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Day 15 or 100, Season 5 - Broken up

Hello friends.

Well since I last blogged (a week ago) my relationship took a short-lived upswing (literally 24 hours on Friday night), and suddenly last night, my guy broke up with me. I am really really really sad. I haven't had too many relationships and by far I thought things would change and improve and he would learn to love and appreciate me the way I deserve to be, but he can't let go of past errors I made (nothing like cheating, just acting poorly) and he blames everything… Continue

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Day 8, Season 5 - Trying not to feel lousy

I don't usually post so early in the day (usually I post before I retire to bed) but I do come onto the site if I need to be perked up and get my highs from the positivity radiating by all of you.

However, today is different. I feel really irritated, much different to my post last night. I know why, I just don't want to admit it because I'm feeling so hurt and angry and I don't want to give it attention. However, I also know I want to spill it and just get it off my… Continue

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Day 7, Season 5 - Trance-like calm

Hello Friends!

I feel as though I've been in a trance lately, but as opposed to the negative state of being, I feel like its either neutral or just above that in a positive state.

A couple of things bothered me today. One was that I had to take a shuttle between offices for work today and ended up being the first picked up and the last dropped off which was annoying. As well, the leasing office that I complained to did not take the measure I feel they need to in order to… Continue

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Days 4 to 6, Season 5 - Work distractions

Hello Friends,

The last 3 days have flown by. Work has been steady and today I had my first meeting with boss's boss which went really well. I'm pleased with my new manager and the attitude of my new team - its so much better than the negative energy from my old team as a whole, although I really liked the individuals in my old team. - I am so grateful for a great job and wonderful people to work with.

I had to complain pretty severly to my leasing office yesterday because… Continue

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Days 2 & 3, Season 5 - Friend-filled weekend!

Hello Co-Creators! I had a really interesting weekend.

On Friday night, I just stayed in and caught up on some shows on my DVR. I went to bed pretty late and was annoyed that the people upstairs had their TV on really loud - as they have done for a while recently. "The people who live upstairs will stop playing their past 10:30pm and I will no longer be disturbed by them".

Saturday, I went to this cheese and wine tasting even downtown with a few friends, which was funner… Continue

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Day 1 of 100, Season 5 - Back to me

Hello Friends,

I had every intention to kick-off Season 5 on May 1, but I just couldn't get a grip on life. It's not that I felt really down for the last two weeks...I just felt really exhausted and couldn't bring myself to open my laptop if I wasn't working....

In the process of not blogging enough in Season 4 and not starting Season 5 as I said I would, I lost sight of the LOA and stopped actively practicing it. However, I also have a calm feeling that everything will… Continue

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Day 97 of 100, Season 4 - Energy out of synch

Hello Friends. Once again, I am not happy with myself for blogging so infrequently. I am aware that I'm nearing the end of Season 4 but for some reason, even though I've made some progress in a few areas of my life this month, I feel like I've lost a lot of control.

There is a saying you may have heard:

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

The cynic in me has been chanting this frequently for the last little while as I feel I've been pretty down on… Continue

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Day 85 of 100, Season 4 - Getting over it...

Hello Co-Creators! I have been really really bad with blogging this Season and I'm not proud of myself. I lost sight of the LOA and let myself spin out of control and the external issues I faced infect my thoughts and take me to a real negative place. I wasn't motivated to try to get to a better place and quite frankly, I didn't want to bring my negativity to a place where like-minded people are inspiring one another to radiate positivity and manifest all the wonders in the… Continue

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Day 71 of 100, Season 4 - What a month!

Hello Friends,

I'm sorry to those of you who frequent my blog that I've been absent so long. A lot has gone on over the last few months and I've been really exhausted. However, I also noticed the less I connect with (which is when I am reminded to connect with the source) the worse things get because I can get twisted into a downward spiral very easily.

So since I last blogged my project got insanely huge, I had 2 family members in the hostpital overlapping (one planned… Continue

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Days 45 to 48 of 100, Season 4 - Band-aid galore!

Hello Friends!

I'm very tired today even though I had a very relaxing weekend. Friday night I went to a nice new Thai restaurant nearby. It used to be my favorite Thai restaurant that re-opened and upgraded and it was quite expensive. Then we stayed in and watched a movie.

Saturday was spent running a few errands and relaxing. We had sushi at my new reasonably priced favorite sushi place and spent the late afternoon and evening in front of the TV again. I managed to burn… Continue

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Day 44 of 100, Season 4 - New experiences

Hello Friends! Today went by so fast yet it felt so long in many ways...

