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Great finacial book

One of the best books I have read on finances is The Riches Man in Babylon. Whenever I go by the practices in the book I never have money issues. When I don't it's like"where did all my money go?". It's is always nice to know you have money put aside for bills and money in savings. You feel better about yourself and more confident in every thing you do. I am making sure I stick to this practice. Choose Love, Jeannie

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Let go

I had an awesome day yesterday, lots of good things happen. To keep with living in the now today I am picking out someone that has hurt me very badly. Then I am not just going to forgive them but forget everything they had done to me and send them love today. Because it is what we remember and keep holding on to that holds us back. So today release and let go. Choose love, Jeannie

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Today is a new start, a new beginning. The past is gone and all we have is the present. This will be a new journey to enjoy right now. When you are able to do this, you can feel the oneness, the peac…

Today is a new start, a new beginning. The past is gone and all we have is the present. This will be a new journey to enjoy right now. When you are able to do this, you can feel the oneness, the peace. That is how I am starting this season. Choose love, Jeannie Continue

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self love

I woke up the other morning and something clicked in me. I have been doing the 100 day challenges for some time now and exploring who I am and what I want out of life. Now I feel I am on a new level and have had an amazing breakthrough on self love. I don't need some one now to complete me because I am complete. I just feel joy and wonderful to be me. It is very peaceful and relaxing. I am not anxious anymore. I hope this continues because I am loving it. Blessed be, Jeannie

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Today is the day to create

Today is a day to create. Push aside all that you know and start a new. Look around and see what you can change that will inspire you to what you really want in your life. It could be something as simple as changing your hair, moving the furniture around, or changing something in your daily routine.That little bit of change can make a difference and get you that much closer to the life you want to manifest. So do something to inspire yourself today. Have a great day!

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I had been a single mom for 11 years. My ex-husband left me for another woman. He didn't want anything to do with his kids or with me. He completely abandon us, leaving me homeless with two kids. I struggle to make it and I did. He came back wanting custody of the kids. He had moved around a lot and is on his third marriage. We were in court for a couple of years. He was very mean about everything and turned my boys against me. The court decided to grant him custody because the kids need a male… Continue

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Realizing I am a pack rat, oh no!

One of my goals is throwing away or giving away something each day. I was off yesterday so my boyfriend came over to help me clean and reorganize the kitchen. We spent three hours solid and still are not done. We threw away three huge trash bags. I never thought of myself as a pack rat, but I am. That is changing right now. I had so much useless stuff. It felt wonderful to throw those things away and now I want to do more. Blessed Be, Jeannie

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I am free

Because of some things happening in my life I have to move to a smaller place. So I decided that I will either throw or give away something everyday for the next 100 days. This does include things I would not normally give away. But I need to release these these things in order to move forward in my life. Then I will be left with what is only me and not what everyone else thinks I should be. This will help me realize who I am and release all those layers surrounding me from previous abuse. I… Continue

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Life ripped to pieces

I started thinking what goals I want to have for the next 100 days, nothing came. I have had some bad things happen in my life and almost feel empty. It is hard to put your life back together after it has been ripped to pieces and you don't recognize it anymore. So you have to go back to the basics: who am I? what is it that I want out of life? what is my life's purpose?. Then I realize those are my goals - to find the answers to those questions. So I will be taking a journey these next 100… Continue

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The end of season # 2

These were my goals this season : Triple my income, workout, pay on all my debt and pay off my medical debt, go to visit my aunt for a week, meditate an hour a day, grow my hair long, buy a new wardrobe, buy a new tv, make lots of new friends, and to go beyond my comfort zone.

So lets see how I did. I did not triple my income but I do have an idea of a home business. I paid on some of the medical bills but I still have a lot. I didn't visit my aunt but I do have an idea of a road trip. I… Continue

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Help with diet

I had been a vegetarian for two years, It definitely improved my health but I started having a problem. My blood started thinning and I was bleeding very easily, so I started eating meat. Well I am having health issues from eating meat. Does anyone have a suggestion on staying vegetarian but keep my blood from thinning. Oh, and yes when I started eating meat again my blood did thicken up but I get sick all the time.I appreciate any help. Thank you, Jeannie

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Since I am near the end of this season I decided to look back at my goals. A lot has happen, good and bad, it has changed how I view myself and my life. Some of my goals I have accomplished. The ones I haven't I have received information on how to achieve those. Because of some things that have happen this season I have a new direction in my life, a very positive one. Even when bad stuff happens you have to go on and make something good out of it. I can't wait till next season because it will… Continue

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Myself again

I haven't blog in awhile. I had some very bad news that hit me hard. But since I used everything I learned from the 100 day challenge I am getting over it sooner and in a better way. I also realized that I wasn't being myself. I had hid me( who I truly am) to please everyone else. So because of all the bad stuff happening I was able to find myself again and allow me to be me.Now I am on a different path with my life. I am where I am suppose to be. blessed be, Jeannie

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I was hurt really bad from people who are close to me. I always had learn it's best to forgive and move on. But what these people had done was beyond what I could forgive. So I have gone months hating them wanting revenge. But I realize that is not the way to go and it was hurting me. Last night I forgave them and prayed for them. It was the best thing I have done lately. It felt wonderful to let go of all that negativity. If you have a situation like that in your life please do what I did, you… Continue

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what happens sometimes when you think about things

A couple years ago I kept thinking I wanted a new car that was paid off. My car at that time was costing too much and kept having problems with it. I thought how nice it would be to have a car like my moms that is a nice car and paid off. well then I was in a car accident which total my car. Everyone was okay, just a little bruised and shaken up(my kids were in the car with me). The next day my mom gave me her car and bought a new one and I received money back from my car since it was worth… Continue

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manifest and support

The other day I realized that I had been physically working toward my goals and forgot this wonderful law of attraction. So I started manifesting my goals yesterday and I will continue with this everyday. I already feel better knowing the universe is helping to achieve these goals, and I do know they will happen now as I have complete faith in this. My vibration level has changed and people do notice a change in me. on another note I would like to say how grateful I am for the family members… Continue

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weight loss day 10 season2

I have loss four pounds so far. My goal is nine pounds. I have been working out and eating healthy (vegan diet). I am also trying to wake up every morning to a positive mood, ready to have a great and wonderful day. Of course that is after my coffee and I am fully awake. Then I do my meditations, figure out what I'm doing that day, and plan my day out on how it is going to manifest in a positive way. This is fun going over the day. It gets me eager to start the day and have all these wonderful… Continue

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making choices and standing up for myself

I have always been a pushover and have many people around me to take advantage of it. I now am learning to say no without feeling guilty. The people around me are surprise they can't get their way with me any more. I now feel free to be myself and this has made a positive change in me. I am doing better at work, being positive and outgoing, doing more around the house and with my kids, and I wake up every morning knowing today is going to be a great day. My haircut times has always been an… Continue

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Day 3 season 2 making clear goals

I have learned a lot from Ester and Jerry Hicks. You can't go from a to z overnight. I had 2 goals from last season that did not manifest. Where I work you have to do 15 min. haircuts ( I'm a hairdresser) and I do 20 min. haircuts. My job is in jeopardy because of this. My goal was to do 10 min. haircuts - my haircut times became worse. This season my goal is 15 min. haircuts and I am doing 17 min. haircuts and did have a day of doing 15 min haircuts. My other goal was losing 20 pounds - I… Continue

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One of my goals is to workout. So I joined a zumba class and had a blast, it was so much fun. I am also meeting new people and making friends. My son went with me also and we had a great time together. This is one of the things I would not do before because it is out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I did this!

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