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Day 12/100, Season 2 - Resolving to carry the sunshine throughout the week


• We woke up this afternoon and talked about things in a very calm way. He was still incredibly angry with me for no real reason other than the fact that he wanted to be. We ended up spending the rest of the day together outside since it was boiling hot. We got a couple of sandwiches and ate at the waterfront in front of his place and took a long walk, had snow cones and iced tea to cool us down, relaxed back at his place for another half an hour and I then headed… Continue

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Day 11/100, Season 2 - Emotional evening

Hi Friends. I got home really late last night and wasn't able to blog, so am making up for it in this blog post.


• I drove back home today and had a long wait at the border as I'd forgotten its Canada Day next week and a lot of people had taken a long weekend and were headed to the US. I took the border route with teh shortest wait time though and the remainder of my journey was pleasant. - I am grateful for my wonderful family and that they live close… Continue

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Day 10/100, Season 2 - Small incidents that shift energy

Hi Friends. I've had a pretty rough week. I've been in a funk all week - feeling generally down and out about life, attracting frustrating challenges at work and not being nice about them, hurting myself unnecessarily (hand burn) and generally feeling sorry for myself. I can feel this negative energy and altough I've had some wonderful things happen to me this week (namely seeing and spending time with my wonderful family, depositing checks and gettign unexpected money, having a safe drive to… Continue

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Day 9/100, Season 2 - Familia


• I was woken up in the most wonderful way at 7:30am this morning when my adorable niece and nephew bombarded the room I'm staying in to tell me it was time to get up and hug me and kiss me. I did my work, while spending some time with them in between and went with my Dad in the afternoon to check some furniture shops. We had some success with that and got some Thai takeout on the way home. My sister's neighbours and her husband's cousin's family all dropped in so we… Continue

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Day 8/100, Season 2 - Escaping...

Hello Co-Creators! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping on top of all your blogs over the last few days - I plan to catch up and get back into it tonight! I've had a couple of issues at work that have kept me busy and was so wrapped up in things I totally forgot to post my blog last here goes for yesterday...


• I drove to my sister's home today and arrived while my niece and nephew were still awake so I got to spend some time with them in the… Continue

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Day 7/100, Season 2 - Icky

Hi Friends. I'm tired tonight so I'm keeping it short.


• I attended a really interesting lecture this morning at work that inspired me for my business. I also got a lot of work done on my business plan this evening. - I am grateful for the daily inspiration I receive for my business.


• I'm having a generally icky day today - work was really frustrating, my finances are a mess and I need to get a grip on them as I'm… Continue

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Day 6/100, Season 2 - Pilates expenses and work stress


• The Universe delivered again today! I signed up for 3 weekly pilates group classes for next month at the gym and realized it cost me $375 total, which is a lot for just a month of classes and began to wonder how I can cut that cost while maintaining my pilates exercise. I came home and them selling this home pilates equipment on QVC which I saw them selling once before but didn't buy and then regretted and I ordered it. It costs the same as one month of pilates… Continue

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Day 5/100, Season 2 - Enjoying my own company


• I woke up around 10:45 this morning and turned the volume on my mobile on when I awoke as I'd turned it off last night so I wouldn't be woken by it. Its funny because no one had called while I was asleep but just after I turned the volume on, I started receiving calls. The first was from "him" asking if I wanted to hang out in the evening - he had a few things to do during the day with some friends. I told him to call me when he was done with his stuff and we could… Continue

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Day 4/100, Season 2 - Highs and Lows


• I went to the mall for a quick errand with "him" this morning and we had a lovely lunch before I came home to clean and prepare for friends I was having over tonight. - I am grateful to have him in my life.

• My place is clean again! I didn't realize how messy I'd let it get and I forgot how wonderful it feels to have no clutter.- I am grateful for a lovely apartment. I keep it clean and take care of it constantly. I don't let clutter build up.

• I had a… Continue

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Day 3/100, Season 2 - Work firedrills and friends

Since I was unable to post my blog last night - this one is for yesterday:


• I worked from home today and managed to run a few errands during lunch and in the afternoon - I am grateful for a job that allows me a the flexibility to work remotely.

• I had a great time this evening with friends. We met for happy hour and ended up bar hopping and bowling impromptue - I am grateful for friends who enjoy doing similar things to me.

The… Continue

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Day 2/100, Season 2 - Fast day

Work is picking up for me now so my days feel like they are going by really fast. Today was a perfect example of that...


