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Season 1 Day 7 - I manifested the squash!

Two days ago I blogged about how I wanted to manifest a free butternut squash. Well...It worked! In a really round about way. But it technically worked. I went to the grocery store after work and while I was shopping I believed whole heartedly that I would get a free butternut squash. I put one in my basket and continued to shop around. I also picked up a bag of lemons which was $3.99. I went to the checkout and the cashier started ringing through my things. She got to the lemons and the…


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Season 1 Day 5 - Mission: Butternut Squash

I am making it my intention to manifest a free butternut squash. I don't know how I will get it, and I don't know when. I just know that it's on it's way! I just really love butternut squash...


Let's see how long it takes....

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Season 1 Day 3 - What do I have now?

I think I'll do a little gratitude exercise, you always feel better after listing everything you DO have.


What I am grateful for now:


I am grateful to have made so many amazing friends this past year at school. This year was the first time I got to really be myself and had so many people accept me for who I am!


I am grateful to constantly have the opportunity to release my creativity. I'm always being given opportunities to be…


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Season 1 Day 1 - THE VERY FIRST POST!

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to start this for a long time and now today's the day. I've used the law of attraction before and it seems to work for me when I need to think of a new idea or when I need to use my creativity. I'm pretty lucky in that way. I'm now going to use the law of attraction in other areas of my life. Money: I am planning on manifesting 1000$, Health: I am planning on becoming healthy and strong this summer and Love: I'm intending on finding someone perfect for me. I… Continue

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