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Season 1 Day 66 - Just...believe ;)

You can't just believe part have to believe in it all!


This is just me trying to motive myself and maybe this will motivate you guys too!


How important is it that your life changes?


If it's that important to you, you would think you would get up and take action right?


The universe can't physically pick you up with some kind of levitation magic and get you moving. You have to do that for yourself and what a task that…


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Season 1 Day 63 - Size DOESN"T matter!

Truckin' along! I'm really beginning to manifest things to the minute. Just little things like a treat, a friendly person, a situation I want to happen. Now if only I could take that sureness and belief and put it into manifesting big things like 24,000$!


We seem to think that theres a difference between 1 million dollars and 1 dollar. But to the universe, there isn't! The only reason why big things don't manifest is because we have that underlying feeling that we need more…


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Season 1 Day 60 - Random Rambles

I haven't written here in a while and I kinda felt like writing! I don't really have something specific to talk about, but maybe as I write this I will. I'm just gonna keep writing and just see what comes out. That's the best way to do these blogs right? Uncensored? Haha. Not in an inapropriate way of course. (Lame jokes also happen).


I guess since my last post I've been starting to see the value in negative situations and how quickly they can change if you keep an open mind…


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Season 1 Day 54 - Tests!

So I had a major test on my faith recently and I learned alot from the experience. I think what happens when you start thinking in this new way (that you can manifest what you truly desire) you are given "tests" so you can exercise what you are learning. It seems the universe will give you a circumstance that you have been in before and wants to see if you can approach it in a different way to make it positive. 


I was faced with a situation that really challenged my faith and…


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Season 1 Day 53 - The higher self

I think the whole point of me doing this is to find out the truth about life and why we are here and what we were born to do! I've realized that you can't just live your life "wanting" things because you will never get them that way. And it's not really about wanting or even wishing. Because I don't really "want" anything. The only thing anyone should "want" is to be happy right?


I COULD spend all this time visualizing and writing letters and all that. Or you can…


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Season 1 Day 48 - I AM the universe...? Really?!

Ok so some of you might have seen my last post which included a link to this video series by BASHAR. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet.


I realized so many important things after listening to it and have managed to stay present and aligned with my truth for basically two days straight (that's a big deal for me…


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Season 1 Day 46 - Mind = Blown

Check out this video. It's about the secret and it's sooo insightful. check it out!


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Season 1 Day 45 - A New Idea!

I recently got an idea to audition for a school inToronto and I feel really excited about it. I just feel that it makes so much sense for me and my goals and just what I need to do right now. I was originally going to go to a school way far out in the country, but I've realized that I need to go to school in a big city. The thing is, is that it cost around 8000$ per semester...So Imma need some monay. But that's just fine becasue attracting money is my forte! So here's my…


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Season 1 Day 44 - How to succeed in staying present without really trying

This is sort of a continuation on my last post about living in the NOW. I'm sure a lot of you guys have read the "Power of Now" and "A New Earth". I've read both of these books several times and that was a long time ago..Now that I am starting to put the law of attraction into practice it is helping me realize how important it is to stay present. When you stay present you are opening up to the power instead of wandering around with a million thoughts flying through your head and missing all… Continue

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Season 1 Day 40 - The importance of NOW

Ever since starting this challenge I've been attracting a lot of information. In particular about spirituality and just about why we're here and our role in this interesting time. I started out on this journey with a list of things I wanted because they would make me happy. But I've discovered something. THe more I think about these things, the more I "want" them and the more "wanting" I attract. I can't just wish for these things I have to feel like I already have…


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