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I found out that in homeopathy- they believe that the body's response is the correct response and gives treatment to the body that often mimic the symptom. I thought about that and that is so interesting! They believe that the body is always trying to go back to balance so they help the body to do so.

I thought about that as I sit here tired. I want to fight the feelings- but the fact is I have been going and going and going all day long- from the moment that i woke up at 6:40… Continue

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I am seeing

That no circumstances can stop me from achieving my dreams. And that is a pretty remarkable perspective.

my mind goes to: what if you have children in the future, what if you lose your job ect ect...all of these are dismissed and my mind keeps going back to "i can do it" I can do it"

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I am starting to believe my dreams can come true

So I am sitting here listening to Joss Stone's new song called "free" and a line in the song says "unlock you dreams" and as I am sitting here thinking of my dreams- different limitations come up into my mind reasoning why I cannot do it. And finally when i heard that line I was like YES I CAN. Omg I actually can. A little glimpse of sun came pearing into my valley- like one ray. But that one ray is good enough. Just that one spark has sparked my fire within. What I was debating was getting a… Continue

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After seeing Capitalism: A love Story

got me thinking of the point of life, vs what we are consitioned for. Dare I say that? Well from the companies perspective obviously we are peasants, we are slaves. They are the big corporation owners and they have invaded the world- told us the hours we are to work- the wages that we are to get paid and the rules we are to follow- someone that decided they were above us- that created a company decided that, and we agreeed.We agreed to a select few having more money than the 95% of the… Continue

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Gosh it's been a while!

So much has been happening. Its funny, you know when you are goin gthrough life in the moment you don't really know why things are happening- especially the so called "problems" you want life to go one way but it bends another direction that you didn't expect and you call it wrong but it's only our perception in the moment. Realistically I can see now that the universe is for us, everything happens for a reason and everything is for our good- even if we think it is a problem at the time. Its… Continue

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Paryer vs. Affirmation

I had a huge Aha! moment when watching an interview with michael beckwith. The interviewer said what if a person is doing an affirmative prayer and they are praying that they have alot of money. Yet they see a pile of bills stacked upLike I was saying....he responded to that question by saying that that is not a prayer, that is an affirmation. A prayer would sound something like they are now open to the flow of abundance. the law of abundance is always here- so when we open ouselves with it we… Continue

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What quality would I need to birth for peace of mind if this particular experience does not change? In other words, if you remained stuck in this difficult situation, what internal quality would al…

What quality would I need to birth for peace of mind if this particular experience does not change?

In other words, if you remained stuck in this difficult situation, what internal quality would allow me to move on with my life?

By earnestly asking this question,the universe will provide feedback about a particular quality that is trying to emerge through me, perhaps love,compassion,or creativity. You act as a spiritual mid-wife for a quality that was latent,… Continue

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How I see Meditation and Affirmative Prayer at this point! I just started PLEASE feel free to comment!!

Ok so i was feeling stressed today and started looking at everything available from anthony robbins seeking out what i am to buy next within his program- Then I thought- just go within. So I mediated- for the first 15 mins. my mind was racing thoughts here thoughts there then after that- I found a energy throughout my body- a peacful yet vibrant energy filled in my being past my mind chatter- this place is beautiful- this place is the true me- my eternal spirit. I know it I feel it. I feel so… Continue

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Thoughts/ love and fear.

Recenlty today I have been looking at postings about TJ and kidnappings, violence, drug wars things like that to see how safe it really is to get an idea of what I am really getting into. Sooooo I found most articles disturbing and a few testomonials on youtube from the ministries and a random person pretty comforting. Enough? eh I don't know. but I am learning something from this experience. I can feel myself going into fear at my core and not love. So I mediated for about 30 minutes finding… Continue

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BLOG- 5/14/09 12:48

So in the Anthony Robbins book Most of our beliefs are generalizations about our past, based on our interpretations of painful or pleasurable experiences

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BLOG- 5/14/09 10:34

Soooooo I paryed today using the Anthony Robbins 15 minutes to graditude method- As i focused on something like it was already here- all i could think of is saying thank you for: connecting with the joy, love, happiness, fun, energy within.. having free flowing articulate communication, connection with my life force, knowing- feeling I am living my true path- "passion expression"-self care- boundries.

Then when i opened my eyes- i felt that was too abstract.

What would… Continue

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I was on my way to work today and dreading the day- of minotinous tasks to do none of which are of my liking. Then i thought of the fact that i can be joyful and greatful for my souls evolution and think about the day differently- waking up for my souls evolution if you will, to discover more of the god within and see what is going to happen today spiritually- living through god and gods plan. As I started stocking at my job i started to get bored then i though "this is not all there is" or… Continue

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Changes Keep on Coming- extension of Michael Beckwith (last blog)------

So I definitely feel a change within me- a feeling centered in god- i know that god is in me- and when i feel bad I am denying the god in me and through my thoughts affirming the negative. cannot have both at once. So when i feel bad I know the thoughts that i am thinking are accepting a bad feeling- therefore blocking the good. So that is not the truth of me- and it hurts to feels this way- so I am going to stop blocking my good (which is what hurts!) and accept my good here and now as a… Continue

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Rejecting and accepting-Michael beckwith conference call 5/05/09

I was on a conference call with michael beckwith on tues. night and this woman asked a question about her right leg hurting and her friend responding that "it's just againg" and michael immediatley said there's the belief. You do not have to accept it. you don't have to accept disease, aging anything that conflicts with your divine right call on as a lie. I didn't think much of it, until today. i was being nervous about covering reception at my job when- i realized this isn't me. The small me-… Continue

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I was praying and went through the steps of prayer- I had a hard time wording it- and then, I started describing the pictures and visualiztions that were coming to me that I was seeing in front of me…

I was praying and went through the steps of prayer- I had a hard time wording it- and then, I started describing the pictures and visualiztions that were coming to me that I was seeing in front of me. Like Connie had described. Then I say the world- everything and everyone going on through it, around it all different events with one energy throughout. i saw my body in my purest form- energy- pictures kept coming and coming. Then I had a spiritual truth emphipany. I saw that when I talk to… Continue

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SO SICK!!!!!

I am being torn up inside my anger is exploding within. As I ride my bike i see I feel that no one cares. I have been taken advantage of by James am continually not listened to by Monica she doesn't even call me on my own birthday to wish me well. I am there for Shawna when she won't return the favor. I am sick of it. I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of mistreated not cared for. I am caring for myself now. Losing weight? Can I? Yes I CAN! That is the least i can do. the reality is… Continue

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I am a plug and when i meditate I gets powered up by the force of the universe (god) if not I will look around for something on this material world to fill me up.

Fill up on god

Fill yourself up and then give to the world- people, family of that fufillment!

Take it upon yourself to fill yourself- let thy food fill you, god fill you. Responsibilty for ways to fill self then can give of thy self.

Get plugged in and powered up.

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Update daily log

I am starting to feel like it is hesitant and not all the time, but I can relax my face a little more, not have it tensing every second , if I focus and do the work inside. It also feels like I gained a little tiny incy wincy piece of peace within. It feel like every little thing is well worked for. One has to work for every little piece of progress way more than I would expect. Thank you for these things.

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SA beliefs Tape 6: a glimpse of freedom

So I am learning that what i am telling myself is going to happen may not happen. I am learning to talk myself through my beliefs. Here is an example:

I get anxious to go to the bathroom.

Use thought stoppage: then ask why i am axious:

I believe that people are going to kill me, that it is extremly painful

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