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Day 9 of 100, Season 1 - Interesting manifestation...

I felt pretty good today. I woke up really early then decided I will go back to sleep (I always have a hard time doing that) but I did it! So by the time I woke up it was past 1pm, given the time change and all.

I had a nice long conversation with one of my friends abroad who I haven't spoken with,had a healthy lunch and headed off to my first meditation class...It was great! It included about 30 minutes of meditation and 1 hour of the teachings of Buddha. Today we primarily covered… Continue

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Day 8 of 100, Season 1 - Ups and (almost) downs today...

The day started out great - I went to the gym this morning, had a healthy lunch, then joined some friends for some volunteer work this afternoon. It felt great to do something for others who really needed it.

During the volunteer work, one of my friends innocently mentioned to me she saw my ex at a bar last night which brought me down a bit. I wondered why he's out having a great time (I knew he would be out tonight too since I saw his response to an invitation we were both sent)… Continue

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Day 7 of 100, Season 1 - Reinforcing intentions

Overall I had a good day...its the first day I've gotten through in 3 weeks where I haven't felt close to crying even once...I think that's progress!

Work was fine - I had an informal presentation today that went quite well, so I'm happy about that. I left work early since I was feeling quite exhausted and bumped into my ex as I was leaving the building and he was entering. We greeted each other (somewhat awkwardly), I asked him if he was feeling better and he said yes, and then we… Continue

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Day 6 of 100, Season 1 - Opportunities to give back appearing everywhere!

Today started out well. Before I got out of bed, I told myself I was going to feel good today and have a positive attitude. As such, work went smoothly, and was quite slow so I managed to get a lot of reading done.

After work I hit the gym (yay!) and went to meet a couple of my girlfriends for dinner at one of their houses. It was great to connect with them again - I feel we are on the same wavelength on so many fronts, even though we aren't what you would consider super-close. I am… Continue

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Day 5 of 100, Season 1

What a day - ti just flew by! I had my annual career development discussion this morning with my manager and attempted at Segment Intending for it and it pretty much worked out well.I intended it to go smoothly and for him to do most of the talking (I know he's a talker) and for me to have to do very little explaining and justification. So there we have it!

I'm pretty tired today so I didn't hit up the gym after work, but I did end up working on my vision board, which is almost… Continue

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Day 4 of 100, Season 1

I actually remembered to post yesterday but it was late when I got around to it and this site was down so I postponed to expect a second post from me tonight!

Yesterday was interesting. I had lunch with a new friend who I know through other friends. He seems like a nice guy and it was nice to have met someone new.

After work, which was pretty uneventful, I went to the gym and felt really good after. I came home, and started my Vision Board, so I was really glad… Continue

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Day 3 of 100, Season 1

Well, today flew by and its almost 11:30pm now! I too tried to get on Oprah's New Earth class tonight but the server seemed to have crashed so I will be checking out the Webcast tomorrow.

I received an email today stating there was an affordable meditation class being offered near my home on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I was actually just thinking about how great it would be to get some formal guidance on meditation a few days back and forgotten that I'd subscribed to… Continue

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Day 2 of 100, Season 1

I admit I was a bit of a wreck last night (Day 1) when I was having trouble switching my energy from negative to positive. Luckily I was visiting my sister who gave me a a good dose of tough love and told me to get a grip. I didn't know if she knew that she was actually preaching a lot of LOA practices to me. Regardless, it was tough to hear what I didn't feel like hearing at the time while I was dwelling in self-pity (I know I know, I really can't do that!!) but boy did her tough love work! It… Continue

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Day 1 or 100, my Season 1

So here goes with day 1 of 100. I was led to this awesome opportunity site only yesterday and I know it was for a reason. I am new to the universal laws but have been studying diligently for the last couple of weeks and am excited to learn even more and begin manifesting!

I'll begin with my intentions for the next 100 days:

1) Mend my broken heart; learn to love myself again and attract my soul mate

2) Not let external factors impact my being as much as they do… Continue

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Starting tomorrow

I think I've hit an all-time low in my life over the last 2 weeks so there is no better time than this to begin the 100 day challenge. I have been studying the LOA for the last couple of weeks and am now looking forward to starting to put it in practice. I believe I was led to the March 1- June 8 group by the LOA. What a great idea! I look forward to tracking progress and sharing positive vibes and manifestations with this group.

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