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S21 day 1 - starting with vacation and ending with resolution

starting this season with vacation
i got a lot of rest,
reminded me of that i should always rest weekends on workweeks.

gonna continue with the holiday

snooze button ...

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Day 45 Season 20 Checking in :) :)

So I was last tuning in on 1.february! Things have developped nicely: i have two new project and one old going on. It took a while to get used to this temporythm... Its fine. Its a challenge though to have time to exercize but I am getting there.
How are you co creators? Any developpments?

How do you manifest things? Visionboards, affirmations... what has worked for you?

I know that I definitely need to move to another place!

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Day 1 Season 20 New vistas?

So, a new year and the 1st of february.

What are my goals and thoughts about season 20?

My first goal is staying productive and take a lot of initiatives

but adding the important factor ALLOWING! Being open to see what is happening and how things

developp and hearing/noticing when the opportunities come!

Being fit and well rested so I can hear my intuition.

See signs; what is attracting me right now?

Those are my goals for season 20 and… Continue

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Day 99 Season 19

Soon Season 20

Yes its true season...20! and a new year thank heavens! new feeling to it ...

i feel its up to me what it will be this year, mostly like that, I feel. I have coworkers with me. Still i have many feelings of restriction in my career. some lousy offers, well, i ll decide later what to do. Kind of waiting for something much better to show up, whilst working with my project. affirmations affirmations, this one is sitting with me right now:

I, in my career, deserve the… Continue

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Day 85 Season 19 End of a Year

Its soon end of a Year and it doesnt seem long ago that it was March!

I am happy for the many unexpected positive things that happened this year as there were also challenging things. Sometimes it seems to me that every year gets more challenging than the last? I somehow believe that this year was about finishing up things: seeing a new side of ourselves, and in that we put away anything that has too small size for us: too little freedom.

I was grappling with a question,… Continue

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Day 32 Season 19 Positive life-positive mind and vv :)

Dear all active cocreators, I hope you are all living well :) we dont give up!

Affirmations are doing me a great deal of good for me; I feel the possibilies are there for me and for you and for us all! Grab a plate!

I am now working in a new theatre project in a group for a city theatre and its quite challenhing and interesting. I am happy and grateful that I am working with others since I 2014-2016 worked with ny solo performance, and it is great to work with others… Continue

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Day 12 Season 19 I am grateful

I am grateful for

seeing my parents

having a new project

be able to train in the gym

having great work buddies to work with

having more than enough money

eating healthy foods

having new creative artistic positive friends to hang out with

travelling and performing on festivals

writing new texts and finishing them

being and feeling healthy

being able to rest and rejuvenate sometimes

the beautiful sunny weather for long… Continue

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Day 1 Season 19. A new dawn-a new day

yes Cocreators it is a new dawn...the worst is behind me and I am already attracting fantastic co-workers to one of my scripts. I also soon start a new theatre project in october.

Goals for Season 19:

listening to my intuition

nurture my body more frequently; continuing with fitness, going on massages and so on.

to be aware of situations and at the same time my needs

nurture good, stable and friendly relationships on the workfront

finding new… Continue

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Day 100 Season18 No more heavy weight lifting in the swamps!

So another 100 days passed by like a lightning bolt!

Summing up:

No matter how challenged I was in this season; I eather

a) stayed very aware of the situation around me and at the same time on what i wanted

b) or, in my solitude, alone, i gave free outlet for my emotions as so to realease pressure

if i wouldnt, i wouldnt have achieved as much as i did and stay healthy.

what i learned from other's strange or even not so honest behaviour… Continue

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Day 91 Season 18 A winner

I have decided that for every project I go towards I want to be the best I can be and come out everytime as a winner! If we are the best we can be, we are as winners!

I concentrate on projects that needs the attention right now, the project that is soon to be, and finish it. Its difficult to concentrate on two projects at once and do them well. That means cutting of some people for a while and later getting back to them.

I am on it!

Important is rest, exercize and sleeping 7-8… Continue

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Day 78 Season 18 Energies,thoughts and removal/going forward

dear cocreators, hope you are doing well? I am happy and working, have a lot going on.

