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Sunny Days's Blog – September 2013 Archive (3)

Season 4 - Day 16 - Sept 27 - Play!

Shalom and Aloha! I had an interesting night and I don't feel particularly "good" today because of it. Yes I am hungover, more than I've ever been. Aaaand I got into a car accident last night. No one got hurt. But I'm kind of shaken by it. I got into the car of a drunk person. Not even checking to make sure they are even able to drive. Anything can happen in an instant and change your life forever. I mean, nothing happened, but it could have. This makes me think about how lucky I am to be…


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Season 4 - Day 13 - Sept 24 - Make room for the good

Good evening! So I have attracted something pretty amazing into my life. I can't talk about it in public, but it will bring lots of money and abundance to me! Looks like I'll be going to New York sooner than I thought!!

I'm really trying to take action on my goals and really make them happen, while living in the pocket of trust at every second I can. Sometimes it's hard. It's hard to stay focused and keep your mind centered. I'm apart of something that keeps me in check and…


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Season 4 - Day 1 - Sept 11 - Whoa it's Sept 11

Whoa, I didn't even realize it's september 11th. And is it the 11th anniversary? Weird. So so weird. I currently have a bunch of job interviews lined up and am excited to see what happens! I am looking for a full time job so I can make money do I can go to New York. That is the plan. But I also want to grow and be happy and feel good every second of the day! That's another side of my goals. 

I love doing these Seasons because it helps me along my path of life so to speak. It…


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