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Day 2 - Stand in the rain

Hey guys! That was a pretty long post yesterday wasn't it...I just had to let my experience be known I guess. It's one more step in me accepting life for what it can be. 

After going through a "dark night of the soul" so to speak, I realized that I wasn't the only one to have experienced something like that. In fact, it's kinda what we all signed up for, wouldn't you say? The challenge is in how you "deal" with it. When you're stuck outside with no umbrella...are you able to…


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Day 1 -When Everything Falls Apart

Hey matter how many times I stray away from this site, I always seem to come crawling

I first started posting here in 2011. That's seven years ago. Do you realize how crazy that is! Seven years! 

I was reading some of my old blog posts just for fun and couldn't help but chuckle to myself. The 21 year-old me is loans apart from the 28 year-old me. It's comical, really. I was so...optimistic back then. But then...everything changed. In the…


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Day 12, again - Feeling pretty great...

It's funny, I just wrote that I was having a bad day but now I feel good. Exercise really helps me feel better. I felt generally calm today, especially after I exercised. It's funny because I don't really know what the reason behind my social anxiety is. I's hard to figure it out because some days I feel good and others I'm like so panicky. I just know that right now, I need to take care of myself. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early and exercising 100%. Also using the internet…


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Day 12 - Bit of A Bump

I'm finding myself not feeling my best over the past couple days. Whenever I get my period I get super moody and just hate the world. I can't help it, it;s hormones. I downloaded an app to help me process my worries and emotions and it really helps. I guess lately I've been feeling like my whole day is just a blur. I don't know what I'm doing or what i should be doing. I get confused easily. Last night though I felt pretty good and connected to people. I heard someone say once that just…


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Day 8 - I'm stronger than I know

Today was a bit of a lazy day. I went out for a bit and I actually had conversations with 2 cashiers where I brought my groceries and I wasn't shy or awkward, I felt good...for some reason...I've been feeling good lately and I'm not sure why...but I'm glad about it. Maybe it's because I've been doing yoga. Ever since I started, things have been looking up. Tomorrow I have an interview, so I'm going to bed early to squeeze in at least 35 mins of yoga before I go. Yeah I felt actually really…


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Day 6 - A New Earth

Hey Guys! The last two days have been not the best for me, but after sending some quality time with my sisters, I feel refreshed. I had trust in myself when I spoke. My social anxiety was way less than usual and to my surprise I wasn't confused at all...pretty much. I have moments when my mood will just shift suddenly and I think that really has to do with my own thoughts. I heard this lady say once (she has a youtube channel about spiritual stuff, Kelli Coffee) that even though your nerves…


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Day 3 - The Light Is Shining Through

Hey guys! Today was a pretty good day. I did about 35 minutes of yoga. It's like a miracle for my body. I feel so calm after. It's really helping me with my social anxiety. I went out today with my friend (we saw a dance show together) and  I was pretty much relaxed the whole time. More relaxed than usual. It was nice. I was still kinda waiting for me to have a nervous moment and I did at times...I also lost focus a few times but I ended up having a really great time! I was so happy to just…


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Day 2 - Starting Out Strong

Hey Juicy Co-Creators :P Had to give an image to Lilou there. I discovered her way back when Youtube was just beginning in 2009 and I'm still writing on here. Wow! I guess you could say I'm dedicated...

I've always struggled with my body image. I would think I'm too chubby or my eyes are too puffy or my face isn't symmetrical. Like most girls, it's always been hard to love myself. It's funny though, over the past week I put on weight on purpose. I wanted to do it because I was tired…


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Day 1 - Let's try this again

Hey hello co-creators :) I tried to start a season last year in November, but it's really hard to feel like you deserve anything when you have depression and anxiety. Now that it's lifting, I figured this would be a good way to encourage myself to get back out there in the world and to just see what happens! 

I find whenever I write these blog posts, it feels set in stone. Like I owe it to you guys to at least try. 

One thing that I want to overcome is my social…


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Season 5 - Day 1 - Nov 15 - Welcome to the first day

Hi there fellow co-creators. I've been on and off this site for a few years. Almost as far back as 2012! I always found that writing these blog posts set myself up for a great life. Posting about your long-term goals, dreams and experiences is so valuable. It totally changes the way you see things. I am using this platform to set intentions for the next 100 days. 

