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Day 30/100, Season 1 - Manifested a scenario!

Hi Friends. Today I feel somewhat peaceful and my whole body feels tired, but in a good kind of way. I haven't felt this way in a LONG time! I also had another manifestation today. Something I thought about in passing a few weeks ago that turned into a reality,,,so here goes:


• I manifested my ex asking me to see a specific movie. I had thought about this movie a few weeks ago and thought to myself that it was something I know he would have gone to see with… Continue

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Day 29/100, Season 1 - Halfway through the Master Cleanse!


• I got to spend some more time with my wonderful family today and also spent some time with family friends. - I am so grateful to be surrounded by kind, loving family and friends.

• I have completed day 5/10 of the cleanse! - I am grateful to have been able to resist the temptation of delicious food all around me this weekend and stick to the cleanse. I am grateful to feel as energetic and healthy as I do.

• I watched a movie today that I've been meaning to… Continue

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Day 28/100, Season 1 - Cuddles and kisses


• I love that my sweet niece is crazy about me and refers to me as her favorite person. I love that she curls up with me on the couch for a cuddle and gives me the biggest hugs and kisses in the world. I love that my nephew is so cheeky and cuddly. I love that he lets me kiss him and tickle him while he giggles. - I am grateful for my sister for having such beautiful and sweet angels and for her angels for making me smile and love.

• I love my family who never… Continue

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Day 27/100, Season 1 - Visiting home

Hi Co-Creators! I'm going to keep it short again today because I'm tired once again and the day went by pretty fast for me!


• I drove home today to spend the remainder of the week and the weekend with my family. It was great to see my Mom (Dad is currently travelling) and my sister's kids. - I am grateful to have experienced a safe drive today and to receive unconditional love from my family.

• I finished Day 3 of the Master Cleanse - I have the… Continue

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Day 26/100, Season 1 - Tax intending

Hello Co-Creators! Everyone seems to be doing great today based on whet I've seen and read! It's amazing how much your positive experiences impact my own level of positivity. I always come to this site when I feel myself getting down and it REALLY helps to pick me up! THANK-YOU ALL!!

I'll keep it super-short today since I'm really exhausted.


• My tax advisor managed to lower the amount I owe by 50%! Yay! - I am grateful for the abundance of money… Continue

Added by PJ on March 27, 2008 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

Day 25/100, Season 1 - Emotional nosedive

Hi fellow Co-Creators - I can't believe I'm a quarter through the challenge already! I'm going to keep this entry short because I'm watching the Oprah Web cast from last night and am finding myself dozing off so will probably hit the sack early.


• I got a ride with a client to and from a conference I had to attend today. The weather was less-than-ideal today but we made it there and back safe and sound and hit no traffic! - I am grateful for my colleagues… Continue

Added by PJ on March 26, 2008 at 2:00am — 1 Comment

Day 24/100, Season 1 - 3 Manifestations!!

One thing I'm slowly realizing is that "letting it go" (referring to your intentions) REALLY helps you manifest your desires!


• At work today, I popped by a colleagues office to ask her something and ended up there longer just chatting about work and life in general. She was packing up her office since she is moving to another office, and within her bookcase I noticed some boxes of sample technical products. I asked if one of them was a Webcam, a specific… Continue

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Day 23/100, Season 1 - A day of wonderful surprises...


• Today I had a manifestation. On my Day 20 blog, I intended for a weekend plan that my ex was attending to go extremely well. And it went better than I expected. After the event he asked me to have a chat and we did. We didn't talk about the relationship at all, but talked about other important and casual stuff that's been happening our lives, and that's fine. He needs to work on himself right now and I'm busy loving me. But the fact that he asked to chat is a major… Continue

Added by PJ on March 24, 2008 at 5:00am — 3 Comments

Day 22/100, Season 1 - Keeping occupied

I had very little down time today, but the great news is that I slept in (to 11am!) and had a really pleasant day!


• I slept in!! - I am so grateful to have the opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep in a quiet and warm home. I am grateful that my body and mind is taking the rest it needs to fully recover and be healthy and strong.

• I went wine-tasting with a few friends - I am grateful to have friends who plan fun events and enjoy doing similar… Continue

Added by PJ on March 23, 2008 at 6:47am — 3 Comments

Day 21/100, Season 1 - Not a bird, not a plane...just the day flying by....

Wow - is it already the end of the day? (Well, I guess technically it's tomorrow). I've been in good spirits all day, so here goes:


• I had another easy day at work - I am grateful for a wonderful job that pays me well where I have a great work/life balance.

