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Season 2 - Day 21 - insecurities

I missed 3 days! Wow didn't even realize. I'm so grateful for what happened to me. I am truly on my life path and I know it's true because I'm not afraid. There is no doubts. It's just pure intention and focus and excitement. I am growing so much this Season. I have this new way of thinking thats becoming more and more "normal" for me. Now that most of my days are spent enjoying the moment for what it is and not expecting anything but expecting everything at the same time. I feel like I have…


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Season 2 - Day 18 - miracle of miracles!

Omy god!! I just found out the greatest news!! The play I wrote is going to be mounted in a real theatre! Whoooo! I finally feel like my career is starting. I am so so so so grateful. And I helped make this happen! With the help of the universe of course. 

I love my life right now. I feel like I have such a purpose! And this is EXACTLY what I would want to be doing right now. Its kind of surreal.

Stay in the Vortex for as much as you can. It's the best place to…


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Season 2 - Day 16 - Just plain happy

Today has been a lazy day. But I am grateful to have this time off. I am going to a fancy party tonight and am so excited to see my friends! Things are really rolling with my career. I feel like I am transitioning into a legit person, not just a student whos trying to get their foot in the door. Excited! 

Grateful for:

1. day off

2. bed

3. Party tonight! Wooo

4. Good food

5. More creative…


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Season 2 - Day 15 - Apple!

I find writing in here in the morning helps me set up my day. I intend today to be full of miracles, surprises and gifts. Thats what I ask for from my higher self when I can't think of anything specific. I find it stessful when I make things too specific, although it's a really good test. I have an idea! I'm going to manifest something silly like I did last season, just for fun. Usually a food item...

A free...Apple! 

There's no time limit. It's just gonna…


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Season 2 - Day 14 - Trust it!!

Ah I don't know why I would ever doubt my trust in the universe. Like when I'm truly in it and in vibration with the universe. I'm like "How could I have ever gone back to NOT trusting you!". I think the most important thing for me to remember is that I am supported in everything I do. I'm not alone in this. The universe is there for me always. Growing up I didn't have alot of support from family so it's important I guess to realize that I DO have it.

Even today I was starting…


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Season 2 - Day 13 - My higher self has an iPad

So this is kinda weird to say...but apparently my higher self has an iPad...

I was on my way today to meet my dad for dinner. My dad is a pretty guarded person. A bit judgmental of how I lead my life and not very "emotionally available" if you wanna put it that way.. So anyway. On my way to the restaurant I was talking to my higher self and asked if she could allow my dad to be real with me and happy for once. 

So I asked and of course she said yes because she…


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Season 2 - Day 11 - Faith vs. Action

Hi lovelies! I had a great day today. A lot of conveniently fateful meetings with people who could really help me with my career. 

Something I've been thinking about lately is taking action versus having belief or faith. Is it enough to ONLY have faith and let things come to you? 

Well the thing with that is if you truly have faith in every single moment of the day and you are in that "state" that everything is and will be well. You will not hesitate to act on…


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Season 2 - Day 10

I missed a day! But thats ok cause I'm writing now! I am currently stressed but know that I can get rid of it in a millisecond if I want to. I can decide that everything is well and my ego is just having a hayday with the stress and I really shouldn't feed it. It's gonna get fat.

Just breathe into the stress and realize that your higher self has your back. She's wise and knows everything past, present and future. She has a plan written out that includes the best of the best…


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Season 2 - Day 8 - You are in the basket of the bike

Omy goodness! I'm so grateful. I just saw an amazing show that has made me realize yet more of my past conditioning. This is a real theme isn't it....Today I managed to let my higher self lead me for the majority of the day which gets easier and easier as time goes by. I encourage everyone to try it. Literally let your physical mind take a rest and let the higher mind hold you in a basket. Like imagine your higher self riding a bike and you are in the basket. You are just there for a…


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Season 2 - Still Day 7 - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING

Today was just great. The manager was actually being nice to me! I think it's because I TRUSTED in my higher self. SERIOUSLY you guys. YOU ARE PROTECTED. No matter what. There is another YOU up there in the clouds that knows just what to do and just what to say in every situation. But there's one problem. In order for you to be able to take direction from your higher self. You have to turn off your mind. And let that information come through! Once you decide to trust your higher self to take…


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Season 2 -Day 7 - Steady state of peace

Good morning co-creators! I had a pretty great day yesterday. Filled with laughter most definitely! I have been realizing the benefits of breathing into the moment and sort of meditating as the day goes by. You know that feeling you get right after you come out of meditation? And you feel so connected with everything and you are just so calm. I have been trying to keep in that state for the entire day. It's so hard! But it's a good thing to practice because you will just get better and…


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Season 2 - Day 6 - What to manifest....

What do I want to manifest today...hmmm

1. Laughter

2. Happy interactions

3. People who I connect with

4. Friends who I haven't seen in a long time...let's run into eachother!

Today will be a socially focused day it looks like!

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Season 2 - Day 5 - Stay standing

Everyone of these blog posts could be about the same thing. Since I'm writing on this blog every single day, I am reminding myself every single day to trust in my higher self and keep my mind free and clear. Yes of course there are a lot of times that I go off track as I'm sure many of you do too. But I'm actually AWARE when I react to something in a way that isn't congruent with the 100 day challenge. 

To me the 100 day challenge starts over as each new day begins because you…


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Season 2 - Day 4 - Breathe in and out. Don't stop.

Today was such a great day! I worked all day but it was still a fantastic day. And it's because I really stayed "in the moment" for a lot of the day. I was so calm at work even with all the "stimulae" around me. It was interesting because I was in a very "blank" state all day, meaning I was ready for anything and was also happy with what was happening in the moment. So when I became fearful or nervous about something I was REALLY able to feel it because it was such a contrast to the super…


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Season 2 - Day 3 - Past conditioning...don't you just love it

I had such a great time at the party last night! I even got a little emotional in the bathroom because I was so happy to be surrounded with my favourite kind of people!

Something happened though that I want to talk about. I want to be able to share everything on these blogs. Not just the positive so everyone can learn from my experience. 

At the end of the party one of my friends whom I haven't seen in a long time went in to hug me. I gave him a hug and…


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Season 2 - Still Day 2 - Just feelin' grateful

I just gotta say how grateful I am to be living in this amazing city of Toronto. I just re-organized my apartment and It's exactly the kind of place I would want to be living in (hardwood floors much?) 

I am also incredibly grateful because I am going to a high society theatre party tonight. Well not really, but as high society as Toronto can be. I'm grateful to be invited!

I am ALSO grateful for my friends who actually WANT to hang out with me! I'm not too weird for them…


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Season 2 - Day 2 - Love each minute

This is the first official day I will be handing my trust over to the universe. It's so much easier this time around! Instead of thinking about your goals every single day and "obsessing" over the specifics. Just give yourself one challenge: To trust every single moment as what is meant to be. KNOW that YOU are creating each passing moment (along with your good pal, the universe)

That is my goal for the day. Don't break my focus and love every minute that passes today. Love…


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Season 2 -Day 1 - Let's get back into this

Hello old friends! Looks like I've been led back to this website somehow. I re-read a bunch of my old blog posts and it has motivated me enough to get start another 100 day challenge. I did my first challenge almost exactly 1 year ago today and now I'm ready for a new one. (I started a 2nd season but didn't get to the end for some reason). But that's ok! Because I feel like I've changed a lot since my last challenge and I can't wait to see what will happen this time around!



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