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Day 72/100, Season 2 - Productivity through jet-lag

I've had a productive couple of days, although I'm quite jet-lagged. It's 4am and I thought I'd add my blog for yesterday (and the day before after I returned from my trip.


• My flight ended up being delayed by just over an hour, which was no problem for me, but because "he" had planned to meet me at the airport, I thought he might head back home instead of waiting. Instead he decided to wait and I was really touched by that. Even though we were both… Continue

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Days 64-71 of 100, Season 2 - Preparing to move back across time zones

Its been a little too crazy over the last week to blog every evening, so I'm making up for it all today...


• I met Zara and her kids for lunch yesterday and it was so wonderful - she's as amazing in person as she is in her blogs and we both felt as though we had known each other for years. Her kids are really wonderful too and she was so nice to come all the way out to central London to meet me with them. - I am grateful for new friends and will get to… Continue

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Day 63/100, Season 2 - Moving across time zones


• My flight went by pretty fast, so I felt great about that. I sat next to a middle-aged pilot who was really interestng to chat to since he is a pilot for a private plane owned by a really rich billionaire and his family. It was great to get insight into what my future will be like someday ;-) He was quite the talker and after a while, I was getting a bit of a headache and strain from facing him and i just wanted to just read or watch a movie so I had to hint towards… Continue

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Days 56 to 62 of Season 2 - Making a comeback!

Hi Friends! So first of all, shame on me for not blogging for so many days! I've been crazy busy and too exhausted in the evenings to do much. So today I'm blogging for the last week...

On the Entrepreneurial Front:

• I worked hard on my business plan all of last week thinking each day was the day I'd have it done, only to find out I had more to do to get it just right. I finally got it done last night!! It may not be perfect but I think its good enough to share… Continue

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Day 55/00, Season 2 - A day of productivity


• Today went by really fast! I was at work, which wasn't too stressful today, and then I went to the gym to do weights and a step class, after which I returned home, had dinner and worked on my business plan (almost done, I promise!) - I am grateful for a job that allows me a good work-life balance.

• I spoke to my sister, my Dad and "him" tonight (he's in LA for work) - I am grateful to have people who I care about and who care about me in my life.

• I… Continue

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Days 50 to 54 of 100, Season 2 - Highs and lows

I took a break from it all this last few days - I felt really heavy and lacking control, but I know its a journey:

Day 50:

• This day started off wrong so I allowed it to continue that way. I woke up, went to the gym early, changed into my workout clothes, then realized I forgot my sneakers at home. Without bothering to shower, I gumpily went to work, feeling gross, tired and unfit. I felt unmotivated at work, had only a couple of meetings and left a little early and worked on… Continue

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Days 48 and 49 of 100, Season 2 - One day at a time...

Hello Co-creators! I totally forgot to post my blog last night for this one is for both yesterday and today:


• Yesterday was uneventful but peaceful. I went to work, went to the gym, got a great workout, came home, had a healthy dinner and worked on my business plan until the late evening. - I am grateful for days of peace and calm.

• I also spoke with my parents yesterday and he called later in the evening too to say hello - I am grateful to have… Continue

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Days 46 and 47 of 100, Season 2 - Lifted

Hello Friends. For those of you who did, thank-you so much for all of your supportive comments in response to my last blog post. I was in really low place and you really lifted my spirits with your words and knowing you are there. I will recap my weekend in a slightly different format below:

I couldn't get out of my funk on Saturday. I woke up feeling low from the night before. There was a city festival going on where the air force was doing an air show I wanted to see. "He" and I… Continue

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Day 45/100, Season 2 - Drained


• I had a great workout this morning. I did weights and a step class and my body felt healthy all day. - I am grateful to hacve access to a great gym.


• I had to take an exec through my project today and he seemed less than interested in it. - My project is a huge success and I get recognition for it.

• I met my friend for an early happy hour today and felt pretty drained after we met because she talked a lot about herself the… Continue

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Days 43 and 44 of 100, Season 2 - Two long days!

Hello Co-creators! This post is for both yesterday and today since I couldn't post my blog yesterday...


• He's still sick but came over after work yesterday anyway because he knew I had a rough day. We went for a wine tasting that was being hosted by my apartment and then he took me to dinner to our favorite local Japanese restaurant and then came over to relax in front of the TV. Poor guy was so exhausted. He was feeling even worse today and actually… Continue

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