• I got an email response from R confirming the open questions around our weekend plans and avoiding awkwardness and his outstanidng bill.- I am grateful to have open lines of communication with the… Continue

Added by PJ on March 22, 2008 at 3:30am — 2 Comments

Day 20/100, Season 1 - Being present


• I had a pretty emotionally calm and mellow day today.- I am grateful to have discovered and opened up to all of the amazing reading material I have recently been exposed to that is teaching me things I can practice daily, such as the LOA, not worrying and staying focused on the present.

• I started pretty early thanks to an early morning meeting, but also left work early when my meetings finished so I could relax at home since I'm still in recovery mode. - I am… Continue

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Day 19/100, Season 1 - Day of extreme gratitude!


• My blog was featured in today's CCOR newsletter! THANK-YOU Laura, Lilou and Sandy!! - I am so grateful that my blog may help or inspire fellow Co-Creators on the 100 Day Challenge. I have gotten so much out of this experience already, and its such a pleasure to be able to give back if even in the smallest way! Thank-you!!

• I'm ashamed to say that woke up this morning with a feeling of disappointment BUT also acceptance,due to my relationship situation. I stayed… Continue

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Day 18/100, Season 1 - Worrying doesn't help resolve ANYTHING

I was enlightened by Eckhart Tolle's comment on this week's web cast stating that worry doesn't resolve anything, so there is no point in doing it. It was only then that I realized the magnitude of my thoughts that serve no purpose, except to create doubts and block the flow and allowing aspect of my intentions. I feel more in control of my thoughts by that alone. I can stop, address it, and reach a level of consciousness simply through understanding that my worries are just… Continue

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Day 17/100, Season 1 - Seeing the clouds part through blurry eyes

Today my eyes are blurry due to a number of factors: I needed more sleep, I cried from hurt, I cried from laughter and I have the oncoming of a cold. But I was reminded by Tatiana's blog post (thanks Tatiana!) that the clouds will part and its up to us to hang in there and believe they will, in the right tme - I saw this literally happen on my drive home, when the clouds suddenly parted in front of me, as I was at a stop light, and the sun poured out. I took it as a sign then, and Tatyana's… Continue

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Day 16/100, Season 1 - Unexpected company

The funny thing about today was that I found myself in situations where attractive men just showed up everywhere...even at my doorstep! I had put out my intention to open myself up to meeting my ideal mate, which begins with working on me, but I never see attractive men of my age in my immediate surroundings, so today was certainly an interesting one...


• I don't know where this fits into any of my FGG categories below, so I'm calling it out here:

- I… Continue

Added by PJ on March 17, 2008 at 3:48am — 2 Comments

Day 15/100, Season 1 - FGG of Abundance!

Hello Co-Creators! First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has left me comments over the last few days. I really appreciate your observations and encouraging words - you all mean the world to me! I will be replying to each of you individually tomorrow, when I have some time after my family leaves.

It's going to be a quick one from me today:


• I have received some great comments from my caring Co-Creator counterparts - I am so grateful to have… Continue

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Day 14/100, Season 1 - The FGG review


• Another stress-free day at work! - I am so grateful to have a job that enables me to work from home as much as I want!

• My sister's family arrived to visit for the weekend! - My niece is feeling much better and I was thrilled they were able to make it to visit me - I am so grateful for the Universe for bringing me my desire to have her healthy again and to see my family this weekend. I am grateful for all the love they brought with them and for the fact that… Continue

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Day 13/100, Season 1 - The Fantastic, the Great and the Gorgeous today


• Another easy day at work and had a project change approved! - I am grateful to have a job where my contributions are appreciated and I have a wonderful work/life balance!

• I got a great haircut - I am grateful to have a super hair stylist who makes me look fabulous :-)

• I had a fantastic sushi dinner! - I love sushi and am so grateful to have a wonderful fresh sushi place around the corner from my home.

• I found out about a government funded loan… Continue

Added by PJ on March 14, 2008 at 2:30am — 2 Comments

Day 12/100, Season 1 – Introducing my self-developed “the fantastic, the great and the gorgeous” approach

I’ve figured out that my days don’t consist of just good things or just bad things. Often times they are a combination of both. I’ve decided to try blogging my days with this in mind so I can specifically call out the bad and ugly, accept it as what has happened, then address it directly through affirmations and focusing the LOA principles on such issues I encounter. I’m hoping that blogging this way will help me think of doing this naturally throughout my day if and when I encounter any… Continue

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Day 11 of 100, Season 1 - Lifted!

What a difference in energy I've had today! Thank-you Co-Creators for your positive and understanding messages in response to my post yesterday...I wish you MUCH love!

Work was slow today, so I got some time to chat with my friends and was glad to chat with one of my friends who is having some trouble at work. I wanted to help encourage her to look at her life and assess what she wants and put her energies towards her passions. She said I really helped her which made me feel… Continue

Added by PJ on March 12, 2008 at 3:48am — 3 Comments

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