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Season 3 - Day 23 - Feb 25 - Brand new day

Good morrow readers! Did everyone have a good weekend? I had an adventurous one to say the least...I'm happy how things are going with my goals. I need to get back on the health wagon though. I haven't been exercising lately, so I'm going to make it a promise to exercise at least 5 times a week. Guaranteed until the end of the season. Starting today!

I have to remember today that I am safe, and protected and the world has so much to offer me. I just have to be there to receive…


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Season 3 - Day 19 - Feb 21 - A little pick me up

Hello there mates! So I had a realization today about how hard it is sometimes to get yourself in a good mood. Sometimes you need to treat yourself and spend a little extra on yourself to make sure you are happy and taken care of. Maybe you want that 2$ cup of coffee. Or maybe you feel like sleeping in instead of going to the gym. DO what you FEEL like doing as much as you can. But really ENJOY it. If you sleep in, congratulate yourself on treating yourself right as opposed to feeling guilty…


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Season 3 - Day 17 - Feb 19 - Short and sweet

Whoo! I survived the weekend! It was a busy one, but I didn't allow myself to get stressed about it. Now that I'm back to the normal routine, I can't wait to see what happens! What surprises will come my way today? We'll just have to see!

This is going to be very short because I don't have much to say

Grateful for:

1. Food

2. Energy

3. New Friends

4. Music

5. Time alone…


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Season 3 - Day 13 - Feb 15 - It's cool It's chill

Yesterday was another great day! If you decide that everything is well. Everything really is well! It's so cool how that works. I expected lots of great things to happen and they did! I actually don't even care about being at work because I know it's going to be fun! The next few days are going to be very busy and I am going to be very tired but hopefully my zest for life will pull me through. The next few days are going to be fantastical! I just know it :)



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Season 3 - Day 12 - Feb 14 - Love Day

Happy Love day everyone! Today is a day to remember that you are loved! Keep those thoughts with you today and share the love you feel!

Yesterday was a GREAT day. I asked for lovely surprises and I got many. Some were negative, some were positive. But it didn't matter to me because the negative ones were viewed as "lessons" or challenges. I was in a good mood so people around me were too. It's not too hard to jump into that state if you've practiced this LOA for awhile. And…


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Season 3 - Day 11 - Feb 13 - Lovely surprise is on it's way!

So yesterday was a pretty good day! Work was pretty breezy. The manager wasn't mean to me, I think because I was in such a good mood, everyone was influencing each other to be happy. I was also on time which never happens. I should try to be on time more often. Any way, it was great because it was so warm outside for february, everyone was happy yesterday!

I intend today to be even better! With more interactions with people. And I want a lovely surprise today....We'll see what…


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Season 3 - Day 10 - Feb 12 - 10 things

What do I have to be grateful for in my life.

10 things:

1. My sisters

2. My passions

3. My health

4. My house

5. My friends

6. My comfort

7, My goals

8. My country

9. My body

10. My beauty

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Season 3 - Day 9 - Feb 11 - It's me

I'm feeling really down today. It might be the PMS..But probably not. I think I might just be over worked and tired. I feel like I'm not doing what I REALLY want to do. Why can't I just do what I really want. I seem to have formulated these "unwritten rules" that I HAVE to do certain things. I need to start putting myself first. Not in a selfish way, but in a loving way. If I loved myself, I wouldn't do things that don't feel good right!? 

I just need to take a breath and…


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Season 3 - Day 7 - Feb 9 - Hey it's me

Good morning!

It is snowing like no other mother outside. I actually love the snow because it reminds me of when I was little and running through the snowbanks and almost falling over. The last few days were good. I feel a bit "turned off". I think it has to do with my health. I also feel like I'm working too much and not enough play. But I can turn all that around in a second. What do you think?

Hey there higher self, it's me. Your lower self. I was just…


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Season 3 - Day 5 - Feb 7 - Loving times from today

Today was a pretty good day! Despite my stupid dumb manager who hates my guts!!!

Ok ok I know. Forgiveness. But how can I forgive someone who's bad to the core? Ok ok. I know she's not bad to the core.

I know the reason she is the way she is, is because she isn't happy with her life. She wishes she had a better life and wasn't stuck working everyday. I'm sure the job stresses her out and the only joy she can squeeze out of the day is to make fun of people, even…


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Season 3 - Day 4 - Feb 6 - I dreamed a dream

I woke up today really mad and irritated. I think because of the dream I had. I was taking a shower and random people I knew kept trying to open the shower curtain and steal my towels. Too expose me? Maybe I'm hiding something from people. Why do I feel like I need to hide things from everyone?

I guess it's because I'm afraid they will judge me. If I judge people, then I'm going to expect they are judging me back. When you accept people without judgement it's actually doubly…


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Season 3 - Day 3 - Feb 5 - IDEA!!

Hey everyone! I just had an idea to start a website and hire writers to write content. As a writer myself it's hard to find a job that you really gel with. So why not start my own! Just had to share this idea. Im' going to get started on it right away!

In other news, I've been feeling pretty good. A bit sick this past week, but it's blowing over

I don't have too much to say, I never usually do in the morning. I guess I can say what I intend today to be…


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Season 3 - Day 1 - Feb 3 - Let's do this...again...again

Omy goodness. You guys. I am such a loser. I always start these seasons and I never finish! I want to write a blog at least once every three days. I really really want to do this. I need to do this. Because when I write these blogs it literally changes my life. It's such a release to write down intentions or to write about your day, how you could have changed it or how amazing it was. This is try number 4. Hopefully this time I will make it to day 100.

It's funny, my only…


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