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Day 91/100, Season 1 - C'est la vie....

Hello friends! Today was another long day in Paris...


• I did a presentation today and it went down quite well, so I'm thrilled with that. - I am grateful for getting a great response to my presentation.

• He and I spoke again tonight albeit briefly and it was nice - I am grateful to have him in my life.

• I also spoke with my cousin tonight and she and I talked about where to go on vacation this winter. Heading into one vacation and planning yet… Continue

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Day 90/100, Season 1 - Long day, blistery feet

Bonjour! Today was a long day...


• He and I spoke for a while today. It was nice to chat again because I felt quite lonely and missed him early this morning. - I am grateful to have him in my life.

• Met some interesting people at work today and learned a lot. - I am grateful for a job that allows me to travel, meet smart and talented people and continuously learn.

• Ate lovely meals today, all on the company dime! - I am grateful for the… Continue

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Day 89/100, Season 1 - Jetlagged in Paris

Finally about today:


• Although I am incredibly jet-lagged, my colleague and I along with a top executive who is here with us, walked around Paris for a few hours this evening and visited some of their wonderful sites. We then met with 2 other colleagues who arrived here later and had dinner at the famous Buddha Bar. It was a fun day and night but I'm ready to hit the sack!


Nothing today!

The… Continue

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Day 88/100, Season 1 - On the plane

Moving onto Tuesday:


• I left for the airport around 9:30am and then was on a flight for the rest of the day, so my day just flew by! - I am grateful for a job that allows me to travel globally. I am grateful for my safe flight.


• The construction outside my window is getting louder every day and they start at 7am, which is too early. - The constuction outside will come to an abrupt stop. My rent will be reduced instead of… Continue

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Day 87/100, Season 1 - Day of temporary goodbyes

And now for Monday:


• Today he insisted on taking me to lunch as I leave for my trip tomorrow and will be gone for 2 weeks. So we went to a local Indian restaurant afterwhich we went to the mall as he still wanted to find some things to wear for work. I also found a little gift there for my friend who I saw tonight for the last time before she moves. After I went home, I packed for my temporary trip and finished up the food that would go off in my… Continue

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Day 86/100, Season 1 - Mini golf and movie...

Catching up on Sunday:


• We had another sunny day today and decided to go to an outlet mall a little far away today to get "him" some new clothes for his new job. Before we went we stopped at a local fast food joint we like and bumped into 2 friends who are married and ended up eating with them, which was nice as we don't know them that well and got to know them better. While we were at the mall after, we stumbled upon a glow in the dark mini golf course… Continue

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Day 85/100, Season 1 - Sunshine on the beach

Hi Friends! I disappeared off the face of the site for a few days but am back now and catching up with a few blog posts. Hope everyone is doing well...


• Today was surprisingly sunny since the weather forecast indicated rain all "he" and I ended up going to a beach neither of us has ever been to nearby. It was wonderful. We got there around 1pm, had a late lunch in a casual Mexican patio, and then went for a stroll on the beach. After I got back… Continue

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Day 84/100, Season 1 - A little bit of everything

Hi Friends! Today flew by again...but I'm so glad Monday is a holiday!


• I managed to book all of my hotels for my holiday in Malaysia and got some great rates! - I am grateful for finding such great rates online. I have an abundance of wealth and make more than I can spend.

• The shop I dropped off another order at yesterday had my order ready today! - I am grateful for the quick-turnaround provided to me by my contacts.

• In the evening I went… Continue

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Day 83/100, Season 1 - Getting the ball rolling...

Hello Co-Creators! I'm planning on spending some time catching up on your blogs this weekend as I've had limited time this week to cruise our wonderful network...Hope everyone is manifesting happiness :-)


• Work was OK again today. I spent a lot of my day just doing a few things here and there and ended up being relatively productive. I managed to go in late and leave early today since I took an early call/meeting from home and got most of my stuff done… Continue

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Day 82/100, Season 1 - Fun evening and a nod to "saving money"

Hello Co-Creators! I'm catching up on a post for yesterday as I was unable to post then.


• This morning I met with a lady who can help me make samples for my clothing designs. She was really knowledgeable and nice and seems very trustworthy. I am hoping she is affordable so that we are able to work together. - I am grateful for having met my contact and for her interest in my business idea.

