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Season 4 - Day 8 - Nov 30 - Through the gate

It's the last day of November! Everyone get ready for crazy shopping days ahead...I'm really looking forward to the holidays just to see my family. I feel like I haven't seen them in so long and there's nothing like the holidays to bring people together. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. I was kind of subdued at work, but towards the end of the day my energy picked up and I got more peppy and happy. On my way home I was stopped by this guy on the street and we just started talking…


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Season 4 - Day 6 - Nov 28

Weird! I missed a day and didn't even know....? Today I have an interview and I'm going to let my higher self guide me, I want it to be easy, casual and fun. I want to be personable and like-able. And I will be! Thank you!

I'm realizing how important it is to start off the day on the right foot. It's easier because you are waking up on your own and there is silence and you are able to focus. It gives you a perfect opportunity to get UP there. And you are more likely to stay UP…


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Season 4 - Day 4 - Nov 26 - It's ok

Good morning friends! Let me ask myself something...what do I want today. I wish for lovely interactions with EVERYONE I meet. I wish for an easy, stress free day at work. And I wish for pleasant surprises to come my way. The second I walk out the door is when I get on the trust train! All aboard!...or me...aboard. Trust that you are being guided to the best places and to the best people and things. It is not your job to anticipate anything. Know that you are being protected at every moment.…


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Season 3 - Day 3 - Nov 25 - All aboard the Trust Train

Good evening! Wow today was a very lazy day. I slept in on a Monday, imagine that! I've been working a lot so it was needed. Yesterday was a pretty good day...I mean, I worked ACTUALLY all day. The first half was ok, I had a chance to reset myself before I went to my other job and that always really helps. I find I really need time alone to figure out what's up in my mind, how I'm feeling etc because there are so many distractions in day to day life that will put your mind in a negative…


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Season 4 - Day 2 - Nov 24 - Told you! Not a fake out

Ok, So yes. Today was a GREAT day. And you know why? Because I asked for it to be. When I woke up in the morning, I decided life was good. I made sure I didn't fall into the trap of my reoccurring thoughts of. "You aren't enough." I kept myself in a neutral state. Open to whatever is going to come my way. I had a great day at work, I actually didn't even mind talking to the customers. I was cheerful the whole day! Some things that happened today that I am grateful for. I even gave 20$ to a…


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Season 4 - Day 1 - Nov 23 - Fake out surprise!

I know I know, I already started my 4th season, but then I stopped like I always do. It's a fake out! And it's fine cause I'm restarting my season and absolutely committing to writing in here everyday. Cause why not! It's a great way to start the day. And you feel like you've cleared out your brain after writing a post. I have a bunch of things I would like to manifest.

-To dance a lot

-To find love!!!

-Blonde hair

-To be super fit and TONED

-To get…


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Season 4 - Day 21 - Oct 2 - Cowabunga!

Let go and enter the flow. RIDE the wave. It's carrying you. It WANTS to carry you. But it's YOUR choice to jump on it, let it sweep you up and ride effortlessly through the current, or you choose the hard way and doggy paddle in the water. Just jump on. You aren't supposed to know how things turn out, so stop trying to control the end result of things. Just know you want to do it, and let it happen. Let the universe figure it out. Because that is it's JOB. Your job is to be the human…


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Season 4 - Day 16 - Sept 27 - Play!

Shalom and Aloha! I had an interesting night and I don't feel particularly "good" today because of it. Yes I am hungover, more than I've ever been. Aaaand I got into a car accident last night. No one got hurt. But I'm kind of shaken by it. I got into the car of a drunk person. Not even checking to make sure they are even able to drive. Anything can happen in an instant and change your life forever. I mean, nothing happened, but it could have. This makes me think about how lucky I am to be…


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Season 4 - Day 13 - Sept 24 - Make room for the good

Good evening! So I have attracted something pretty amazing into my life. I can't talk about it in public, but it will bring lots of money and abundance to me! Looks like I'll be going to New York sooner than I thought!!

I'm really trying to take action on my goals and really make them happen, while living in the pocket of trust at every second I can. Sometimes it's hard. It's hard to stay focused and keep your mind centered. I'm apart of something that keeps me in check and…


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Season 4 - Day 1 - Sept 11 - Whoa it's Sept 11

Whoa, I didn't even realize it's september 11th. And is it the 11th anniversary? Weird. So so weird. I currently have a bunch of job interviews lined up and am excited to see what happens! I am looking for a full time job so I can make money do I can go to New York. That is the plan. But I also want to grow and be happy and feel good every second of the day! That's another side of my goals. 

