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Results of my first 100 day challenge! Many Many Thanks!

This 100 day challenge has been a beautiful journey. I've definitely connected to myself and got to know myself during some stressful times, that's when you really learn when things push you to beyond what you think you can take on.

Some beautiful happenings occurred during this transition and everything keeps getting better and better.

Goals that manifested during my first 100 day challenge:

I've gotten closer to retiring by having my 2nd home bought by my renters,… Continue

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Creating better brain pathways to a happier life

Hi Everyone! Working on some internal thinking issues and trying to get out of this family drama of lawyers, courts and people trying to hurt others. I realized these family issues were affecting all other areas of my life and my happiness. I was reaching the bottom and was having a difficult time getting unstuck. I used to get tons of Tony Robbins tapes and on one of them was to start changing the brain pathways that have been so ingrained that a slight trigger starts the brain pathways down… Continue

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Let go of attachments as the need to have something go your way is fear based and is preventing things from coming

I've been "letting go" of quite a few things that I've been attached to and amazing things have just come about. So since my last post on February 21 of saying I'm letting go of attachments:

1. I let go of our 2nd home that we bought in 2005, the peak of the housing bubble. We were suppose to sell our first home and instead we were convinced to take a bridge loan carrying both homes, until our first home was to sell. Mistake and please never do it! We couldn't sell either one, so we… Continue

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Giving a miracle to my miracle dog and myself!

I just tried a no-pull dog harness today for my rescue dog who hasn't had previous training and he's a rambunctious 11 month old boxer. We've gotten good at the walks but when he sees another dog he tries everything to meet the other dog and it takes everything I have to hold him back. Not a good situation for either one of us.

The no-pull harness has the leash clip located at the chest and stops the dog's natural instinct to pull as there's no tugging on the neck or chest. So on our… Continue

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Want it but release the need for it -- just let it go.

Just finished reading a blog from Joe Vitale where his message is summarized as 'you can want it but release the need for it, as the need is fear based and it will repel your wants from arriving'. So here's a toast to wanting it but not needing it!

Love and happiness!

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Forming beliefs and an early Valentines wish "Stay ultra positive and forever blissful!"

Reading some material today on the internet and came across: There's 2 ways to form beliefs

1) The old way, by observing nature and build a belief out of it. This way of

thinking convinces us we are not responsible for anything that happens in our lives. It also leads to the idea that we cannot change things in our lives.

2) The opposite of #1. Decide what you want to believe and find the evidence of

this belief in nature. With this way of thinking, you are now… Continue

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s1 d28 Working on conquering my pain-body and coming back into alignment with my inner passion

I've been away for a few days -- conquering my pain-body. I really got to know some of my pain triggers and am working on conquering and transforming my negative triggers into positive patterns of growth and healing. To be more in the now and to let go of attachments. Always realize whether good or bad, this too shall pass. I'm smoothing out my roller coaster rides to just be gentle highs and lows and to always have a smile on my face! I'm learning to really align with my inner passion and to… Continue

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s1 d21 Things are kicking in and taking off and I feel fantastic! Also expanded on a Tony Robbins teaching.

Today I was just flying high with energy and everything was just flowing. The family property is getting closer and closer to being settled -- at least there's movement now! I had so much energy today, I increased my weights during my weightlifting session at the gym, I spread the fertilizer on the lawn (I had it in the corner for over a year now just waiting for me to do it), I actually washed my shower curtain -- hee hee, came out beautiful!, work just flew by today, had a fantastic lunch… Continue

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Keep on staying positive and expecting the best!

I received in an email with the following reminder (paraphrased)

You had best intentions and you believed in your goals in dreams but nothing has changed yet and you get frustrated and discouraged. It's really important to hold onto your intention and reconnect with it at all times. Don't try to force it to happen. Allow yourself time to let your intention manifest in its own way and under its own conditions. The more people your intention serves the more likely it will… Continue

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Ask the right questions and you get the answers you need...

My mind reminds me of a bulldog at times when it gets caught up in a situation and it just won't let go. I went to bed last night with the question 'How can I let go?' We'll this morning I woke up with the message 'focus on where you want to be' which is my answer that I needed and that will be my constant reminder when I get caught up. Thanks!

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Day 11 Season 1 more beautiful miracles....

Some beautiful miracles happening, my neighbor brought over some lemon squares for no reason at all. Joan, that was really "sweet" of you! Thank you!

My nephew, Scott, came over on a whim, and every time he comes over he just fills our house with laughter! My sides are still hurting!

I was running late for my jog with my dog and it was starting to get dark, so instead of rushing around and getting out of my zone, I just enjoyed the beautiful silhouettes of the dark trees… Continue

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Here's a catch up of the past 12+ days of creation season 1

I haven’t been keeping track of all the beautiful things going on in my life since the challenge and even just before the challenge so I went back over my comments and am logging them all at once to keep as a reminder for myself. I’ll start logging them daily now.


Had a dream last night a beautiful guy gave 5 tiny houses (similar to doll houses) to a family and I was part of this family. Each family member went into their house and as each one really appreciated what… Continue

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My goals for the 100 day challenge 1/15/09:

Meditate at least 2 times per day.

See beauty in everything.

Be in a state of constant appreciation.

Increase my vibration energy.

Connect with my inner being, my soul constantly.

Become soulmates with my soul.

Expect miracles.

Be positive everyday.

Snap out of negative moods/thoughts instantly and replace them with positive thoughts.

Allow life in.

Put in 68 seconds of pure thought on each intention daily.

Have total belief.

Have… Continue

Added by Sue Hubbard on January 12, 2009 at 12:30am — 2 Comments

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