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So Painful But a Golden Link in the Chain of My Good

My boyfriend of six years has a girlfriend, a girl that I thought was my friend. He had been living with both of us. Both knew but I did not. Everybody knew through Facebook except me because he made it where I can't see it.

I am in such emotional pain. I got this whole apartment for his benefit. I counseled him, sheltered him and did my best though I am not perfect, but I tried. And now that he has money now and I don't he abandoned me because the girl has all of the things,… Continue

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Deactivating From the World

I feel like hiding. I feel like running off and hiding from the world. I deactivated my facebook, I think this is the only site I will be on. I feel like I need to withdraw myself but there seems to be nowhere to hide or be withdrawn. It feels like everyone sees me and is judging me. It is too much, I want to place a veil on my head and run away. I wish I could run off without the backlash I would get. It may be motivated by fear but all I really want is rest. My manifestations have been… Continue

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I have been very busy as of late and still getting used to running from protest to protest and being single (slowly trying to start dating again...). So I have written my goals for November and here they are.

1. Gain $500 worth of prosperity.

2.  Grow my hair five inches.

3. Read one…


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Season 1 Day 60 Lessons of Life

Yesterday, I learned very much while reading a creative visualization book. I learned that it is practice and each day, I must work with myself on loving myself. I was doing well in building momentum to visualize until I saw an email of my ex cursing me out in response to a letter I sent a few days ago. "I don't forget. I don't forgive." "I gave you a chance, you blew it." and "Forget this love crap. I don't care about your feelings." were some of the phrases in a stream of…


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Season 1 Day 58 So Many Updates :O

I have been absent from video making. It is because my web camera has decided to stop filming my uploads for youtube and I also do not have batteries for my other camera.

I have been going through the motions a lot. I am still learning all sorts of lessons and still heart broken about my relationship ending. My ex does barely notices me but will speak when spoken to. Answers a few texts and this up coming we are going somewhere for his birthday. Why I keep holding on, I don't…


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