devoted to a week

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Feb 11 ~ March 14 intentions

My Next Month of intentions

health & fitness

~ my beach body focus will be 5-6 insanity workouts a week

~ my running focus run 40 -50 km a week

~ my healthy nutritiion focus 3 day shakeology cleanse

~ I intend to shed 6 pounds easily and effortlessly by eating right and feeling great and keeping my body active each and every day.

~ h20 drink 4 double glasses or more a day

~ the first 4 weeks of daniel plan



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This is Going to be my best yet year ~ I am creating it my figure out what I want most

I bought a 2011 creating agoddess calendar and workbook last year and was amazed at what came to be and just got my 2012 and has so much fun filling in the beautiful worksheets and lists of my goddess life desires here's to my best life so far :)…


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Just say Yes

Yes my tooth is cracked

Yes my mom owes me money

Yes I am still in bed

Yes I haven't exercised yet

Yes I didn't exercise yesterday 

I will get through these things when I accept it as it is and move forward to the things I do want when there are still unsettled stuff I cannot fix at this moment or choose not to.

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Recipe for Enjoyment #1: Embrace the thrill of anticipation

The first ingredient in the Recipe for Enjoyment is to embrace the thrill of anticipation. Instead of blocking things out of your mind, take the time to explore, investigate and anticipate upcoming events.

For example, instead of ignoring her trip for 5…


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Sand Castles ~ of Love and Light



I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. 

The golf balls are the important things-your God,

family, your children, your health, your friends,

and your favorite…


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The Walnut

The Walnut


Rented the movie soul surfer last night and had to turn it off twice.  I put myself in the mother’s spot in the hospital chair and I felt like I was going to faint and then when the friend was having nightmares I… Continue

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My Dream Job

Involved in teaching something that inspires me  or I'm passionate about. 

like the curves 6 week weight loss class ~ this has helped me

like a creative class on visionboarding at an art supply store ~ this is something I love to do personally

a small group on a 30 day finding your authentic-self, passion or purpose ~ this is something I love to do personally too




running and retreats leading group runs at a fitness resort or spot~ this…


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Components of My Average Perfect Day

Hot Coffee

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30 day Mastery Course

One of the things I want to do in my Season 2 is to do the complete 30 day Mastery Course in my own timing.


and journal my thoughts on this thread.  If any one is interested please feel free to join me on this exciting journey and we can discuss it here.

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Season 1 Day 93

I am going to make my last week really count. 


Success this season:

~ Graduated from Childhood Studies program at Keyano College May 14th

~ Ran the Reddeer half marathon

~ Ran a 10 km fun run for Victim Servies

~ Volunteered for two triathlon events

~ Went to my nephew's Wedding and my niece to be remade my ring into a necklace and her wedding band.

~ Went to my son's honor roll awards night

~ Went to my son's year end…


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I am

I am a high achiever

I am stretching myself to discover my own capibilities

I am great

I am superb

I am excellent

I am vibrant

I am healthy

I glow

I shine

I love

I am loved

I am love

I am strong

I am capable

I can do it

I believe in me

I can do anything I set my my mind to

I am generous

I am caring

I am an amazing mom

I do my tasks to the best of my ability

I love my life

I love myself

I forgive myself… Continue

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Random Acts of Kindenss ~ Pick one that Speaks to you and Just Do it !

Clubs: For People You Know
2 Leave a snack for an unsuspecting co-worker or friend.…

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101 things to do in your life time ~ I might try afew

1. Risk looking stupid

2. Take a Retro Road Trip

3. Eat Cheesecake for Breakfast

4. Read the Classics

5. Clean someone elses toliet

6. Write a love note

7. Get Comfortable in your own skin

9. Speak well of others behind their backs

10.Become a Psalmist

11 Celebrate a Traditional British Tea

12 Record your life Story

13 Give something away valueable ~Gave my wedding ring to my niece to be

14 reconnect with a long lost…


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Season 1 ~ Day 17

A little over two weeks into the season and amazing this are happening.  I am feeling like a more giving, generous person who is making a difference with little things she adds into her day like the daily quests or picking up garbage or inviting my friends to things I would normally just do on my own. One of the biggest things is talking about the things that scares me and the fear lessens and I see myself going for the gold in my life more often.  Yesterday while running I saw garbage all over… Continue

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Links to my Dreams

trail races Brad Creek Aug 27/11


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I am taking a picture a day on a website called 365 project


If anyone would like to join me on the site and add my as their friend I would love to have you join me on a quest to take a picture a day of our lives.  My user name is my nae  Shellan


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My March 2011 Bucket List

My Bucket List


Take my children on a cruise. Run 100 full/half marathons in my life. Be happy.

See the world by running a race somewhere new yearly. Take skating lessons and be able to do a jump and a spin again. See the pyramids. Go on a Fitness Health retreat at coastal trek resort in Forbidden Plateau, BC.  Go on a running cruise Caribbean and Alaskan. Go on a retreat with one of my favorite inspiration speakers…


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