After going through an incredibly difficult experience over the past year, I think I'm finally ready to put myself…


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Season 4 - Aug 23 - Day 76

Hey guys! Wooooow it has been awhile eh? I have some amazing news! Guess what?....I have found love!! Yes that's right. Another check off the list. I've been keeping up with my execise and I got a second job so I have double the money now. Yay! I find just relaxing into every moment keeps me focused and centered. It's really important to stay on the positive side of your emotions for most of the day. I mean, sure sometimes you will feel down...but when that's over you can go back to… Continue

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Season 4 - Aug 1 - Day 53

Hey guys! I'm going to a party tonight! I'm really excited cause I haven't been out in a while and yeah it will be fun. I've been doing this weird thing lately where I approach people/situations as if I am in a dream. Have you ever woken up in a dream? And then did whatever you wanted because it's a dream? That's kinda where I'm going with this. So I just think to myself...what if I was dreaming right now?....And then everyone I approach, is neutral. No pre-conceived notions of how something…


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Season 4 - July 26 - Day 47 - JOY

Good morning! I did my workout this morning and feel so good! It's really becoming a part of my daily routine. I neeeed to do it or else I don't feel right. Last night I went out with my friend who I haven't seen in a long time. It was so great to catch up! 

I'm supposed to train someone at work today and I'm a little nervous about it. But I know it will be fine! If I let go and decide it's fine, it's fine. Right?

Today I'm going to focus on moving towards what…


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Season 4 - July 19 - Day 40 - Be free!!

Yay me! I'm still keeping up with my blog posts. I should write in here more often. It really helps you put things into perspective. I have soooo much money flowing in and I am so grateful! It's gonna keep coming! Yay! I'm also getting more and more muscular as the days go by. I'm gonna work out tomorrow morning too. Bright and Early.

I was talking to an old friend today and he was reminding me that everyone is free to do what they want. And it's true! I am the designer of my…


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Season 4 - July 10 - Day 31 - Progress

I feel kind of anxious today...not sure why. Maybe it was something I ate? I did a meditation today so maybe that will end up helping. Yesterday I had my first shift and I was trying to stay present, but it's hard when there's all this new stuff you are taking in. I find it easiest to be present in places you are familiar with....

I have the afternoon off so I'm going to go shopping! I've got a lot more money coming in so I should celebrate! And then I will chill in a coffee…


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Season 4 - July 8 - Day 29 - new job!

Good morning! I'm starting my new job today. I can just feel the money flowing in. I;m going to focus on relaxing in the moment and let whatever happens, happens. I'm excited to meet new people and get new skills! 

Grateful for:

1. New job!

2. Mango

3. Sun

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Season 4 - July 5 - Day 26 - Just....know

Hello! So I got a second job! Which means I will be swimming in the benjamins. I'm saving up to go to school in New York and now it seems like it could actually happen! I'm going out tonight and I'm excited to see what the night will bring me!

I just gotta remember to be guided by my higher self and just relax in the moment, because it's all cool, it's all chill.

You can really make up stories if you forget to stay present. I find I make up so many stories in my…


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Season 4 - June 27 - Day 18 - Feel good

I just did a meditation and it feels sooo good. I did a chakra meditation and I feel so calm and centered and grounded. So good. I'm on the lookout for a job. It's coming to me! In fact, it's already here. I can feel it!

Higher self, I want love and laughter today. Fun times with friends and a new job! 

Grateful for:

1. meditation

2. Friends

3. Health

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Season 4 - June 26 - Day 17 - Ideas

Hello! I have ANOTHER day off today. It's so sunny out and nice, I'm going to head outside and catch some rays. And maybe do some writing. I've been keeping up with my workout regimen and it feels so good! I have some cool plans for the weekend. I'm seeing my friend's band tomorrow night with some of my other friends and...yeah I'll find something else to do I'm sure. I can't stay inside any longer I gotta go out!

Thank you universe for bringing me fun and friends and all…


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Season 4 - June 23 - Day 14 - It's here!

Hey everyone! Today is going to be a great day, I can just feel it. It's kind of overcast but that doesn't matter. I'm going to remember to breathe in the moment. I find that really helps to get you to focus on the present. What you want is already in your sphere of reality. You have to believe that it is already here! It's not even on it's way. It's here right now! And then your outer reality will match your inner reality. Very cool.

Grateful for:

1. Hours at…


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