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Day 89 - update

It is time for an update and a little change for spring, so today I'm going from


to celebrate the beautiful weather we're having.

I haven't been blogging lately, but rest assured, everything is going very well for me. I'm feeling happy and hopeful most of the time, and I've been manifesting a lot of wonderful things.

I've been reading Ask And It Is Given, and in the next couple of days I will be starting the "Clearing…


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Day 42

My lottery win inspired me to do something nice for myself, so I treated myself to a facial. The beautician was actually supposed to be fully booked, but somehow a spot opened up, so I was able to book a 90-minute treatment with just one day's notice.

The time I would previously have spent asleep or thinking about things I should be doing instead of lying there, I put to constructive use, thinking about how… Continue

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Day 41

What a difference a week makes!

I have been keeping my focus on improving my mood this week, and it really is amazing how much change we are able to accomplish in that area when we put our minds to it.

I used to believe that a bad mood couldn't be helped. That if bad things happened to me, I had every right to mope around until it passed on its own. And I suppose I do have the right - but why should I? Instead of feeling sorry for myself or allowing myself to get stuck in… Continue

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Day 40

I allowed myself some irritation this morning while dropping off the kids, and I couldn't "think" it away during my drive into work, so after about 5 minutes of this, I stopped the car at the side of the road and got out my emergency CD - Boney M. That music is so incredibly cheerful, I save it for special occasions like this, when I really need to improve my mood in a hurry - my drive to work is only 15 minutes, so time was of the essence if I was going to create a good day at work for… Continue

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Day 29

What a day it has been!

On behalf of my daughter, I hosted a "Fastelavn" party for this rowdy bunch:

and amazingly everything went off without a hitch. The kids had fun, the parents had fun, even I had fun, which was completely unusual for me since I've never been a fan of other people's kids, but they were adorable and everything just went so smoothly. Oh what a difference the Law of Attraction makes. I… Continue

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Day 27

Synchronicity abounds!

Today was very interesting. I went to visit my aunt in the hospital, and she told me about how she had been lying awake last night, wanting to pray with someone, and then in the morning, that someone turned op in the form of a person she had known briefly in her youth. It's a long story, but suffice it to say, this person turning up was an unexpected blessing.

Her story prompted me to talk about synchronicity, and I told her about how things have been… Continue

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Day 26 - update on the past two weeks

I haven't been blogging for the past couple of weeks. Partly because I have been very busy, and partly because of my pesky perfectionism. If I get behind by a couple of days, instead of just picking it up from there, I will insist on going back and adding an entry per day I've skipped... but then I get overwhelmed and decide to do it "tomorrow". So here I am. :-)

I'm just going to get right back into blogging as of right now, and let you know what's been going on for the past… Continue

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Day 14

Today I saw what a kid in a candy store is really like. I took the girls on a trip to a little shop that sells supplies for making candy, and while the baby sat on the floor playing with a box of rubber gloves, my 4 year old made me so proud by being attentive, polite and very patient, as the shopkeeper explained the process and bagged our supplies. Tomorrow we're making hard candy.…


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Day 13

I am grateful that I was able to spend today relaxing and being quiet. I am grateful that my daughters are making new friends and being so happy in their new daycare. I am grateful that I have lots of money in the bank. I am grateful that my hearing is so good that I noticed the sound of snow falling on crisp brown leaves. I am grateful that my body heals quickly and easily. I am grateful for the chicken noodle soup we had for dinner.

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Day 12

I am grateful for every minute I get to spend with my children. I am grateful that I have the money to buy them new boots. I am grateful for their rosy cheeks and joyful laughter.

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Day 11

I am grateful for all the little pieces that finally fell into place, allowing my daughters to start in a wonderful new daycare that I know they will love. I am grateful that my little ones are such healthy, happy, beautiful girls, and that they enjoy life in this world so much.

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Day 10 - Following our bliss

Today was wonderful.

This morning I decided that to counterbalance yesterday's accident, my daughters and I would only pursue pleasurable activities today. We had no engagements or obligations today, so we could do anything we wanted. I told my 4-year-old this, and got her started off by asking her where in her body she could tell if she felt good. She said her tummy, so I told her to pay attention to how that felt all day, and if she lost the good feeling in her tummy, to go and do… Continue

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Day 9 - Learning the hard way

I previously blogged about my broken toe, and how I felt there was some significance to it, and that I seemed to have something to learn. I think I also mentioned worrying about stubbing my toe, so when that did happen, I wasn't surprised, and I sort of laughed it off and said to myself, "See? You knew this was going to happen, didn't you? So put on some sensible shoes, stop worrying about it, and start thinking healing… Continue

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Day 8

I am so very grateful for all the knowledge flowing to me right now. All that I need to know to further my journey in the right direction seems to be magnetically drawn to me. I'm just following my enthusiasm, and that leads me to everything I need to know.

I am also very grateful that I have a wonderful friend to share this journey with. She is teaching me about meditation and many other things.

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Day 7

Today I was surfing the net extensively, looking for pictures and inspiration. I was struggling a bit with conflicting emotions of enjoying this tremendously but feeling a bit guilty for goofing off like that. But then it turned out that I was being led to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. What a wealth of knowledge and insight this promises to be!

I am profoundly grateful for having been guided to this information. I feel that this is exactly what I need to be hearing at this point. I… Continue

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Day 6

Last Sunday, I broke a toe on my right foot. I actually have a toe on that same foot which I have broken many times, and while it's always painful and an annoyance when it breaks and swells up and turns all shades of purple, green and blue, it seems that the very fact that it has been broken many times before makes it less painful than when it first broke when I was a teenager.

But this was the neighbouring toe, one that had never been broken before. And did it ever hurt! We were… Continue

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Day 5

I am grateful for my reliable car. I am grateful for having a good job to go to, and the knowledge that money will be coming in on a regular basis soon. I am grateful for the free warm lunch I got today, and for the pillow/duvet set I was given as a Christmas gift from my employer.

I went to my place of work today. It was nice to see colleagues and friends again. I will be starting on February 1st.

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Day 4

I am grateful for the help I got today, and also for the delicious food we were given.

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Day 3

I am very grateful for my daughters. Today both of them dazzled a whole crowd of people with their personalities and intelligence, and they were such a joy to be around. Motherhood seems to be getting easier and more rewarding every day.

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Day 2

I am grateful for my good friends who are very helpful and give so much love to my daughters. I am grateful for the gorgeous winter weather that made it possible for me to take the kids for a walk on the fjord - a magical experience for all of us. I felt so joyful and energetic pulling the baby on her sled, with my big girl skipping along in front of me with her friend.…


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