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Day 60/100 Season 1 - Numbers Numbers Numbers....

Good evening (or morning, depending where you are and when you read this) friends! It's about 1:20am here and I'm about to turn in. I have been trying to number crunch for my business plan, but its been a while since I did any kind of financial analysis, so its been challenging and I need some sleep to think clearly again...


• Work was OK again today and I got some financial stuff done for my business plan. - I am grateful to have a job that enables me to… Continue

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Day 59/100 Season 1 - Spinning wheels

I'm afraid I was too tired to boot up my laptop last night to post my blog, so here goes for yesterday - not too much went on, which is always a good thing!


• Work was OK today. I had a long meeting with someone who is quite frustrating to work with and it gave me a great opportunity to practice just being conscious. I don't feel I was very productive today, but I did manage to get some work done on my business plan clsoer tot eh end of the day. - I am… Continue

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Day 58/100 Season 1 - Soothing Sunday

Hello Friends! I usually get the Sunday blues but today I managed to stay really present and thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing Sunday! I've even made it into bed (from where I'm blogging) earlier than usual!


• I went to an early lunch with "him" today and had lovely thai food. It was really reminiscent of our regular Sunday pattern and was nice. - I am grateful to have "him" back in my life. I am grateful for his care and affection and for being valued by… Continue

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Day 57/100 Season 1 - Roadtrip!

Hello Co-Creators! I got home super late last night so I'm posting my blog for yesterday, today...


• A friend of mine had organized a day-trip to the Washington Tulip Festival and winery hopping yesterday and it turned out to be the perfect day! We had a wonderful sunny day, filled up 2 cars and left a little later than, so it felt relaxed. We hit up a few wineries, then went to a neighbouring historic town for dinner and headed to the Tulalip Casino until… Continue

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Day 56/100 Season 1 - Taking manifestations of "free" too far.....

Hello Co-creators! Another day just flew by! Here's a breakdown:


• Work was not too busy today so I got a bit of work on my business plan done. - All the information I need flows easily to me.

• I had lunch with a friend/colleague of mine who gave me some great advice about business school and career, as I've been wondering about business school lately.- I am grateful for friends with amazing experience that are willing to share their experiences with… Continue

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Day 55/100 Season 1 - It's all fitting together!

Hello Friends! Today just flew by for me! I can't believe I was out and about for 12 hours and didn't even realize it!


• I had a manageable workload today and also made some additional progress on my business plan - I will finish my business plan in the next week. It will succint and validated and drive high interest from investors.

• I found out today at work that I am going to travel in the next couple of months for work, likely to the Far East! This… Continue

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Day 54/100 Season 1 - Sicko

Hi Co-Creators! I'm quite tired today because of late nights lately, with my head whirling as I attempt to get some shuteye far later than I should be....


• I had a very productive day today in terms of both work and getting my business plan started. - I am grateful for a great job that pays me well and allows me the flexibility of a work/life balance. I am grateful for the inspiration I continue to have around this business concept.

• I had a lovely… Continue

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Day 53/100 Season 1 - Inpsired & Surrounded by Believers...

Hi Co-Creators! I've had another wondetful day and am feeling fab!


• Work wasn't too hectic today, which was just as well since my computer was acting up (how funny that people I met later in the day mentioned the same thing happened to them and that it cuold be due to cosmic forces). I managed to get a great deal of groundwork organized for my new business plan. The little I was able to go through seemed to validate the opportunity for my idea but also… Continue

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Day 52/100 Season 1 - Productivity and friendship


• I was extremely productive at work today, dealing with urgent situations and last-minute requests of me effficiently. I took it in stride and maintained a good attitude all day, even though I was frustrated in the morning based on an email response I received that I didn't agree with - I do not let work frustrations alter my feelings and vibrations. I am grateful for the great job I have, that pays well and provides me ample flexbility. I am grateful fo kind and… Continue

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Day 51/100 Season 1 - Change of events...

Hello everyone! I had one of those surreal days today which I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow not believing....I am a little confused, so bear with me, but here goes:


• I went to bed at a reasonable time tonight and slept and slept and slept and slept. Not so much because I was still tired (I have slept a lot over the last few days, so unless my thyroid has dipped again, there is no reason for this exhaustion) but rather, I think, because I was feeling… Continue

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Day 50/100 Season 1 - Vulnerable

Hi Co-Creators! I really enjoyed catching up on some of your blog postings today, which I was unable to do during my vacation. I did something today which put me in a very vulnerable position and it broke the LOA guidelines, whereby I just didn't allow it to happen and got impatient...I've detailed my actions in "The GORGEOUS" category below...


