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Trains and more Trains

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, the subway trains in my city broke down causing a massive delay. I wound up jumbled in side train after train trying to detour myself into the right direction. Slowly I began to realize how much the train dilemma reflected my own life. Sometimes you can get jumbled around in life but you still make it to your destination. Sure I could have turned around and went home or given up due to the hassle. But I kept going.

Simple joyful day…


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Try and Try Again

I rather look back in my life and know that I tried to go after my dreams and goals than sit and pout. At times in order to reach my goals, I've had to be persistent. Yes, multiple of my emails have gone unanswered. Ignored by those who said they would network with me. Went to plenty job events with zero results…BUT I am a tryer. 

I really look forward to the day I can delete my job emails. Stop searching for a good place to work and move forward in life. I know plenty of people have…


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Vacation, please.

Living in a large never ending big city on my own is very daunting. I am getting my groove on but now I could definitely use a nice vacation to Iceland, Stockholm, and Hawaii. So time to just not think or ponder any thought. Lay back and tell absolutely no one that I'm gone. Just for a nice week. 

And then go back to work and life. 

Peace- Stacey

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I am persistant.

For the last few years, I have felt cursed. 

Trying to navigate life and find my purpose has lead me to many nights wondering if I am cursed to be alone and jobless. (If you are wondering if I am serious, I am.) My attempts to find love have always had me so close and head over heels for someone who rejects me life a plague. Job searching has consist of most of my 20s. I feel like I haven't had a real life because I'm constantly looking for work and looking for…


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One Window Shuts in Your Face, That's Ok Because the Door is Open

Super Cheesy but I really like cheese.

Guess who was looking forward to a brand new job but didn't get the results she was looking for? Yes, me, the hopeful filmmaker. I waited  3 whole days to hear back. Nothing. Zip. Not even a little ring-a-ding ding. I got the infamous email.

"Thank you but we unfortunately….".

Was I BUMMED out. Its been over 4 years since I've done creative film work. I spent time doing news and editing but…


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Editing More


Started a youtube awhile back. I feel so vulnerable posting videos of myself and life. I believe that ignored for me to practice editing and scratching my creative itch, I need to make videos. Sharing is caring. It's strange seeing myself jabber and jabber on screen. 

I hope this youtube channel will lead me to being more open and manifesting new opportunities. Eventually I want to do my own LOA video. Manifesting new jobs and support. Hopefully, I'll…


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25th Birthday

Hello Everyone,

Today is my 25th birthday and I'm blogging to release some joy to the Universe. Just washed my hair as a way to rinse off my year. Does anyone else say affirmations in the shower to fight off worry? I do. This past year has been quite a shuffle. 

-Moved out on my own for the first time.

-Living in a huge city.

-Doing more work to put myself in a hiring position.

-More self love.

-Cried a lot more.

-Facing new…


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A New Month

Time to analyze the month of February:

1. Started off cold and slow. Nothing wrong with easy smooth days.

2. Networked with new people for my future awesome film/video editing job. Haven't heard back…yet but its all good.

3. Stepped out of my comfort zone more and more by uploading a short film I made to youtube. Positive intention.

4. Went to a small concert gig on my own with zero friends. Talked to some lovely people. Young…


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Heads Up!

A slow period of time can feel like nothing new will happen and nothing will change. I have a cute little desk that I sit and do my video editing. On a few occasions, I zone out through the same copy and paste days wondering when will I break free. As if I trapped in a cage (truly I'm not dramatic) which I am clearly not. Life is good.

This year I'm striving like a baby bird learning to fly. I flop down and down but I have to keep my head up. Literally, staring a computer screen is…


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Life keeps going.

Hello Everyone,

Been quite busy shuffling around and trying to find good work.