I love doing these Seasons because it helps me along my path of life so to speak. It…


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Season 3 - is finished! The results..

Hey there people of the web space, so my season is done, it was actually done awhile ago...but I'm here to tell you what happened! Here are my actual goals (the ones I actually wrote on the first day):

What I am intending to happen: Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of my…


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Season 3 - Day 88 - Negative body image go bye bye

Today is soooo nice out. I am really struggling with this negative body image thing. Why is it always there. Doesn anyone have ideas to clear away the bad thoughts about myself? It's funny because it actually fluctuates. One second I will feel confident and the next I will feel so low depending on what happens around me and what people say. Or what I create in my mind...I guess I should just focus on what I do like about myself and that's all I will really notice. I had the goal of being…


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Season 3 - day 87 - Rambles

hey everyone! hope you are well. I had a pretty good day. Kinda lazy. But good. I was just thinking about how I let a lot of opportunities pass me by because I am afraid. I judge things and then think about all the ways it could go wrong. So I just don't do it. When I am in the vortex though, I find I am able to take risks and act on my excitement. Not caring about how it will turn out, because I KNOW that it just will turn out ok. So an opportunity will come my way and then I will think of…


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Season 3 - Day 78 - April 21 - You don't need to know

Good morning! I had a GREAT day yesterday. I find when I give up thinking about "how" something will happen. Things just happen so much easily and I'm in the flow. Here's why it works. When you let go of the NEED to know HOW things will happen, which makes you stop worrying, which makes you less stressed and happy, which makes you more likely to CHOOSE the most exciting thing or activity, which gives you the things that align most with your desires. Perfect formula!

I think…


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Season 3 - Day 74 - Let's hear it for the girl

I watched that dove ad campaign that's been circulating Facebook lately. And it really made me think. I now know that  the number one thing that keeps me down is that I don't think I'm pretty enough. And it's something that I catch myself thinking about ALL DAY. And after watching the dove video, I realized that I'm probably not alone in this! It's something ALL girls go through. And some girls have positive feedback from their parents early on that cushion the impact of the media, but…


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Season 3 - Day 65 - April 8 - Pretty!

I've been realizing lately the things that keep me down. The stories that I keep telling myself so my ego can indulge in the despair of it all. As a 20-something female, of course I struggle with my self-image. I always thought I wasn't pretty. It's probably the number one thing that keeps me down. Even if people tell me I'm pretty or whatever, there's a tiny part of me that just doesn't believe them. Even if I act like a believe it, I just don't. And the truth is. I shouldn't care and no…


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Season 3 - Day 64 - Apr 7 - Friends

Good morrow friends! Today is a day filled with work, and parties! Or in other words, a work party! I have made it my intention to attract more invitations and it seems to have worked! It has always been hard for me to make friends. I mean it takes a long long time for me to latch onto someone as my friend. It's kind of ridiculous...I'm trying to teach myself to trust people sooner so I can have more friends!

Grateful for:

My sister



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Season 3 - Day 57 - Mar 31

Hey there people. So something insanely difficult has happened to me and I mean, I'm not stressed about it because I know it will turn out in the end. But it's just scary. I'm able to keep a calm state about it though because I've had lots of practice over the years. I'm watching my mom let this tragedy in our family really affect her and she is becoming a victim. She is feeling sorry for herself, like she is the one that is being hurt. It's just non-sensical to me to see that. I feel a bit…


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Season 3 - Day 54 - Mar 28 - Back on the track

Whoa! It's been almost 20 days! What has happened in that time? Well I've been really busy with career stuff. I've also been sticking to my exercise routine and have gotten totally fit! I'm pretty proud of that. I just thought I'd review my goals from day 1:

Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of…


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Season 3 - Day 33 - Mar 7 - how you see things

A lot of the time I don't see things for what they actually are. I use my brain too much and turn an otherwise fine situation into a dramatic one in my head. It's amazing how often we do this. If we are able to observe each situation from a third party's perspective, everything would just be neutral and nothing would be wrong. It's all based on HOW you see something. It's the oldest trick in the book. 

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