• Yesterday I went to my car to find a sticker on my driver side window warning me that my vehicle would be towed… Continue

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Day 49/100, Season 1 - Home again...


• I slept through my flight and arrived home safe and sound. - I am grateful to have had a safe flight that went by fast for me!


• I feel a soar throat coming along and managed to burn my thumb with boiling water. - I am healthy and strong and feel no pain or illness

• I got news today that my project at work will need to be cancelled due to legal issues that were realized during my vacation.

- Issues preventing me from… Continue

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Day 48/100, Season 1 - Last day of vacation!

My second belated blog post follows:


• Although it wasn't sunny today, it was pleasantly hot and I got to spend some time on the beach and in the pool. - I am grateful for having time to relax and enjoy pleasant weather on my last day of vacation.

• We celebrated my nephew's birthday over a late lunch before heading to the airport - I am grateful to have an opportunity to celebrate with my family.


• I found myself… Continue

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Day 47/100, Season 1 - New experiences

Aloha all! Today I am posting Day 47 & 48 posts belated since I wasn't able to post over the last couple of days...


• I snorkled today for the first time in my life and am so proud of myself. I didn't do it before as I was too scared to go that far into the ocean, but I had a great time at a scenic area and saw lots of tropical underwater life. - I do not let my fears take over my sense of adventure. I am grateful for my brother-in-law who decided to… Continue

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Day 46/100, Season 1 - Chilled Day

Aloha Co-Creators. Meant to post this last night and catch up with what I've missed in your lives after I finished posting this, but lost my Internet connection! So here goes about yesterday:


• I didn't do anything too strenuous today. After a leisurely breakfast, we spent time at the beach, had a late light lunch, shopped a little and relaxed in the pool with a couple of beers, followed by dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. My niece and nephew were… Continue

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Day 45/100, Season 1 - Spa day!

Hello Co-Creators! I didn't "forget" to post last night - I was actually so exhausted I decided to post this morning instead about my day yesterday, so here goes:


• My sister and I treated my Mom to a ladies Spa Day, which we haven't done ever together. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing, even though it was expensive. - I am grateful for having an abundcance of wealth enabling me to treat myself and those I love to life's luxuries. I am grateful to have… Continue

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Day 44/100, Season 1 - Oops! Where do I get "memory juice"?

Hello wonderful Co-Creators! I woke up this morning and realized "OOPS!" I forgot to post my blog last night! I am on vacation and it just goes to show what a heightened state of relaxation I am in, for I committed to posting nightly! My day yesterday was wonderful for the most here goes!


• I had a fantastic, relaxing day. My family and I started off with some breakfast, followed by a brief workout in the gym (just me), after which we headed to the… Continue

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Day 43/100, Season 1 - Warmth and relaxation...


• I had a lovely day today for the most part. It started out with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a nice workout, after which I booked a massage for next week and headed to the beach with my sister's family. The temperature got really hot - perftect weather to venture into the ocean for a refreshing dip. After that, we had a lovely lunch with my parents and went for a lovely walk and swim in the pool. - I am so grateful ot have a wonderful family with whom I can… Continue

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Day 42/100, Season 1 - Where did the day go??

Ok, so I know I spent about 6 hours on the plane, but I feel like the day just flew by! I'm ready to hit the sack, so I'll keep it short tonight, but am looking forward to spending more time following up with everyone over the next few days!


• I made my early flight without a glitch and my flight went by fast. I had a consider person sitting next to me which is always nice on a long flight, and also managed to get through half of my Ask and it si Given book,… Continue

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Day 41/100, Season 1 - Wow day!

Hello Co-Creators! I have had a busy and tiring week and have a lot of catching up to do on what's been going on this week on our CCOR network! I miss following up on all your wonderful thoughts and adventures! Its 1am here and I have to be up in 4 hours to catch a flight for my I'll post a short blog entry detailing my day in the usual format and hope to be reading up on your adventures over the next few days!


• I had to deliver an important… Continue

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