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Season 3 - day 87 - Rambles

hey everyone! hope you are well. I had a pretty good day. Kinda lazy. But good. I was just thinking about how I let a lot of opportunities pass me by because I am afraid. I judge things and then think about all the ways it could go wrong. So I just don't do it. When I am in the vortex though, I find I am able to take risks and act on my excitement. Not caring about how it will turn out, because I KNOW that it just will turn out ok. So an opportunity will come my way and then I will think of…


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Season 3 - Day 78 - April 21 - You don't need to know

Good morning! I had a GREAT day yesterday. I find when I give up thinking about "how" something will happen. Things just happen so much easily and I'm in the flow. Here's why it works. When you let go of the NEED to know HOW things will happen, which makes you stop worrying, which makes you less stressed and happy, which makes you more likely to CHOOSE the most exciting thing or activity, which gives you the things that align most with your desires. Perfect formula!

I think…


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Season 3 - Day 74 - Let's hear it for the girl

I watched that dove ad campaign that's been circulating Facebook lately. And it really made me think. I now know that  the number one thing that keeps me down is that I don't think I'm pretty enough. And it's something that I catch myself thinking about ALL DAY. And after watching the dove video, I realized that I'm probably not alone in this! It's something ALL girls go through. And some girls have positive feedback from their parents early on that cushion the impact of the media, but…


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Season 3 - Day 65 - April 8 - Pretty!

I've been realizing lately the things that keep me down. The stories that I keep telling myself so my ego can indulge in the despair of it all. As a 20-something female, of course I struggle with my self-image. I always thought I wasn't pretty. It's probably the number one thing that keeps me down. Even if people tell me I'm pretty or whatever, there's a tiny part of me that just doesn't believe them. Even if I act like a believe it, I just don't. And the truth is. I shouldn't care and no…


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Season 3 - Day 64 - Apr 7 - Friends

Good morrow friends! Today is a day filled with work, and parties! Or in other words, a work party! I have made it my intention to attract more invitations and it seems to have worked! It has always been hard for me to make friends. I mean it takes a long long time for me to latch onto someone as my friend. It's kind of ridiculous...I'm trying to teach myself to trust people sooner so I can have more friends!

Grateful for:

My sister



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