The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Day21: Focus, Reading, Relaxation


-Relax and start new project

-Break Project into realistic & bite size pieces..

-Today's reading will be less as I need to read last Ch of M7..

-Eat healthy 

ALH, am soooooo grateful that I managed to complete most of my intentions..... and just Reading now  :) 

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Day 20 Fresh,Energetic, Relaxed

ALH,  What a wonderful start I had today...

* woke up very early as I love to wake up early but Its been bit difficult lately...but today I woke yo at 4:45 am and the main thing is that I was very fresh and energetic... 

* Meditation which was soooo relaxing+ the way I wanted to....

* Felt inner peace as I was doing it... (PQA) 

* Had a healthy eating start( fresh juice, which I made myself) and I am soooooooo grateful for that because I don't really bother making…


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Day 19: success, calm, confident


Staying calm,relaxed but very confident.

Get respect and help  from friends..

T will love and respect me more...

successful day, accomplishing my goals..

Healthy eating..

ALH, had a Wonderful day..

accomplished all my intentions and am soooooooooooooooooooooo grateful for that :)

on build up my confidence I 've been given my DQ results and which are great!!!!!!! (744.75 out of 750).

It built…


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Day 18: Reading and relaxing

❤today's Intentions❤

* Wonderful day.

* Shopping (Gifts): ''get everything I need in good price''.

* Reading  last 2ch of M7.

* Journaling. 

* making couple of calls.

* Get my prescription. 

Am very grateful for today and this day has and still giving me :) 

wonderful sunny day, very nice time out(shopping), good lunch, chance to call my loved ones,  

ALH, I am having a very good day so far and did get everything I need(gifts) and…


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Day17: energy and success

* A Wonderful day..
* Compete my book which am reading these days.
* Pass and complete my trainings which am going to do today.
* Eating healthy and eating on time.
* Very happy and good mood throughout the day.
* Full energy and staying focused to accomplish all my intentions.

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Wonderful experience !

Thank God!!!!!

am sooooooooooo grateful for everything and specially this wonderful new day.... few days ago I thought I don't know how to even use this on line page and I would rather keep my page hidden and people might laugh when they look at it...

and I might wont be able to have friends... but am sooooooo happy and thankfull too my new friends as well as God for all this and the more am exploring it the more good things coming out of it...

Am feeling great and looking…


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