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Sunny Days's Blog – March 2013 Archive (5)

Season 3 - Day 57 - Mar 31

Hey there people. So something insanely difficult has happened to me and I mean, I'm not stressed about it because I know it will turn out in the end. But it's just scary. I'm able to keep a calm state about it though because I've had lots of practice over the years. I'm watching my mom let this tragedy in our family really affect her and she is becoming a victim. She is feeling sorry for herself, like she is the one that is being hurt. It's just non-sensical to me to see that. I feel a bit…


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Season 3 - Day 54 - Mar 28 - Back on the track

Whoa! It's been almost 20 days! What has happened in that time? Well I've been really busy with career stuff. I've also been sticking to my exercise routine and have gotten totally fit! I'm pretty proud of that. I just thought I'd review my goals from day 1:

Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of…


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Season 3 - Day 33 - Mar 7 - how you see things

A lot of the time I don't see things for what they actually are. I use my brain too much and turn an otherwise fine situation into a dramatic one in my head. It's amazing how often we do this. If we are able to observe each situation from a third party's perspective, everything would just be neutral and nothing would be wrong. It's all based on HOW you see something. It's the oldest trick in the book. 

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Season 3 - Day 31 - Mar 5

Good morning! I've been a bit stressed lately. Yesterday I was kinda in a bad mood at work and it made my whole day a bit blah. I made a lot of mistakes and the manager was on me like a fat kid on cake. If I'm in a good mood everyone usually treats me well. If i'm not treating myself well, I can't expect everyone else to. It starts with you and then the people around you just build upon it. Today is going to be a good day, because I'm making that decision. You have the…


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Season 3 - Day 27 - Mar 1 - Thank you

Good morning! I had a pretty good night last night, full of fun and fancy free! I'm not really sure what to write about. I'm mostly just happy today and I hope to keep that going! I have a lot on my plate lately but it seems like I am handling it pretty well. I'm grateful for the friends I've made recently and all of my success in my career. Thank you higher me! You know exactly what I want and I'm always surprised everyday by what you bring to me. Thank you.

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