Has anyone ever had a family member or friend promise to help you along your way in life? Everything sounds good and at first they attempt to help you out but then...they completely ignore you exist? So I've actually been quite flustered trying to communicate with a cousin who said he would help me find a good job and talk to me about advice. Now complete silence! I've texted, emailed, and… Continue

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Day 14 Season 2


So tomorrow I have a plan of scoping out my ideal job rather than simply look online at the job. I want to experience the feeling of commuting to my ideal job as if I already have it. Maybe I'll even take a peek inside. Going to snap a photo rain or shine.

Peace- Stacey

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Day 10 Season

Hello Everyone,

A lot of mental ups and downs lately but nothing to intense. I am very optimistic and continue to enjoy each day. Yesterday I cut my finger trying to fix my belt and was so grateful to find a band aide. 

Job searching can be so funny. I got a rejection letter from a job that said they are looking for candidates who live in the area. Cleary the computer system or the person glancing at my resume skipped the top header that read out my location. I…


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Season 2 Day 2

A good way to start the day is with a good hot cup of cocoa and mini marshmallows. I am definitely not going to be posting every single day but I am off to a good start so I'm sharing.

Lately I've started to notice that so many people work in the film industry in some way. Its refreshing to see that there are so many opportunities besides sitting at my computer day after day applying and applying. Anyone have a job manifesting trick to help?

Life is smooth. Each…


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Day 1

2nd season of the 100 day challenge!

Day one was quite slow and filled with negative thoughts swirling around and around. I always acknowledge my negative thoughts and let them pass. No more fighting negativity just sipping hot cocoa.

Signed up for a seminar about job searching and organizing. I felt a motivated push to buy a ticket and attend. Hopefully with a clear mind I can now see more opportunities. Practiced some Swedish out of a book. Read a little and watched LOA… Continue

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A Fresh Start

Happy New Year,

First, I want to truly wish everyone a good new productive blissful year. I really hope to read more blog post of everyone's journey. I know this year shall be a journey of stepping more and more out of my comfort zone.

Living in a big city with zero friends would seem quite lonely but I feel like I am gaining a chance to learn more about myself. Pajama day can be multiple days rather than the weekend. So far I am letting this year be the first year ever in my…


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What's New?

Hello Everyone,

I'm making Christmas cookies with my dad and finally found a chance to slip away. It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Very long time unfortunately.

Well, this gal has made a huge leap of faith and moved to New York City. No friends. No connections. No job. It's been 6 months of flipping and flopping around NYC. My intention is to find a junior film video editing job. I am a Junior Film Video Editor at heart. Now to manifest it into reality would be quite…


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Day 57

So far life is going forward regardless if my surroundings are standing still. Went to the park with my good friend and spoke of the future. Positively, of course. But how many times will my friend and I swing on the swing set speaking of what we dream of doing?

I notice the pattern of daydreaming. It's good to imagine the future but nothing beats actually putting your dreams into action. Everyday, I actively apply for jobs and make and effort to connect with others in a good way.…


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Day 49

Funny how taking the time to be more positive has allowed me to see the negative habits that are so sneaky. Trying to break old habits can be quite an episode of trial and error. The holidays did not keep me from examining my past mistakes as I sipped mexican hot chocolate. Shuffle through my failures as I baked holiday cookies. This positive journey has allowed me to call BS on my idiotic thinking. Yes, I can have good and bad days but seeing the improvement of my mind and vibes has been a…


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Day 35

Now that I have passed day 35, these positive days are flying by. I manifested some great things in the last few days that would have not happened 35 days ago. It is true that when you open up to the world, the world opens up to you. 

Connecting with new people and sharing stories with them has been so much fun. My mind still tries to linger on old thoughts but I sit back and notice these habits and I swat them away with a positive thought.

Trying to learn Swedish so I am…


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Day 30

The past 30 days have been quite nice. Giving myself a chance to have peace of mind and a new start feels good. I'm becoming more and more ok with feeling good.

It's a fresh start to the rest of the 70 days. I hope to manifest more and more life.


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