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Season 1 Day 92 - wanting

Is better to create specific intentions or just live happy in general and thus attract more happiness.?


I'm finding as I'm trucking along on this journey I'm less and less "attracted" to creating lists of what I want. I actually find that making a specific goal is stressful for me because when it doesn't pan out, I feel doubtful if it ever will. 


It feels really good to let go of all the "things" I want or the "experiences" I want to happen. Because I already…


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Season 1 Day 91 - Making decisions

I'm almost at a point where I will need to make a decision...To go to school, or to not go to school.


When I think about not going to school I get excited because I would be free and not as fearful as one would expect to be...So that's a good sign...


But going to school means I would be growing as a person...and I love the idea of that...


What are your methods for making a decision when both options sound so goood! ?

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Season 1 Day 88 - affirmations



Everything I need will always be provided for me


I'm always safe. There is never any need to worry


My higher self always knows what's best for me


It's on it's way!


Don't worry HOW something will happen, just KNOW that it will


Trust your higher self knows how to get there


You are never meant to suffer to get what you is not necessary




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Season 1 Day 87 - Simple life

Hello everyone! 


I feel like the days are moving so fast lately. Im feeling pretty good today! I've had a lot of free time to relax which is nice. And it's so awesome my sister and I recently launched an e- cookbook recently and we already made 50$ from it! It's such a great way to make some extra money. 


It's so beautiful and hot outside. I don't even care that it's like 40 F. I would take that over winter any day. 


Just sending you all my…


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Season 1 Day 86 - physical vs. spiritual

Writing in here everyday is really valuable because it helps me remember everything I've learned these past 86 days. It's funny how we become too "busy" to be happy. It's such a weird idea. Its something we have to work with though, because we ARE in physical bodies, so we must be experiencing this physical plane for a reason. 


And I think it's because we NEED our physical bodies to act out what our higher "spiritual" self is trying to tell us and thats how we connect to each…


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Season 1 Day 85 - shhhh

I'm writing again as promised! To myself mostly (lol) I read a post by David Allen who I am a big fan of! Check out his last post, it's mind boggling! Any way, he said something really interesting...That we should not TELL people what we want to manifest, and I couldn't agree more. I find it to be alot more relaxing when you keep it to yourself and walk around with this little secret. Instead of telling people about what will happen and then let them make you lose faith in yourself because…


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Season 1 Day 84 - Does positive exist without the negative?

I'm going to write every day until day 100. I just find I feel better when I unload my thoughts and actually end up teaching myself alot. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster...Lots of ups and downs...And everyone is on this search for the everlasting up. Is that even possible? Because then yiou get into polarity and whether positive can exist without the negative. Does any have an answer to this query?


Or maybe everything is neutral...Because an experience that's positive for…


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Season 1 Day 83 - Wagon talk

Hello everyone! I haven't written in here in sooo long! I'm just going to be honest here, I kind of fell off the wagon...I keep trying to get back on but it hasn't been too successful.


It's crazy how much better my life is when I live in the vortex and am present. It takes just a couple seconds of concentration and presto, you're there. 


For the last two weeks I haven't been able to live in the "vortex" because I've been so busy! How weird does that…


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Season 1 Day 76 - Keepin' it moving!

It's funny cause I've been feeling really distracted this past week since I started a new job. I know that I shouldn't be distracted from my usual gratitude and meditation etc...


What am I grateful for today?


-Food in the fridge

-To see an amazing show

-Aloe vera gel

-My sisters


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