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Day 42/100, Season 2 - Where did the day go?


• Today went by super-fast! I got up, went to work, came home around 2pm and had worked until 6pm. Then I made dinner and worked on the financial for my business plan until midnight! I feel good since I made a lot of progress on that front. It's taking a while since financials are my weak point - I am grateful for a job that allows me the flexibility to work remotely. My business plan will be done by this weekend!

• I got an email from my designer today… Continue

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Days 40 and 41 of 100, Season 2 - Positive Vibing...

I wasn't able to blog last night so here goes for both yesterday and today...


• Yesterday was quite productive. I woke up and grabbed tamales at a nearby Mexican restaurant. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food but I love tamales and this is one of the few places on my street that serves them,,,what a treat! After that I headed to the nearby coffee shop I was at the day before and settled into my seat and worked away.on my business planning, finishing a lot… Continue

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Day 39/100, Season 2 - Productive & pleasant


• The emergency maintenance guy ended up coming to clean up the flood in my bathroom at around 1:30am and was wodnerful and kind, helping with clearing all the water. This morning I woke up around 9am because my sister phoned to ask me a question and went right to work cleaning out my bathroom top to bottom. There was a lot to do but I used a bleach detergent on the floor and tub and surfaces and wiped everything down with antibacterial wipes - I am grateful for th… Continue

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Day 38/100, Season 2 - Immersed in Creativity


• I worked from home today (when I was home that is) and it looks like we have a proposed workaround for my project in order to get it to launch on time,which is a relief. - I am grateful for a job that allows me the flexibility to work remotely. I am grateful to the Universe for lining it up so that I can launch my project on time.

• This morning I went to a step class and also did my weights. I was quite tired in the morning but felt good after the workout. - I… Continue

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Days 36 and 37 of 100, Season 2 - Taking some downtime

I was too tired to blog last night so this one is for both yesterday and today!


• I went to the gym first thing in the morning and got in a good weight and step workout before hitting the office - I am fit and healthy. My body is getting noticeably more toned, fit and slimmer everyday.

• Work went by quickly yesterday and today - nothing too radical or exciting, but I was quite productive and did get one issue resolved (YAY!) with regards to my work… Continue

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Day 35/100, Season 2 - Raising my vibrations


• I watched "You Can Heal Your Life" last night and it was the reminder I needed to make a conscious decision to recharge my energy and focus on generating positive vibrations. I decided that things with my project will work out. I'm not worried about how, I just know they will. - Things with my project have been resolved and my project will move forward with no further issues.

• This morning I woke up and made a short "what-if" list (my first!). It included the… Continue

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Day 34/100, Season 2 - Stressful day at work


• I went to the gym after work today and had a lot of energy during my step and weight workout - a major improvement from last week. - I am grateful that my body is responding quickly to my workout routine. I will continue to have high energy and increase my workout intensity.

• I spoke to "him" on the phone today for a bit. It was nice to catch-up and nice to know he misses me. - I am grateful to have him in my life.


Nothing… Continue

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Days 31, 32 and 33 of 100, Season 2 - Weekend with the Rugrats!

Hi friends! I've had a pretty packed weekend and didn't get a chance to login until tonight, so here goes:


• Friday was well-paced for me. I went to the gym for weights and 50 minutes of step class in the morning, then had to take a work call, and ran some errands before getting home. I then worked in between cleaning my apartment and started on making dinner at around 5pm as my sister's family was arriving for a weekend visit around 7pm. It was lovely to… Continue

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Day 30/100, Season 2 - Keeping cool


• My day started out tough at work with my agency calling to let me know there was a showstopping issue that they were working to try to resolve that could detrimentailly effect my project and timeline. When I heard this I almost cried since I'm so frustrated and PMSing. We also had another legal review and uncovered a few more items we need to address, but they seem simple enough. In the afternoon, I went to my agency's office to review some sound effects for our… Continue

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Day 29/100, Season 2 - Sore muscles


• I went straight to the gym today to do a 9am step class, and got a half hour of weights in before that. I was exhausted by the end of it and have sore muscles in my arms at the moment - but its all good as I know that's a sign of working out again! Also, I noticed how good it felt to come home and not have to have that internal battle with myself trying to convince myself to go to the gym even though I was tired. I think I need to make a morning workout part of my… Continue

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Day 28/100, Season 2 - Rendez-vous in the park and fatigue


• I had a great conversation with a colleague today about weight loss and exercise. She suffers from the same thyroid condition as me so it was great to have someone to relate to. I also had time to catch up with another friend at work who I haven't spoken with in a while. - I am grateful for such nice and caring colleagues at work.

