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In the Vortex at Sting concert

Yesterday I was in the Vortex for hours on a row at the concert from Sting with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Goosebumps, goosebumps and more goosebumps :-)

On the way over there I stated to my boyfriend that I wanted to manifest him singing 'Dessert Rose' because that is my favourite Sting-song.

And guess what??



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Getting rid of the little demon on my shoulder......


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Happy Day


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A time comes in your life when you finally get it...when in the midst of all

your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice

inside your head cries out - ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or

struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind



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S4-D9 I’m grateful for having spent another day in this paradise called ‘my life’.

I haven’t written a blog for the last two days because I’ve spent two entire evenings trying to delete a computer virus from my daughter’s computer, without success I’m afraid. So I’m letting go and let the universe take care of the solution.…


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S4-D6 It is my desire that I become one who is happy with that which I am and with that which I have—while at the same time being eager for more.

I am happy with my boyfriend whom I love dearly and I know he loves me very much too.

I am…


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S4 - D5 Daily intentions

My intentions for today: today I am going to visit my mother who lives 200 kilometers away. I intend to have a save drive back and forth with lots of good music and fun conversations in the car with my boyfriend and daughter. When at my mothers place I intend to have it be a good family meeting filled with love and…


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S4-D4. The word attraction ends with action (and update)

I started the morning reading in other peoples blogs and I was struck by the amount of revelations people have had throughout yesterday, there where so many powerful and inspiring blogs. There must have been something in the air yesterday…


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Segment intending (and how it worked out)

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful…


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If you change your energy, you change your reality

Today, while I was out walking my dog, I contemplated that I have been a bit bitchy lately toward my boyfriend, not at all expressing the language of…


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I'm back, ready to take the next step!

Hey Guys, remember me? I've been on a LoA-sabbatical for a while but now I'm back.I have gathered an abundance of information on the Law of Attraction in the last couple of years, but somehow I am still not really 'living it'.

Even though I was able to manifest astonishing things in my life - undoubtedly though the workings of the LoA - I feel as if I can’t really get to keep the juices flowing; it’s as if I’m…


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Slowly the awareness grows that the Light shines on the inside…

May 1st is the first day of season three for me.

In the first and second season I have succeeded in becoming more and more aware of the fact that happiness is a choice and wealth is a state of mind.

These are no longer phrases I read in spiritual books but they have become reality for me in my everyday life.

One of the opening sentences that Abraham uses at their workshops is “Are you enjoying the contrast?”

I am learning to… Continue

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Season three: Synchronicity, coincidence or causality

Yesterday morning, before going to work, I dropped my boyfriend off at the train station.

While I was driving to work (takes about 30 minutes) I was contemplating on starting my third season on May first and what my intentions for this season would be.

Most of my route to work goes parallel with the train track and I was keeping an eye on the tracks to see the train – with my boyfriend in it – passing. (Highschool behaviour, I know, but I… Continue

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End of season two: ABUNDANCE all around!

Today is day 100 of my second season. When I started my first season in October of 2008 I wasn’t all that blissful. I was always having money problems and on top of that I had just ended a long lasting dispute with my ex-husband by going to court, leaving me with huge lawyer-bills to be paid and I felt drained from all my energy. I worried a lot about my children who where also struggling with the bad relationship they have with their father. I… Continue

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Between stimulus and response there is a space....

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response.

In those choices lie our growth and happiness.

- Viktor Frankl -

One way we can find inner peace is by becoming mindful of how we respond to persons, places and things.

If we allow ourselves to respond automatically, as we have always done before, we can be filled with anger, fear, jealousy, and all the… Continue

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My amazing daughter!


Today I was surfing the net and looking for clips from my favorite Dutch singer Marco Borsato on YouTube.

Much to my surprise I found a load of Marco's songs with English subtitles, lyrics translated and posted by..................

my 16 year old daughter!

Wow Girly, I think you did a great job translating these songs, you never seize to amaze me!

I love Marco's lyrics, they are like poems.…


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Some people say raw food is too expensive, now you can judge for yourself ........

20 euro's (USD 25,-) worth of veggies and fruits

20 euro's (USD 25,-) worth of nuts and dried fruits

Today I made a new week-menu for the upcoming week and went to the market for the groceries. I spend 20 euro's on veggies and fruits for one week and another 20 euro's on nuts and dried fruits, which will last for about 2-3 weeks. I had some mango's, dades and oranges left from last week… Continue

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Time to tell a new story.....

Each and every component that makes up my life experience is drawn to me by the powerful Law of Attraction's response to the thoughts I think and the story I tell about my life. My money and financial assets; my body's state of wellness, size, and shape; my work environment, how I am treated, work-satisfaction, and rewards - indeed the very happiness of my life experience in general - is all happening because of the story I… Continue

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Tip for Clarissa Kelly: raw week menu

This blog started out as a comment for Clarissa, but by posting it here maybe others might benefit from the tip.

Clarissa, I've read in your vox-blog that you are thinking of making a week menu and do the shopping for it all at once. I've been doing that from the start. I make my menu on Fridays and do my grocery shopping twice a week to make sure I have fresh fruits and veggies. I thought you might like to see what my next week’s menu… Continue

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D41, S2. Haven't blogged for a while, this is how I'm doing.....

Inspired by videos and blogs from fellow co-creators I decided to give the raw lifestyle a weeks try.

Much to my surprise I adapted quickly and effortlessly and I felt great!

The feeling is hard to describe, the best word that comes to mind is fresh.

I have a very fresh feeling in my tummy after a raw meal, kind of like a fresh taste in your mouth after chewing a minty chewing gum.

In fact I feel so great that – after the trial week - I decided to continue eating raw… Continue

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