• I got a flight that would ordinarily cost me over $1000 on… Continue

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Day 81/100, Season 1 - Tickets, tickets, tickets...

Hello Friends! I've had another day which just flew by...


• Today went by fast at work again - I had a few productive meetings and am happy to see my project is moving along with only minor glitches. I also managed to get my business flight tickets issued, book my vacation flight and reserve tickets to a popular show that was discounted for tomorrow night! - I am grateful for my job and the flexibility and travel opportunities available to me through it. I… Continue

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Day 80/100, Season 1 - 12 hour day!

Hi Co-Creators! Today just flew by....


• Work went by pretty fast today and I was quite productive.I also went to my friends house again tonight to helf finish the leftover BBQ makings from yesterday and got back home around 10pm, noticing I'd been out for 12 hours. It was fun but now I'm ready for bed! - I am grateful for my job and my friends.

• My vacation and flights are almost booked - I will finalize my business and vacation details… Continue

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Day 79/100, Season 1 - Yummy BBQ!

Hi again Friends! So on to today...


• We met some of "his" friends for a late brunch today and spent most of the afternoon following with one of his friends helping him shop for an early evening BBQ we had requested he throw (because he has a lovely big house with a grill and it was another beautiful day). It was pretty fun although a little tiriing. The BBQ was so delicious - I pretty much did all the marinating since that is something I enjoy and am good… Continue

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Day 78/100, Season 1 - It's summer!!

Hello Co-Creators! I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, so this post is specifically about Saturday!


• I got a bit of research done for my business this morning and went to meet with friends in the afternoon to go to an annual street fair followed by cheese tasting at the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. It was a gloriously hot day and we had a great time, eating lovely treats and stopping for a drink afterwards. We then went to a friend's house… Continue

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Day 77/100, Season 1 - Relaxed Friday (not Sunday!)

Hello Co-Creators! I'm feeling quite tired tonight so I'll keep it brief.


• I worked from home again today since I had no meetings to go in for and managed to get quite a bit done. - I am grateful for a job that allows me the flexibility to work from home.

• I identified a local sample/pattern maker (the one referred to me yesterday) who can help me get my apparel concept developed and will sign and NDA to ensure confidentiality. I have scheduled to… Continue

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Day 76/100, Season 1 - Clean and organized and manifesting a lawn chair!

Hello Co-Creators!


• Today I cleaned my apartment top to bottom and I feel so much better for it! I had an incentive since one of my girlfriends was coming over to watch Greys Anatomy. We ordered a pizza from my favorite place and popped open a bottle of white wine as we settled in front of the TV. It was great since its been a couple of weeks since we did that. - I am grateful for having good friends who enjoy spending time with me and have similar… Continue

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Day 75/100, Season 1 - Inching forward

Hello Friends! I was unable to post a blog last night so here goes for yesterday...


• Work was quite boring today as I'm at a point where I'm depending on others to deliver so that I can get my own stuff done. I didn't manage to work too much on my business plan but did additional research on potential business partners. I also managed to squeeze a pilates session in. - I am grateful for a job that allows me great work-life balance and pays well, enabling… Continue

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Day 74/100, Season 1 - Ringing and Productivity

Hello Co-Creators! Today just flew by...


• I decided to work from home today since I didn't have any meetings scheduled. I managed to be quite productive as a result. I finished the book I was reading as research for my business plan, I sourced and emailed some local garment manufacturers and I researched some more on patenting my concept in between doing my regular day job.- I am grateful to have a job that allows me the flexibilty to work remotely. I am… Continue

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Day 73/100, Season 1 - One of "those" days...

Hello Friends! I am forced to laugh today because I always wince on Mondays knowing they tend to "not" be the best day of my week. Today was no exception, but I'm aware that things could be MUCH worse so I am laughing off the irritating stuff I had to deal with today and am ever so grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life!


• I finally got closure on my project today! My boss (well he's really my boss's boss) was no help at all and he made it… Continue

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Day 72/100, Season 1 - Movies, movies, movies!

This post is for yesterday (Sunday!)


• Today was such a nice, peaceful Sunday. We woke up at around 11am and just lazed on the couch watching old movies on TV. We considered going out for lunch, but I decided instead to make us some lunch at home. Eventually,we decided to go to get some frozen yoghurt at our favorite place and then he dropped me back home. I started to read and then crashed out on my couch, only to awaken in time to make myself some dinner… Continue

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