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Day 24 - I deserve real love???

I feel like the more I write in here, the more "on track" I feel. It's sort of nice to be able to "check in" with this other world of mine that I have.


I've been thinking about these past few days all about my past and how that has shaped who I am and how I think and why I think the things I do. I realized that my parents loved me "conditionally" not "unconditionally" and that's why I feel I don't deserve love or abundance. 


My parents would do something nice…


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Day 20 - Emergency! Everyone read this post! I made a huge discovery!!

I just discovered THE answer to clear away blocks and to raise your vibration so you're open to receiving! I started doing it about 3 days ago and I instantly manifested the job I've been wanting for the last three months as well as other events/people that line up with my desires. Watch the video please! you won't be sorry!!


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Day 15 - Give your brain a rest!

What should I focus on today? Maybe the fact that I am safe. The universe will always take good care of you if you let it.


So I'm currently unemployed but I just know that I will be getting a job soon and I can make it come faster and easier if I let go of trying to control what happens and just go with the flow. That's when the best things happen. Wouldn't you agree.


So here's a challenge for the day. See what happens when you go with the flow and give your…


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Day 12 - Paddling up stream

I heard a quote today when I was listening to Abraham-hicks. She (or he) said that what so many people do is paddle their canoe AGAINST the current instead of going WITH the flow.


It's as easy as turning your canoe around. It only takes a couple strokes. 

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Day 11 - Happy attracts happy

I've been reminding myself several times a day that I am supported and I feel such a weight being lifted off. 


The idea of this challenge is to learn. If you let go of the hope and want that by the end of it you're going to have everything you asked for then it's not going to happen because putting a time limit on your manifestations doesn't work. You r higher self doesn't work in time limits. 


Just live each day with the knowingness that everything is going…


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Day 10 - I am so supported!

Great day today! I went to the theatre = my favourite place in the world! Got a free ticket, hung out with the cast afterward. And I believe this happened because I remembered I am supported! 


I can't explain this enough. You have all the support you could ever need from the universe or your higher self. All you need to do is ALLOW it to come into your life. It WANTS to help you, but you are the one standing in it's way.


You have everything you need exactly…


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Day 9 - I am SUPPORTED!

I keep forgetting this key and it's so so crucial. I AM SUPPORTED! I should almost get that tatooed to my arm because I keep forgetting it and it's probably the most important thing to remember. 


If you picture yourself in two separate parts; your physical self (mind) and you higher self (spirit), your physical self has limitations being physical and all, but your higher self has unlimited possibilities because you are a spirit and can go anywhere and do…


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Day 8 - Stop thinking!

I've been working hard just "letting" things manifest. Actually, I shouldn't be working hard...I should just BE! It's such a dither.


I find that things come easiest to me when I stop thinking. I'm definitely one to "over think" things.


I was walking down the street today and was just not feeling good I was feeling impatient and my mind was racing a million miles a minute. I stopped and immediately thought what would happen if I ACCEPT this moment as it is.…


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Day 5 - Expecting miracles!

So for 11/11/11 I did a 1/2 hour meditation and it feels so good! I feel so clear and ready for the day. 


I stumbled upon this video about expecting miracles that really spoke to me.


When you want to manifest something you can block it by keeping it your…


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Day 4 - Giving away fear + amazing meditation video

So didn't get the job offer I was hoping for but that just means something even better is in store for me. 


I was watching a video today about letting go of what your family has suffered and realize that it isn't a part of you. This idea of "revealing" your fears to the universe or to the "light" is new for me but has been very helpful. 


I discovered that my default energy is usually a little negative. It's just not in my personality to be happy all the time.…


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Manifestation tips

Today was a very interesting day filled with manifestations! 3 different acquaintances came to my workplace and it really brightened my day. Don't you love it when you run into a friend or someone you know. It's like a little piece of your real life is mixing with your work life.


It's funny because yesterday I got this idea while I was working "It would be really cool if one of my friends just stopped by." (Notice how I didn't say TODAY? Don't put a time limit on things, that…


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Tell it to the (universe) judge!

So I had a pretty great day today! Despite living in a big city, I tried my hardest to let my positivity shine outwards and not let everyone else's negative energy bung me down. It's funny before I moved here I never really believed how fast paced it really is living in a big city, but it's true! It's a challenge to combat all the stresses that come at you every second.


It was a gorgeous day today, definetely not November weather. We haven't even seen snow yet which is…


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Here's to a New Life

Hi! It's been a while eh? I "started" my new season but then totally forgot about it when I started my job which is very stressful and pretty much took over my life, so I quit and am now in limbo between quitting and finding another job (weird feeling). 


It's so funny, when I started my last season I kind of felt like I was in another dimension. Like I shifted into a different world view. I was just generally happier, healthier and calmer and things just worked out for…


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