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Day 17 - Getting unblocked

Today my intentions are all about getting unblocked, getting out of my own way. 

Today, my intention is to manifest a healthy working body. A body that functions as it should - uses food as it should, uses exercise as it should, whose rhythms and cycles and processes work as they should. 

Today, my intention is to manifest a healthy working mind. A mind that functions at it's peak performance, that focuses on what is possible, not what isn't possible. That is…


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Day 12 - Letting Go of Resentments

Ah, good morning co-creators!

Today I am setting my intentions on having a positive day. I am letting go of old feelings about people and situations over which I have no control. I am turning my attention to doing the best I can do, and letting the Universe work out what it needs to with others. I am working to the best of my ability and letting go of the results. I'm shaking off a bad night's sleep and looking at today with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. I'm making great…


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Day 5 - Intending a good attitude today!

I was so overjoyed to start my challenge last Thursday, then seemed to fall into some kind of little funk the next day. Nothing major, but I don't want to live there! Living without the numbing effect of food is new, challenging, and good. 

Today, I set my intention to greet each situation with a smile, to make recharging a priority, even as I focus on being a good worker, getting done what I need to on my project. I intend to manifest healthy recovery today, peaceful…


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The future depends on what we do in the present -- Mahatma Gandhi

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Mahatma Gandhi

This is the message I have been hearing in various ways, from various perspectives, repeatedly over the last few days. In the Deepak Chopra book I'm reading right now (The 7 Spiritual Laws for Parents) today's law to focus on is the Law of Intention and Desire - that every 'seed' we plant will bear fruit in one way or…


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Season 5 Day 1 - A Journey into the New Year

So I remembered this website this morning and felt prompted to come and get some help with setting intentions. As I looked ahead to where 100 days would take me, I discovered that 100 days from today is January 1st! So this challenge will help me finish out the year on a more positive, uplifting, healthy note. 

I have a few areas in which I want to focus:

Recovery: I am also in a 12-step recovery program for eating disorders. It is a lifeline and has started me on a new…


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Holy smokes, it's been six years!

I'm here to co create a more peaceful life with the universe. I'm so glad I'm still here, and this community is still here!

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S6 D70 - Feeling a lot stronger after the breakup

This last week and a half has been quite an emotional roller coaster. However, in the last two days I have discovered some websites that sound totally cheesy, but have given me some hope in regards to my relationship. Basically they are "how to win your ex back" type websites, but they really apply some of the laws of attraction, etc and make a lot of sense.


So here is where I'm at right now:

1. I need to find myself again. So much of what I have become is influence by…


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Trust and Manifesting

In reading some inspirational literature today, the author talked about having trust in our higher power, or the universe. Trust in the authenticity of the moment without worrying about what it gets me or how it affects me. 


I can often put on a false front. I want to believe so badly, but my mind can come up with a million reasons. I find that people here can often lay blame on others when they struggle, or when faith does not come easily. That is counter productive. I'm…


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Continued learning about surrender

Hi co-creators! 


Just checking in. More and more I've been remembering a great talk I heard by Abraham Hicks about not fighting the stream, taking your oars out of the water and going with the universe. (I'm paraphrasing.) 


As I've continued to release a lot of tough stuff, I'm becoming more and more aware of the negative messages and control I do attempt. And in those moments, I'm able to just picture myself floating with the current. Instead of fighting I'm…


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Season 5 day something or other - what a breakthrough!

Hello my dear co-creators! Just wanted to come by and check in. I've been on and off about specific practices, but i will tell you that something profound has happened. last week i had another binge night and i just felt awful. in desperation, i turned to my computer and found overeaters anonymous. the last week has been an amazing journey as i've been able to really see how i treat myself for the first time. like, instead of saying, oh, but i deserve that mental tongue lashing because i…


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Season 5 Day whatever

Ok - received some bad news - lost 3 clients (3 companies in one really) and that is a little discouraging. 




