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Season 4 - Jan 29 - Day 68

Good morning! So last night was...interesting. It was definitely a date, it was different...Looking back on it I'm actually grateful for what happened. I was asking my higher self to bring me something amazing and adventurous. And this guy certainly was...he was kind of calling me out on how I put myself down. People aren't usually upfront about that kind of stuff and I was surprisingly not offended because I was in a good, trusting head space. So it's actually not surprising at all. I…


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Season 4 - Jan 28 - Day 67 - I'm so full

Today was a super chill day. I slept in until 12:15! That's crazy! I guess I really needed it though. And then my sister came over and we baked together. And tonight I have a date with this guy I met at a concert on the weekend. At least I think it's a date...I wish people were more upfront about that. I'm like 98% sure it is haha!

I'm trying to breathe through the moment more, last a few weeks ago I was kind of in a rut. I was chasing all these things I wanted while feeling…


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Season 4 - Jan 24 - Day 63 - Be in it

I'm soooo done with winter. It's freezing where I am right now. I find in the summer and spring I feel so happy and in the winter I'm just waiting to get home and mope :P I actually had a dream last night that I was wearing summer clothes and it felt sooo damn good!! THe sun also makes me happy in general. It'll come soon!

I'm going to remind myself to be in the moment today. Breathe through the moment. Observe what's around you and take it in! And know that you are always…


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Season 4 - Jan 20 - Day 59

Today was pretty good. I DID leave my lipstick in the dryer by accident and stained all of my clothes, it's funny though, I bought another lipstick today that is the same colour as the one that I ruined. Haha weird...

I'm about to leave for work. I'm going to bring love and light to everyone at work today. I want to have a really good shift. Can you put that on the list higher self? I also want positive interactions with everyone. Like high level positive. I want people to…


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Season 4 - Jan 19 - Day 58 - Work it out

Last night was sooo much fun and yesterday was an interesting day. I went out partying with some friends, on the way home I got a free cab ride because I didn't have any money. I said I will pay it in the movie. So that happened ;) I also passed an "old friend" on the street who I haven't seen in a while. That was the "interesting" part. I feel like this "belief" that everything will work out and allowing yourself to be in the flow is like a muscle. The more you do it the…


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Season 4 - Jan 18 - Day 57

Good morning lovely people. I haven't written in here in a long time, but I feel like I'm really getting back on the horse. I'm re-learning everything I learned in my past 3 seasons. The most important things being....Trusting in your higher self and letting her guide you. Seeing ONLY the good first in people and situations, because why not. And staying present. Staying present is important because that is what creates the most positive change in your circumstances. By staying present you…


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