The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Season 2 - Day 37 - Step into your wish

OK...has anyone ever had a moment where they actually can't figure out if this is real life...

I was just talking on the phone with a broadway choreographer! Is this real life! I have a connection to that world! :) Which I will soon be apart of...

There is a part of me that enjoys the time spent wishing and waiting for things. But when you start manifesting stuff...You just don't have time to wish for things anymore. And it's kind of hard to let that life go because…


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Season 2 - Day 29 - Day by Day

I am able to control my life now! And it's awesome. Nothing has really gone wrong lately...Or maybe it has and I just haven't noticed it as being bad because I am in this new mind set that whatever happens is for the best and everything is well in the end. 

I think the best way to achieve this is through the interaction with other humans. To get in this state. When you are in touch with the universe and you are trusting it. Everyone you come into contact with receives that…


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Season 2 - Day 23 - Ranting

I am so jazzed on life right now! I feel like my career is moving so fast. Actually everything is! I'm achieving my health goals. I'm getting toned and strong just like I wanted. Things are just happening fast because I'm not "chasing" them anymore. I'm just saying "ok, you can come in now if you want, or whenever really" I'm ready and I'm here to recieve.

Walk around everyday remembering that! 

The rules are:

1. You are protected in every moments…


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