• I had a call from a friend who works near where I live this afternoon asking me to meet up in the park across the street from… Continue

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Day 27/100, Season 2 - Complicated relationships at work


• He called from Prague today, which was a nice surprise. We chatted for a bit and I could tell he missed me. - I am grateful to have him in my life.

• I renewed my tags today (they were expired by a week). I'm lucky for not being stopped at the border or caught during the last week as I drove aroudn with expired tags. I wasn't charged a late fee and didn't have to wait too long. A foreign guy came up to me though (real close) when I was at the ATM machine, and… Continue

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Day 24, 25 and 26/100, Season 2 - Productive weekend

Hi Friends! I was too busy and tired to blog this weekend - but here's a recap!


• I woke up super-early on Friday morning and drove to visit my family. Luckily there wasn't too much of a wait at the border,so I sailed through. I got there in good time and got to spend some time with my niece and nephew as well as get quite a bit of work done remotely. - I am grateful for a job that allows me the flexibility to work remotely. I am grateful for a wonderful… Continue

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Day 22 and 23/100, Season 2 - Work and play

I wasn't able to blog last night as I fell asleep watching a movie, but am making up for it today...


• Work was OK yesterday and the hot issues that were pending were resolved just in the nick of time. However, I did complain to my manager and she has committed to doing something about it. - I am grateful that things always work out in the end.

• After work, I picked "him" up and took him out to a lovely little dinner place I found downtown, as it was… Continue

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Day 21/100, Season 2 - Frustrations at work


• I managed to find flight and hotel rates that might work for me for my December vacation with my cousin today. I'm so excited! - I am grateful that I have more money that I can spend enabling me to take fun vacations with people I care about during peak season!


• I was quite productive today and left work at around 3pm for a Dr check-up then headed home. It's when I got home and evening starting settling that I got really frustrated… Continue

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Day 20/100, Season 2 - Financial surprises


• I managed to revoke charges worth $140 today. Firstly my apartment management called and there was some mix-up in my monthly invoice and because I didn't read the fine print (long story), they claimed my rent payment was late and they charged me $60 extra on my rent as a result. I appealed to them since it was an honest and understandable mistake and they reversed the charge so I now have a $60 credit towards my rent next month, which I'm happy with. Secondly, I… Continue

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Days 16, 17, 18 & 19 of 100, Season 2 - Long weekend ends...

Hello Co-Creators - I've been pretty busy all weekend and not had alone time to blog, so I'll try to capture my long weekend in this post...

Day 16

• I was a lttle restless today. I had decided to work from home today as I'd had a really tough week at work and it started with an early morning meeting with a colleague of mine in a coffee shop nearby. Later in the day, I had a conference call with my manager to pitch my annual plan to her and she expected to get a… Continue

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Day 15/100, Season 2 - Productive day

Hello Friends - I am utterly exhausted so its going to be a short one today before I pass out!


• I had a pretty productive day at work today, getting a presentation for tomorrow completed and agreement from my manager on a revolutionary idea I have for a project. - I am grateful for a smart manager who is confiedent in my abilities. I am grateful for a job that pays well and keeps me engaged.

• My old manager called today trying to poach me for an open… Continue

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Day 14/100, Season 2 - Manifesting again

Hello Friends - I had a great manifestation today and it really lifted my spirits.


• A couple of days ago I was thinking to myself that I'd really like to visit Germany one day and in the same thought I acknowledged that it would be ideal to go for work, but doubtful I'd ever have the opportunity since we never have our meetings in Germany. Well today, out of the blue, an opportunity to attend an exhibition in Germany came up for September and my manager… Continue

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Day 13/100, Season 2 - Busy but balanced day

I was way too tired to blog last night so I am blogging today after the fact for yesterday..


• Work was busy but it looks like most of my issues at work are being resolved. I was able to leave work at around 5:15pm, had an early dinner, took a power nap, went to the gym for a workout, and caught up on my TV DVR programs until late into the early morning - I am grateful for a job that allows me good work-life balance. I am grateful to live in a building that… Continue

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