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Season 5 - Day 29 to 33: Work and play

Last week went by pretty fast - work was somewhat busy and I was pretty tired all week so I kept waking up late. I suppose that is because I had plans every evening. Wednesday evening I went to a goodbye drinks thing at a restaurant near my place and met a friend (and her friend) for dinner there too. It was nice to meet someone new...

Thursday I went to hot yoga after work and relaxed in the evening and Friday I left work early as I had to deal with a crisis with my energy…


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Season 5 - Day 28: I'll take it!

I had a pretty good day today. I admit, I woke up pretty down and out. I am beginning to realize that my dreams really impact how I feel when I wake up. Last night I had some pretty disturbing and personal dream. I felt pretty upset when I woke up. It takes me a couple of hours to shake off that feeling, but that's exactly what I did.

Work was OK and I left around 3:15 and ran a couple of errands before I got home. Soon after I arrived home, one of my best friends in Canada…


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Season 5 - Day 27: Divine timing on my birthday

I slept in today since I was up late due to the sweet surprise "he" gave me last night.

After attending a meeting I decided to go to my favorite sushi restaurant to treat myself for my birthday. This restaurant is right between my home and my office. As soon as I wrapped up lunch and got in my car, my phone rang and it was a florist saying he had a delivery for me and was at my front door. I drove home and accepted a gorgeous flower arrangement from a good friend of mine who…


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Season 5 - Days 24 to 26: Fillin' up

The weekend went by extremely fast. After work on Friday, I spent most of the evening cleaning-up my place in arrival for the visit from my sister's family. They arrived around 10 in the evening and I worked on cleaning out my place right up until then, although I had some welcome distractions by way of phone calls with friends in between. I got to spend some time with them that evening which was nice and they really liked my new place.

Saturday, we went to the zoo and had…


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Season 5 - Day 23: Visualizing my big day

Last night I stayed up until 3am finishing "Eat Pray Love" and then had trouble sleeping as my mind was fully alert, despite having had little sleep the night before. Regardless, I am so grateful to my friend who brought this book to me - I will always treasure this specific read.

As I lay in bed, I began to visualize my wedding reception. I saw myself, what I will be wearing - the beautiful outfit, gorgeous jewelry, my hair, make-up and my expression. I felt the joy…


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Season 5 - Day 22: Girlfriends

Last night I crawled into bed and began reading "Eat, Pray, Love". I've had the book for over a year. A good friend of mine gave it to me to read and told me I'd like it. I had of course heard of it (on Oprah) but never felt the urge to read it until very recently. Ironically, that friend of mine has since entered into a relationship and lost touch with me, despite my various attempts to stay in touch with her. It's sad that this often happens with good friends when they enter into serious…


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Season 5 - Day 21: My intentions

Hello Friends,

I just realized I never set forth my intentions for this season - not verbally, not mentally and not in writing. I'm not beating myself up over it, in fact I don't think I was in the right state of mind to clearly thing through what I want out of my 100 days and I honestly don't know if I've been consciously practicing the LOA and giving it my all, and I'm already almost a quarter into the season!!

So here is what I will attract -…


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Season 5 - Days 16 to 20: Jaded by "friends"

Hello Co-creators,

Thursday was OK - The movie I went to see was quite funny but the socializing before was a little awkward since I don't know any of the others besides my friend who organized the evening and the one girl I had met before is just not someone I would ever befriend so I wasn't too thrilled with the company. I did however leave work early and get a chance to relax at home for a little while.

Friday I went to see Amma who was a few blocks away from…


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