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Season 1 Day 39 - Mountains and Valleys


I have to say that I am in a valley right now (as opposed to a mountain) But who's to say that a mountain is any better than a valley? Valley's are green and lush and there are usually little lambs running about. When you're on top of a mountain, you feel like you can rule the world and powerful and like there's nothing that can touch you. When you're in a valley, you think and figure out how to get back up to the top (and play with the lambs ;) 


I feel like I've…


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Season 1 Day 38 - Accepting Others

It took me a couple of years to really understand this law of attraction thing. When I first heard about it it sounded too good to be true. "Just think really hard about something you want and you will get it". So I would do exactly that. I would think and visualize and wish for that thing I wanted, but that only attracted more wishing and thinking. I then read the book "The Power of Now" and started thinking. "Hey! This goes against everything the law of attraction is about! The power of…


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Season 1 Day 33 - Time

I realized something! You can't put a time limit on something because time is a man made invention! Tomorrow, next week, by the end of the month means nothing to the universe because the universe isn't concious of our time. I find that when you put a time frame on something like, "I want 100$ by tomorrow". It MAY happen but when it doesn't you get discouraged and think that this Law of Attraction thing really doesn't work.


I think that if you put a time limit on something you…


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Season 1 still day 30 - Wow!

So I just got home from the party. It was so fun! We went downtown after wards aaaand I met a boy! tehe! It was weird because he seemed like a mirror image of me. He was just so similar to me. You know that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry orders cereal in a restaurant and meets a woman who does the same thing and gets werided out? Haha love that guy. Anyway we talked for a bit, but I had to leave and I didn't get his phone number just his name. But not to worry! Because I am planning on…


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Season 1 Day 30 - I'm so happy today!!


I am having the best day today! It's sunny and bright outside and nice and warm :) I got invited to a barbeque tonight. Thank you universe! (I added a new goal to my list to have a social summer instead of just working every single day...)


I can't wait to be reunited with my friends! It's going to be such a fun reunion!


I'm finding today that I am giving alot of love to people and am getting it right back in even bigger amounts! It's true if you say…


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Season 1 Day 28 - I was born this way

Lady Gaga just came on the radio, you know her new song "born this way"? just as I was about to write this post and it really fits what I'm going to talk about today... Coincidence?


So after adding my goal to meet more like-minded people this summer I recieved two invitations this morning via facebook for two parties! And you guys are commenting like crazy to me. Thank you :) All of your comments are really helping me.


I wanted to talk a little about me. That…


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Season 1 Day 27 - Adding a goal to the list

I want to connect with people! The summer break so far has been pretty anti-social. I enjoy being alone a lot, but this summer I want to connect with people who are similar to me. I was born into a family who are the complete opposite of me and it sometimes makes me think that's how everyone really is. 


Dear Universe:


Please guide me to people who will accept me for who I am and who are on the same wavelength as me


p.s. thank you for everything…


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Season 1 Day 26 - What to do when you hit a road block

I haven't done a blog post in a while because I've been feeling that my journey has been coming to a stand still. But the thing is...that could be all turned around even in this instant. Even while I'm writing this I can choose to have total trust in the universe because I am always supported no matter what! Even if it appears that things aren't moving as quickly as I want them to. This journey is not meant to be all uphill. There will be challenges. I guess that's why it's called the 100…


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Season 1 Day 17 - What's my job?

So the universe is doing all this work for us to make our dreams come true, but what can WE do to speed up our manifestations? I believe that all you have to do is BE YOURSELF. And by be yourself I mean to listen to your heart. (how cheesy is that?) When you are connected to your heart, manifesting is that much easier because you aren't doubtful about your goals because they are truly what you desire and what you are meant to have. I am guilty of judging others which makes me judge others…


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Season 1 Day 14 - Luck

It's funny, whenever something happens to me nowadays I think...why did I attract this...and try to look for some hidden meaning and how it aligns with my values or something. Am I alone in this? ;)

I've always been lucky with certain things in life, I never seem to run out of 1. creative ideas 2. money. Those two things will always be there for me. I'm sure some of you have certain things in life that have always just been there for you. I don't usually worry about money very much.…


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Season 1 Day 13 - It's OK to cry

I find that when I first started off on this soul searching journey I would try my hardest to be happy and judged myself when I wasn't happy. I'm starting to realize that I am not pure source energy. I mean, I'm source energy but as a human. And as humans we express a wide range of emotions, not just happy. Its OK to be angry or sad because those emotions lead to growth. I am HUMAN, and humans feel all sorts of emotions. Just let it happen, cry it out and let it go. It's all about balance!…


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Season 1 Day 10 - OMG it really works!

Today has been such a crazy day. So many manifestations! Some of you know that one of my goals was to manifest 1000$. Well guess what....I got an inheritance cheque today from my great uncle who died about 6 years ago for 8000$. 7000$ bonus! And today is my birthday and one of my presents was a trip to New York City at the end of the month and tickets to my favourite musical of all time! (I always seem to get free tickets to shows...) And I also got hired for a full time job for the summer…


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