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Day 6,s2 Affirmations

I’m in a new season, cocreting my reality, designing my life. . A new season to change and recreate my health and wellness.

Eating healthy raw foods, smoothies, salads, yummy and tasteful foods… feeling an overall wellness, because my mind, spirit and body are in harmony.

I’m exercising daily doing yoga, swimming, dancing, walking... All these reflect in my body because I’m losing weight everyday and feel fantastic.

A season… Continue

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Day 4, Season2. clarifying goals

this new season started a few days ago, and even tough I was consciuos what goals I want to achieve there was a new one that I wasnt sure about it.. having a love relationship.

I have been a long time without one, and I realized that this was an area of my life very important missing. so I set it as a goal.

but it has been a little hard to get in the way to excercise, eat healthy, and everything related with ,my wellness... so I understood that first than anything i need to fall in… Continue

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Day 100, S1. Happiness

This is day 100 of my first season and feel really happy.

happy because I found this site,

happy because I have learned so many things about nutrition, raw food, writters, goals settings,..

happy because I have new friends from all over the world with the same desire as me to fulfill their goals and intentions.

happy because I acomplished 30% of the goals I stated and some of the other ones are on the way.

happy becaused… Continue

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It has been a long time without posting, and during this time good things happened to me as well as someones not so good.

I manifested a course on raw food from a cheff who works in a very prestigous hospital spa. This course helped me to learn many good things about raw food and health overall. then last week I took a course on EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which I was looking after . Both courses will help me a lot and feel happy and fortunate to had the opportunity to take them,… Continue

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Day 41, S1 .Open up

I felt very good today because I had no anxiety at all and ate healthy food that I took the time to prepare for me and my niece. I m not sure if its because Im eating more green vegetables or because I started practicing meditation, but whatever the reason, I will keep going with both.

My meeting with a potencial person to make a joint venture was really good and we are going to start working to get some big clients, which is great. he is an old man with a lot of… Continue

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Day40 s1. A great day

Im really happy because I setted intentions for today and I acomplished almost all of them. above all, eathing healthy today and preparing food for tomorrow made me feel very good .

I felt energetic, working with passion and having the opportunity to say no in an assertive way to one of my clients who happen to be my friend too, was easier than I thought. she was surprised because didnt expected my answer, but I know I did the right thing for me. mmm this feels good....

i started… Continue

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Day 39, S1. Evolution

I realize that my economic goals are more easily to manifest that my health and body goals. The ones related to taking 100% responsabilty for my life..

But thinking about it, I see that is just evolution what I need .. evolve from a state of procrastination, to one of activity.. even if it is in the most minimum level..but since Im a perfectionist, I was expecting transformation.. with big actions and big result which are not coming as Im used to ...

but making a review, there are… Continue

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Day 20-S1. Gratitude

Gratitude: a beautiful feeling that I dont want to forget... makes me come alive, in contact with God, aware of the miracles of universe, with so much energy!!!

I still remember new year in Paris, an old dream come true and all I could only say to myself was Thanks God, thanks God.. and feel tears coming down my cheeks, while I walked in the middle on the night with so many people around me...

and now this feeling comes again as I see that it´s only day 20 and one of my goals.. double… Continue

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Day14, S1. Manifestation

the last days I was busy with my niece´s birthday party, work, terapies, etc. She is a beautiful girl with down syndrome who just turned 12 and is under my care.. so it means a lot of special school, terapies, classes etc that make me feel exhausted at the end of the day, but happy of watching how her consciousness , language, and sense of life is growing...

In my work today, things seem to develop easily and I manifested a new client for the year which is just great!! now I need to focus… Continue

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Day 10, S1. Progress not perfection

This is my 1st post and didnt write anything the past days, because they were not as magic and full of entusiasm, acomplishing everything I desire as I thought they would be.. until I realized that this journey is about making progress not perfection..

an even though I wasnt satisfied, I manifested going out with old friends after long time without seeing them, excellent clients returning to me, new beautiful clothes, , learning about nutrition ....

I see that I need to make my… Continue

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