The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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♥ Day 25 - Growing into Lightworker Leadership ♥

Hi friends,

Here I am on day 25 of the 'Living with an Open Heart - 100 day reality challenge'.

I've had a lot to do work wise & there are many WONDERFUL opportunities opening up for me to serve the Lightworkers of the World.....more powerfully & joyfully.

I'm getting regular help with writing my series of books for Lightworkers & have a publisher to contact!

I now also have a 'business buddy' in Spain that I chat to via Skype each week. Every… Continue

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♥ Day 16 - Lightworker Heart-Break & Heart-Ache...Opening to release the wounds♥


That sums up today.

Old patterns that I know are not even all mine are coming to the sufarce today. I can feel & 'see' dark green energy of deep insecurities bubbling up to be felt, breathed through & transformed. If I get stuck in the narrative accompanying the feelings I will stay stuck in the past, believing the story that is wrapped around these emotions & physical sensations.

Instead I have attempted… Continue

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Day 6 - Loving Myself More & Another AMAZING manifestation!!!

Here I am on day 6 of the Living With an Open Heart - 100 Day Reality Challenge.

Today I am face to face with the assumptions & expectations I had for this process which I didn't know were there.

At the start I was all fired up to record some videos & be really into it & active every day. If anything I was more focussed on my contribution to this website & the community than I was with my own process &… Continue

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♥ Day 3 & Amazing things ALREADY!!

Hi everyone!

I'm SO happy to be here with you all!

If you've seen my profile you'll know I'm a Light Coach..... I am a 'Real Life Spirit Guide' & Jedi Master (!) teaching & guiding the Lightworkers of this world to align with their SOUL PURPOSE & master their energy...... I'm really busy at the moment putting lots of things in place to empower Lightworkers so was really worried I wouldn't find time to join in with the… Continue

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