The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Day 16- Being Present.

Ah yes. This is Day 16. I just looked through a few blog posts, it's so great to have this community here. I was going back and forth between email and facebook a few minutes ago, started to get a little bored and with a lower vibe, and then remembered that I can come HERE! I love, love this.

What I am mostly doing with this challenge so far is to just "know" that I signed up to do it. And that I have committed to myself not to let myself go into the yuck places for very long. I am… Continue

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No Abundance/Yes Abundance

I haven't videoblogged or blogged for the past few days. It's been a whirlwind of a weekend- my first craft fair ever, my entire family at my apartment AND studio, once again finding I am not pregnant.. an emotional ride for sure.

I am grateful that I am doing this challenge because it's keeping me in the game. Usually after a disappointing event (like the craft fair) I want to cry and hide. I actually couldn't this time- Jeff was here, my mom was here and then there was a party to… Continue

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Day 9- Yes, indeed.

I am not doing a video blog tonight because I left my laptop with the wireless in the studio. And I plan to leave it there while I am in full working mode, so I guess I'll have to do mid-day videos instead!

Usually I don't like the holidays, but this year I feel like I have mucho mucho to be excited about! This weekend will be the craft show, and then I am hosting a holiday get-together with my family. This is an absolute FIRST for me with this particular group of people. I feel like… Continue

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Being Aware.

I'm starting to see how much I complain, expect things to be different, or in general act like I deserve better than what is right in front of me. On the flip side of that, I see that my hidden beliefs about myself are often quite limiting. I act as if I deserve more, and I am above "whatever", but I desperately want something else that I believe I can't really have. Sheesh. I'm simply noticing it. I think we have to really get to our core crap and catch ourselves in it before we can really be… Continue

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