• I made healthy food choices today - I am in control of what I eat and do not overindulge in food that is high in fat and low in nutrition.

• I called 3 of my friends today. Two are close friends who live abroad and one is a friend who lives here.- I am grateful to have people in my life who care about me and friends who share… Continue

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Day 1/100, Season 2 - Starting fresh...

Hello Co-Creators! My wonderful friends Sarah and Zara started their Season 2 challenge today and I'm excited to be joining them!

This season, I'm going to focus on a few things and try to do them right. Below are my intentions:

1)I will lose weight and get fit. I've been struggling keeping my weight down. My commitment to cardio and the gym has waned over the last 2 years, my appetite has increased and my metabolism has slowed down. I will be hitting the gym more… Continue

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Day 100/100!! - OMG I can't believe its been 100 days!

I'm in KL airport and the keyboard is a bit sticky. Instead of doing my usual my usual style of blog entry, I thought I'd check on my intentions since we hit the 100 day mark! Congratulation fellow Co-Creators this season!! We did it! I won't be able to check your blog entries before my flight leaves but I will for sure either during my layover in Tokyo or when I get home! Can't wait to catch up with everyone's progress this season!!!

My intentions over the last 100… Continue

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Day 99/100, Season 1 - Frustrations and an adventure!

I skipped my blog yesterday, so here goes Day 99!


• I arrived in KL in good time (adventure described below under the next heading)....- I am grateful for the efforts of those involved.

• My 2 new friends met me in the lobby to give me a bag full of mangoesteen - a fruit that was literally forbidden in the hotel (because it can leave stains) and is apparently delicious! Can't wait to try them tomorrow! - I am grateful for the generosity of new… Continue

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Day 98/100, Season 1 - Birthday Blessings!

And now Day 98! It is a public holiday in Malaysia today because it is the King's birthday. Ironically, it's also my birthday!


• I had a really lovely day today. First of all, I got a few lovely birthday wishes on email, from my sister's family (who tried to call while I was asleep) and a couple of really close friends/cousins. Also, "he" called to wish me happy birthday and so did my parents. - I am grateful to have people in my life who care about me and… Continue

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Day 97/100, Season 1 - Beach time..

On to day 97 now!


• I had a pleasant taxi ride from the hotel to the resort today and it wasn't too expensive for the distance it actually covered. I had to wait a few hours for my room to be ready which was just as well as I managed to finish my work and email it off during that time allowing me to take a real relaxing breather for my beach time. My room has a lovely waterfront view and I took a quick nap before heading to the pool and beach.After relaxing… Continue

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Day 96/100, Season 1 - Getting a real taste of being an outsider...

Hello Co-creators! I'm afraid I didn't blog for 3 nights and I'm closing in on the final day of the season, so here I go to make up for all 3 days...Here's day 96:


• Today was really interesting. I woke up and got a bit of work done before heading to the bus station to catch a bus to a town called Teluk Intan where I am spending the night after meeting with another manufacturer. The bus ride was scenic and the town is small, but I got a real taste of being… Continue

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Day 95/100, Season 1 - Shopping, shopping, shopping...

Hi Friends! I can't believe there are only 5 days left of this season....


• Today, I woke up, did some of my outstanding work, met with a supplier here, who seems really promising, then shopped all day long!! Oh, and ate lots of food too, but I don't feel guilty since it wasn't too unhealthy and I'm sure I walked it all off! I got some great deals, including a couple of buddha wooden wall hangings that were remarkably cheap! Oh, and yes, I do love Kuala… Continue

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Day 94/100, Season 1 - A seriously loooong day...

Hello! Now, for today...


• I woke up at the break of dawn (literally at 4:30am) to go with the 2 execs to the Tokyo fish market Tsijiki, where you can not only view the fresh fish coming in for sale and auction but also have super-fresh sushi for breakfast. So yes, we had sushi for breakfast before 6am! And enjoyted it!! So overall it was a fun morning...- I am grateful to have a job that allows me all these experiences and fun people to share them… Continue

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Day 93/100, Season 1 - Did I imagine it?

Hello Friends! I must have imagined writing my blog post last night because I swear I wrote it! But when I arrived to write for today, nothing was there...I guess the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me...So here is for yesterday I guess....


• I slept really well last night and was in meetings all day today with a long and gourmet style dinner at a lovely modern Japanese restaurant to top it all off. The day went well overall and I feel good that… Continue

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