I will not let that hold me back. I think I need to do more, be more motivated, more on top of things. And we need to bring more customers in. I need to do more to tell people about RelyLocal. This can be the thing that spurs me on to the next level. 


I can't blame anyone else. I am not even really mad at the clients. They have…


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Season 5 Day 7

Good afternoon co-creators! 


Today I created more of the body I want. I went to the gym and did a body pump class. It totally kicked my butt, but that is okay. Each time it will get easier. I went hiking yesterday as well, so I'm definitely feeling it. I had a hard time keeping a positive focus when I had to look in the mirrors to check my form, but honestly, it wasn't so bad. I mean, the only way out is to go through it, so there is no point in hammering at myself for being…


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Season 5 Day 5

My goals for this first 30 were pretty modest and I wasn't too concerned about the whole weight loss thing. However, I feel it is absolutely necessary to get started and make it a priority. The way I feel right now is not good for my mental health. :) If I don't stop, it is going to get worse. So, I am imagining feeling beautiful and strong and healthy. I am working out regularly and I feel tough. I am giving away sixty pounds to the universe to redistribute to all those starving kids in…


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S5 D1 - Season Five! Always believing, always achieving!

Good morning co-creators! I'm starting season five. The snow is falling outside, which is unusual, even for the high desert of California. I've never experienced anything like it as a life long CA resident. I've been TO the snow, and stayed in places where it snowed, but never had snow falling on my house, looking at it falling on my car, and my trees and my neighbors. It changes how the neighborhood looks. It is so beautiful. 


So it seems auspicious to start on such an…


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S4 D99 - What have I learned?

Well, I'm almost done with this season. I lost my way a bit the second half in terms of discipline and regular practices. But its okay. As always, I get caught up in the little rocks and eddies along the stream, but I always find my way back into the stream, into the flow. :) 


An update one where I am with my five big intentions for the season:

1) Mr. T got a job! He starts on Jan 4. It was a huge relief and blessing. Just knowing that there was an end in sight has…


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Manifesting Employment for People

Living in the area I do, I am constantly aware of the lack of employment. My boyfriend, (aka Mr. T) has been looking since April. He works in restaurants and has not yet found anything.

I find myself constantly looking around at this region, with a population of about 500,000, 15% of whom are officially jobless. This doesn't count the many retired folks, folks on disability, students and under-employed people who need to make more money. And most of the jobs up here are…

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Psych! Didn't start season 4 YET...

Good evening my dear co-creators.

I was supposed to have started my season 4 a few weeks ago. However, I have been very busy with many things and slacked off a bit on my practices. I'm still focusing on positive things and meditating when I'm getting too stressed and relaxing to let my vibrations go with the flow of the universe. It simply hasn't been an overarching program.

Now, this is okay and I'm accepting it for the 'rest' it has been. Some…

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S4 D3 - Enjoying life

Today is going to be a great day. I feel good, happy, strong, in the flow and secure in the Universe.

All the things we need are coming to us at the right time.

Good news is on its way.

I am very productive today and everything i do has an impact.

I get along really easily and well with everyone around me.

I am full of love and kindness and joy and peace and…

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S4 D1 - A new beginning!

Good morning co-creators!

Today is Day one of my new season - Season 4.

Last season got me through a new job, a big move to So Cal and starting up a new business. Major transitional time. I am so grateful for the lessons learned, the skills acquired and the experiences to cherish.

This season is all about establishing myself in my new home, in my new business and in my new life here in So…

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Savoring the feeling

Watching Wayne Dyer yesterday was great. I need to spend some time watching it again. Although I took a lot of notes, I think I need to marinate in it. Excuses begone! :) I have caught myself getting into this negative tape of emotions and worry. Previously I was *afraid* that these emotions I was experiencing were like some kind of secret truth, but in fact, it is just a path of worry as I contemplate all the things that could go wrong and random bits of stuff that float through my head and… Continue

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