I have become very picky when it comes to all sorts of things; food, who to socialize with, which you tube videos to watch and its for the best. Things that I used to do, I dont anymore. I have blocked three people so that they cant call me. It was usually the same thing; problems and me being a trash-can. It made me tired and now that I have so much work to do I simply dont have space anymore for… Continue

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Day 40 Season 18 Affirmations and work

So my manuscript for a documentary went well, the director was really happy and liked it very much, I was also then happy because I had been writing it for almost a year and putting almost all other work aside. Anyway, since I have been writing a lot I havent been doing a lot of affirmations, but I have noticed that the once I have done carried me a long way...

now I have to catch up. I need to start doing them again. Have you noticed something similar? That your life is going forward in a… Continue

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Day 36 Season 18 Dreamy...

I havent been on the site for a while, i have been busy with a manuscript and my health. I figured out that i didnt sleep enough hours which weakens the immune system. So now i count every night how many hours i have slept, if it isnt enough, i catch up with a longer nap.

The manuscript went great, just some money and the project would go off.

I started to go to the gym, i like spinning, and i also got to the sea and got some sun. I am taking some days off to rest my head after… Continue

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Day 1 S 18

season 18 already.

I got to know after my season 17 ended and before 18 started, that i got an award as actress and dramatist (author) at a Bolgarian international theatrefestival! the 2nd one for this play. i was very grateful for that the jury gave me the award. I gave 100%!

I am distancing myself from a friend. i tried to explain some things for her but she keeps doing and saying things that is throwing me off balance (not in a good way). Anyway I have new lovely friends… Continue

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Day 100 Season 17 About money

If its something that I have understood until now it is, that I have so far giving money to investments, clothes, makeup, feng shui upgrade for my place, giving money to others, giving gifts, getting eco food etc and many times I have giving money to something and someone, even if I really didn't afford it, that is: many many times I gave almost the last money I had, ending up with 5 or 10€. I have never been without money. Last year and this year I have more money than I need, so my money… Continue

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Day 94 Season 17 Happy days :)

Isnt it typical, when we plan, that we will do some work, and that we need some alone time, that that is the time when suddenly a lot of people call us or want something from us...

anyway I SUCCESSFULLY told people off,saying that I had a lot of work, but that I will help them in a week. that action in itself was for me a VICTORY, because I have until now always been spontanious and very quickly said yes and been there for them and talking to them and getting quite absorbed by their…


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Day 84 Season 17 Resting and no-intention.

I went to the country for five days. I have been out walking, also doing some gardening. I set the goal for this long weekend to a physical goal. To rest physically and have no other intentions. I ve been sun tanning as well. Now I am listening to water running for one hour and it is very relaxing.
I am kind of emptying my head. Thinking of nothing and its very nice. Tomorrow I will do some gardening.
It is so nice not to have any intentions at all.

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Day 64 Season 17 wilderness and bewilderment!

Well, a lot has happened since 11th of march since I was last here.

I am happy to say, that I am happy to be where I am right now. I feel there are

many possibilities, if I want to see them! Life is really a green adventure!! It's a jungle, but a jungle where

there is many different spieces to work with! :)

I love that I can pick and choose myself...with my own texts I have the greatest freedom of all; I can create my own workplace, isn't wild?

Bewilderment, I ll… Continue

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Day 46 Season 17 living the life..!

Great theatreperformance tonight. I really enjoyed it. Audience was really nice, and I had a blast! I sense that I am living a joyful and authentic life.

I had some people coming and watching from different sides of life; a famous author came, a tv person came and it was nice as to how many showed up. I came home at 22.00, made something to eat and I was happy to stay up quite late and relax.

I know that most people work in uninspiring work/workplaces. So I am extra grateful for my… Continue

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Day 26 Season 17 Interventions called for MY intervention!

I am reprioritizing and I have actually trained myself to ignore anything that doesnt interest me, calls, invitations etc. that isnt for my best interests and that only takes my time away. I am even getting new friends! I am having a blast with acting & speech exercises and screenwriting and its ok that I am proud of what I am doing. I am allowing things to happen and saying praize to myself and others for a job well done. Focus is giving me happiness and bliss :) !!

Thank you all…


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