Work was a little hectic. I woke up this morning to find it had snowed overnight and as a result it took me twice as long to get to work. Luckily I had woken up and left earlier than I originally would have and I got in on time for my first meeting.

I had meeting pretty much all day long with a few short breaks in between in which I got to be quite productive by meeting an invoicing deadline,… Continue

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Days 36 to 43 of 100, Season 4 - Gaining control

Hello Friends! I can't believe how many days have passed since I last blogged - the week has just whizzed by!

My parents came to visit on the weekend which was nice. I am glad I got to spend some time with them. They are wonderful and I'm extremely lucky and grateful to have them as my parents.

I had a really busy week last week and this week hasn't slowed down. I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday! I'm not seeing as much progress in my work project as expected so… Continue

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Days 34 & 35 of 100, Season 4 - Adrenaline

Hi Friends! I'm quite tired today because the last couple of days at work have been really busy, and a little stressful with my projects. However I'm still extremely grateful to be working on the projects I'm on and to have a job at all, especially one that pays well and allows me flexibility.

I got a little annoyed with my boss over the last couple of days. I don't think she is intending to but she is pushing my buttons and has a habit of coming into a project too late and trying to… Continue

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Days 31 to 33 of 100, Season 4 - New Beginnings

Hello Friends! My weekend flew by - it started out kind of rocky but ended very blissfully.

I woke up quite unsettled on Saturday and considered going to the art museum which I haven't done yet. I called a friend of mine to see if she wanted to join me but she had other plans. I then started doing some errands and decided I would just go another day. In the afternoon, I got a call from a friend of mine who could tell I was upset and suggested we meet for a coffee. We met and had a… Continue

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Day 30 of 100, Season 4 - Coping

Hello Friends! Today went by pretty fast for me again. I was really busy with work and had a couple of really long meetings. It slowed down in the early evening and I ended up taking a short nap on my couch again.

I spent the evening in front of the TV, which was good as it helped me unwind and catch up on shows I missed over the week. I admit, I went through my ups and downs again today...

I also got thinking about a few classes I've always wanted to take. I thought I may… Continue

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Days 28 & 29 of 100, Season 4 - Diagnoses

Hello Friends! The last couple of days have been really busy with work, which has almost been a blessing in disguise as its given me something to focus on besides the things in life I'm not satisfied with which I keep obsessing about.

I got some recognition for a project I delvered at work, so that was nice as its not often that happens to me. I hope to get more recognition for the work I'm doing and get generously compensated and promoted soon!

I went to my specialist… Continue

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Day 27 of 100, Season 4 - Confessing strange feelings

Hello Friends. I feel like I've had an awakening over the last couple of days and am allowing myself to look at myself from the outside and give myself some much-needed advice.

I have felt (over the last year) as though I'm trapped inside myself and can't get a grip to stand independently and have lost faith and a lot of self-respect. As a result, I haven't been honest with those around me. I've been hiding the things in my relationship that are clearly dysfunctional and taking out… Continue

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Days 19 to 26 of 100, Season 4 - Busy week and movie weekend

Hello Friends! Last week was extremely busy for me as I needed to get a lot of things prepared for my next big project at work. Luckily things are moving in the right direction so far, so I'm feeling a bit confident in it.

The week just breezed by. I didn't really do too much but I did eat a lot when I wasn't working! On the weekend I watched a movie in on Friday night and went out to watch movies both Saturday and Sunday.

Something got me emotional yesterday and I had a… Continue

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Days 16 to 18 of 100, Season 4 - Was that "whoosh" the weekned flying by??

Hello Friends! This weekend just flew by so fast!

Friday was frustrating at work because my project is not going as I need it to. In the evening, I was supposed to have dinner with a friend of mine but she pulled out of it at the last minute. I wasn't too disappointed. I spoke to "him" and got a little upset because I was feeling so disconnected from him, but I guess that's the reality and I have to accept it.

On Saturday, I relaxed at home and did some grocery shopping… Continue

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Day 15 of 100, Season 4 - A touch of pampering...

Hello Friends!! I had a day of ups and downs today, although they weren't triggered by anything specific. The more I think about it, the more I'm certain I'm having hormonal fluctuations. I'm glad I will be seeing a couple of specialists about this over the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to feel calm and normal and not emotionally charged for no reason. I also know its to do with my hormones because I've been breaking out like crazy over the last few months, which is not normal for me. Its… Continue

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